So what happened is my wife doesn’t, like the color that i chose for her? It happens. You know you buy something for your wife and your wife doesn’t appreciate it, but let’s move on okay, so i bought her a replacement, strap the color she likes this part. This replacement part i’ll i’ll, have it in the description, links yeah. You can check it out about this product. It isn’t expensive. It is an expensive it’s, quite cheap, it’s, quite cheap because i’m, a cheapskate. You know i don’t like to spend much for my wife. You know still she doesn’t appreciate red color scrap compared to it. Okay anyway, she likes black, so it’s, a simple video for today. I hope moving forward. You guys can give me suggestions or some opinions about what should i do for the next video now overall. I hope you enjoyed this video, so we’ll start off with unpacking this replacement part, as you have seen, i already unpacked it just to check the condition of these parts. So you’ll have one strap here, long, strap short, strap and two special tools. They are the same. You see they are the same as the same tips. Why you need to i’ll. Show you later on in this video all right, let’s move on. So in order to remove the strap you see, there are screws here, screws and another screw here, so yeah screws everywhere. No full screw, but if you want to remove this strap, you have to use both of these tools together if i’m not wrong.

This is a d6 or t5, never mind. I’Ll, put this size of the screwdriver in the description yeah, so let’s start yeah. So what you need to do is place one end of the tool here and the other end here on the opposite side. So, oh, this is kind of tricky yeah. So turn both anti clockwise oops. Sorry, i’ll, try it again or you can just hold one end and turn the other one anti clockwise once it up. You can just pull it away like this see and this so the straps are out always place your screws in a in a jar or something in a jar or a mark or or some sort of box. So you don’t lose them right and you do the same. For the other end right. I’M. Sorry, this is very, very tricky there. You go another strap out so now, once you have removed both straps right place it in one corner, because my wife doesn’t like this color, i might throw it away and then get a new strap. As you know, the long one is here and the short one goes on top yeah, so we can just fix it back like this, as you can see i’m holding one end of the screwdriver here, just to hold the screws and the other one in clockwise motion To tighten it ah, which one is top, which one is the bottom, oh, i got it the wrong way, so i fixed this the wrong way.

Sorry, thank goodness my wife didn’t, have to look at this mistake else. She will hit me with the chapel. You know what is chapel bothers you guys. Chapel means footwear, so you should go this way round and then you have to fix back your scrap long, strap here short, strap now opposite way, so we have one enough strap here and the other end should go here. Sorry for being clumsy uh, so it’s the same thing here just hold the other end and turn this clockwise. So when you have secured all four bolts yeah i mean all four screws there you go yeah see new spread. This is full spread. I hope my wife likes it and she doesn’t give me chapel yeah. Thank you for watching. Please do like share and subscribe if you like, the video and also, i appreciate your inputs in the comment sections on what should i do next? Thank you very much.