This actually sells for around 30 bucks, so it’s quite affordable and low priced. If the name kind of sounds familiar that’s, because the ls02 is actually a watch, that you can also find branded under halo, which is a subsidiary of xiaomi, it’s, aki’s version of that smartwatch, the ls02 produced, basically in the same factory so for the low price. This would be a great alternative to something like a smart band and actually has a larger display to see a bit more of information at a glance and it’s a great value in terms of basic activities that you can track, such as your heart rate. It can track your sleep and 12 different sports modes now, of course, for this low price, it doesn’t have say a built in gps chip, so it won’t track your route unless you use your phone and use your phone’s gps to do that, but again it’s expected That this low price point just provides a very simple but elegant design. Overall, again, we have a 1.4 inch square display that has a 320 by 320 resolution. It’S fully touch sensitive it’s, an ips lcd display, and the watch is rated to be ip68 for water resistance. So you can still use it when it’s raining outside, if you splash it with water or take it to a shower, and it should still survive this one getting upwards of 20 days before you need to recharge. It again is going to be quite impressive if you want more of an endurance champion compared to say an android wear or an apple watch that you may have to recharge every night or two packaging is very simple and inside of the sleeve.

We have just a pamphlet that you can open up to reveal the smart watch. The cable here is magnetic and again it easily sticks onto the back of the watch to quickly top it up, and there is also just a quick user guide with a companion app that you can scan to download the app for ios or android on first impressions. It is a very lightweight smart watch, but the glass here does have some nice, 2.5 d curves to it, as you can see there kind of shimmers when hitting the light at the corners making. It actually feel pretty sensitive as you’re swiping along and it’s a tempered glass which should be resistant to scratches as well. Although the main body of the watch, of course, is constructed out of polycarbonate plastic for this price range, so it feels pretty lightweight, but not too cheap or flimsy, either there’s, a simple crown key on the side and then on the rear. Here we have just the charging contacts, as well as the sensor array for the optical heart rate. The watch bands here can also be swapped out for different designs by default. Is a 20 millimeter strap that they’ve included there there’s the aki branding and the buckle here is also made out of aluminum, so it actually has some metal accents to it, which is quite impressive again for this price range, which is just super low cost tapping on The power key for a few seconds, let’s see if it will pop onto life, and we can sync it up for the first time and take a closer look at the performance.

Next, all right, so the companion app is called awki fit. It will find your device as long as you’re in close enough proximity, we’ll tap on confirm, and there is haptic vibrations to give you notifications as well afterwards. It will just sync over your properties, such as your height, as well as your goal for number of steps. You want to walk to calibrate the watch telling us the battery percentage remaining in the watch, as well as whether you want certain notifications like incoming calls to be passed through to the watch when we’re connected using bluetooth, although there is no built in microphone. So again. If you want to answer the call, you still have to place it with your phone, but you can reject it if you want to from the watches display. Other things include setting up different alarms as well as the heart rate. Do you want to turn it on or off a sedentary mode? If you’ve been sitting for too long, it will remind you to get up and move taking a closer look at the watches, ui it’s, simple, but easy to operate in terms of the main watch dial. We can actually change it by long holding like most smart watches, to go through a few different options that it provides. Although the selection isn’t going to be as wide as say on a more expensive, android wear smart watch and at the moment it doesn’t seem like the app allows you to customize it with additional options or download more or change it.

To your own background image, however, the selection here is still overall attractive enough. It shows you, your heart rate, number of steps, calories, burned and also the current weather is also displayed on the top, which is pretty useful. Viewing angles are actually quite wide and it’s easy to see, even if there’s a bit of light hitting on it, it can get plenty bright as well, otherwise it’s quite similar to a mace fit smart watches and other xiaomi wearables we’ve. Seen in the sense that you can swipe down to take a look at some quick shortcuts, including changing the screen brightness up to four different levels, there isn’t a automatic adjustment for the brightness, but overall it’s easy enough to quickly switch between. You can find your phone if it’s connected using bluetooth. You can also turn onto do not disturb mode that will prevent any notifications from coming in and also jumping into the advanced settings. Then we can cycle through, in a carousel view, to access all of the different widgets or screens, including one here that tells us the number of steps we’ve taken over the past 24 hours. Simple stats like that and overall pretty responsive to swipe through the touchscreen here, is decent quality and again with the curved edges of the glass. It does feel pretty sensitive to actually use and swipe between. It also will tell you your current heart rate and you can actually swipe down to take a look at a continuous heart rate map that records the fluctuations.

During the point in time and your maximum heart rate that’s been measured, swiping over again we’ll. Take a look at the number of hours you’ve slept during the previous night. Now the sleep tracking here does record your light and deep sleep. However, it doesn’t record naps during the day, so, if you’re falling asleep at noon, for example, it’s not going to count that as sleep, but at least it is functional, and you can still see a quick indication of your sleep record directly on the watch, which is Pretty good, i can swipe over again to take a look at the weather for the current day as well as for the next three days. Ahead is also shown which works quite well simply syncