This is a smart watch that has a rugged design and appearance and sells for under 180 bucks that actually makes it relatively affordable if you’re, comparing it with other rugged watches in the market. Huawei, for example, has the equivalent, which is the honor watch gs pro. That came out earlier in the year and sells for over 250 bucks, so this one here is almost 100 less expensive. In fact, the price here is actually almost identical to their standard circular smartwatch, the amazefit, gtr2 and it’s, a matter of. Do you like this design and aesthetic and do you need something that has added endurance and resistance to weather elements, so this one here has 10 atm for waterproofing? That means you can actually dive underwater up to 100 meters and it will still survive. The original tx from last year had a 5 atm rating and this time it’s going to be shock, proof it’s going to be drop, proof, extreme temperature, proof, salt, water proof. The list just goes on and on other upgrades that you can’t really tell from a design perspective, but underneath the hood there are some new sensors now has an spo2 blood oxygen monitor, which is pretty useful and there’s. Also now over 100 different workouts that you can track and monitor versus under 20 on the original. So this gives you everything underneath the sun when it comes to even super niche activities, that you can more closely monitor and see how many calories you’re burning your heart rate as you’re performing those sports.

Furthermore, this watch also comes with upgraded gps. All of the smart watches from the maze fit so far have supported two satellites, for that is gps plus glonass, which is the most typical two satellites, but this particular model can connect up to four satellites, including beto, as well as galileo. So it has a wider range of satellites that it can get a signal to so for folks that thought that the accuracy of the gps and previous smart watches weren’t, quite as good. This one here steps up the game, although by default the software still connects to two of the satellites at once, so you can play around and see which ones are the strongest in your area, but i would prefer to see another option in the future that allows Us to connect to all four that would be even better or some type of intelligence. Switching automatically would also be nice, so those are the big changes, including again sp02 stress monitoring, as well as more workouts, as well as higher accuracy, gps, that the t rex pro brings now before we dive closer and taking a look at its performance, let’s revisit the Design lightly, so as a refresher, the screen here measures 1.3 inches diagonally as a oled panel. Blacks are really inky and contrast is excellent. Same goes with brightness levels, and there is ambient light sensor built on in that can automatically adjust the brightness of the screen depending on, if you’re, in a outdoor condition or indoors, and it has a 360 by 360 pixel resolution consistent with the other smart watches from Them the fact that they chose 1.

3 inch size also means that the t rex pro, although definitely is a chunky watch in terms of the width to accommodate the added durability and a larger battery. It isn’t actually too large in terms of the surface area. On the front, since there are other smart watches like aforementioned from huawei or honor, that has a 1.4 inch display so as a result for a rugged watch, i actually found this to still be quite comfortable when i was wearing it it’s by no means super lightweight. It actually weighs less than 60 grams, so more than the 32 grams of the gtr2, but also not as bad as some of the other chunkier smart watches we’ve seen in the past, as well as the use of rubber and plastic materials that make it feel a Bit lighter and very comfortable surprisingly on the wrist. This was not irritating and, unlike some other large watches, i didn’t find it to be heavy either. I could still wear it comfortably go to sleep in my day to day and not really get in the way it charges using a magnetic system that you can just pop on to quickly top it up the battery by the way, again is one of the strongest Selling points of the t rex series, the same thing is applicable here: it will last upwards of 18 days before you need to recharge it again, which is again very good, considering i also wasn’t putting it into the ultra power saving mode that will further restrict some Of the features, and only record your step in sleep, but that can elongate the battery life to well over a month.

Otherwise, the watch has crown keys on the left and the right sides and part of that reason, as we saw in our unboxing, video is because you’re able to navigate the entire watch just using these buttons if you don’t, want to use the touchscreen. This is a great use case as a rugged smartwatch, because maybe your hands are occupied if you’re, hiking or, if you’re wearing gloves and the screen isn’t responsive since you’re able to now navigate everything with up and down as well select buttons on the sides. Now, taking a closer look at the watches, os it’s running on the same system powering all the mace bits, smart watches, which is proprietary. That means you aren’t able to download as many third party applications and push them over like on the android way or apple watch. It’S really focused on basic sports tracking and giving you the utilities which are baked in that you see in the list here at the moment and amazefit calls it rtos. The interface has gone through a slight update, though compared to their other smartwatches, like if you’re used to the gtr2 you’ll know that the navigation system, composes of a series of widgets that you can cycle around to access the various features compared to on the t. Rex series we can swipe over to the right, and that brings up a full list of applications instead, so we don’t get that carousel view anymore. But if we drag up, we can still access some cards that displays quick information at a glance, and you can see this information from here, but it’s not separated into distinct screens.

You can still drag down to access the quick shortcuts things like a flashlight that turns the entire display white and there’s, also access to the do not disturb mode ecosaving mode and jumping into the settings, as well as some more details on the current weather conditions around You that information by the way is synced over from the phone using bluetooth 5.0. Now, if we take a closer look at some of the features here now beginning with the step count overall, i found the pedometer here to be pretty accurate, just like most amazefit smartwatches. These days, you’re able to see calories burned and how many times during the day you were active and if anything, it is quite similar to the sensors they use on the gtr 2, which is not a bad thing. So if you shake the watch, it’s not going to count it as a step, but sometimes if i walk 100 steps, it would say 95 or 98 steps, also a weather widget. That gives you access to some basic stats, like your wind, even the sunrise sunset time. As well as the conditions for the next few days ahead, which is pretty neat, this is more detail, for example, than the original t rex from last year, and then the heart rate accuracy is very good. Like most smart watches these days, i didn’t really find it to be problematic. It will also tell you the time that you’re spending in terms of different zones, whether you’re warming up you’re, relaxed or fat burning, it will also map this continuously and tell you your resting heart rate.

Finally, there is the new sensor, spo2 blood oxygen monitoring, and this is tied to how well you’re breathing you get enough oxygen in your blood. However, this is not a continuous sensor, so it will only measure if you’re sitting still and it takes about 30 seconds to get a measurement. However, this watch does not have a body temperature monitor like the amazefit gtr 2e. That we saw recently now here is the always on display mode, so you can see because it is an oled screen. After a few seconds of inactivity, it will show a reduced animation, but you can still glance anytime to see what the time is underneath. Also new to the t. Rex pro is a series of additional pages that tells you your training as well as recovery. Time so say right now i go outdoor and i do a one mile run after i perform that activity. It will tell me the number of hours it takes my body to actually rest and recover it’s all estimated using software, but still a neat stat now what’s further new to the t. Rex pro is the ability for it to automatically detect certain workouts basic ones like running and walking, and it can start to track those for you without even going into the settings, which is also a feature that’s intelligent and not found on the original t rex. So here’s an example of a walking session that i was testing out earlier and i was able to measure stats like your step.

Count your cadence your stride, length, calories, burn heart rate zone as well as a heart rate map, speed diagram and again, if you’re outdoors your gps root, it will then save and sync that information to your phone, which we’ll take a closer look at later on in This video, the overall fluidity of the ui by the way, is also decent. It is responsive enough to use that doesn’t get annoying or anything like that. You’Ll see some occasional jumpiness, but, like most smart watches, even android, wear watches will encounter that at the very least, it does feel good enough. I would say for a 2021 smartwatch, a few other extras on here that we can take a look at include the ability to set alarms directly from the watch, and it will vibrate to give you. Notifications brings us to some emissions on the t. Rex, pro one of them being, there is no speaker or microphone, so you can’t answer phone calls or playback music directly on this unit, and one other thing here is the built in memory is only used for the sports tracking as well as adding new watch faces. You can’t use the memory for storing music on the watch directly like an mp3 player, but again not too surprising, because this watch is pretty much still the same price as their other regular everyday smart watches. So they had to make some compromises and since they added more value in other areas like a bigger battery, more water, resistant and there’s, also a barometer or altometer.

That can basically tell you how high you are with the air pressure currently, and this is also something new on the t rex pro now, if we take a closer look at the watch faces, you can long hold to adjust it and it again shows up the Vibrancy of the display – and we can go through some of the ones that you can find on here – some of these watch faces can also be further customized. So if we tap on the icon down below, for instance, we can change that widget to show something else. Like a sunrise sunset time, pi score number of steps, they all look pretty attractive and they’re all custom to the t, rex pro different from the ones that you get from say the regular gtr 2 and some of them have a more sporty vibe overall it’s clean. Looking here’s another one that has a ton of information and we’ll see a few more options when we visit the app at the moment, it’s around 30 watch faces i’ve seen from there, which is a little bit less than the regular gts2 and gtr2. So that is one thing to keep in mind: switching the background to black here, just to show off the contrast of the screen just a little bit more so now we get to some of the custom watch faces after this one. So these are some images that i pushed over from my own photos that i took with my phone.

So you can see this one here can be quite simple, but if you want to add a photo of your family or your own favorite images, you can use that as a dial, so here’s a companion, app zap. It is very quick to sync, and it will show you stats at a glance. This also brings us to two things that the t rex pro doesn’t have that i didn’t mention earlier. One of them is: it will automatically track your sleep intelligently, also including tracking naps. During the day – and it will tell me that i slept for 30 minutes during the day, so it will detect this automatically and it’s pretty accurate for sleep tracking, just like all of their current generation wearables. However, you can’t see the number of hours that you’ve slept directly from the watches widgets. You have to see this information from the phone i do wish. They can also add this into the list of options. Just as a quick note and then the second thing, the t rex pro emits is a function called breadcrumb tracking. That is a feature that you do get in the more expensive, huawei honor watch. It will tell you how to get back to your original starting location. If you activate that feature so using the gps, basically it will help. You retrace your path back to point a if you’ve, gotten lost or wandered off of the road, which is pretty neat it’s.

Just a software feature, since the hardware of this already has gps, but it is not a function that you get at the moment. The breadcrumb aka routing back, which i do think, would be pretty valuable to have on a rugged outdoor watch. That is one difference. Uh that again, the honor watch has. However, again you can see the honor watch gs pro for being a hundred dollars. More expensive still only has dual satellites so again, really good hardware. They just need to add a little bit more to the software experience, and then it would be just incredible value. The app is quite simple, as we talked about in their previous smartwatch reviews, but as a whole. It will give you quick stats at a glance and tell you things like how you are comparing versus the week and previous months as well, and you’ll be able to see again the more detailed stats from exercise sessions like runs and walks over on the companion app In more detail and clarity, again the accuracy of the gps being very good and getting a lock almost instantly, at least for me when stepping outside in the suburbs of seattle. As with any gps tracker, though, it might not be accurate to the nearest inch, but certainly within a feet or two you’ll get the same overall distance and results. If you measured it so quite good. Now, under your device settings, you can also take a look at turning on certain features: activating other widgets setting up other alarms, allowing different sources to give notifications to the watch and, finally, the store which i talked about, showing you guys.

The current list of watch faces that you have available at the moment, which again are all pretty attractive and hopefully will grow as the popularity of the watch does and they push out some more updates down the road all right, so that is more or less it. As far as our review of the amazefit t rex pro again, their rugged smartwatch, but in this case it’s, actually not adding a premium in terms of price for something that has enhanced battery life as well as better gps tracking for the hardware and also a slightly Updated interface as well all at a relatively good price, very competitive, i have to say versus, say, garment for something that has similar military specifications and weather resistance. You have to spend at least 100 to 200. More gets the essentials right, which is again giving you great battery life and great sports tracking with high accuracy, and so, if that’s, what you’re looking for this will be a great fit to take a closer look at.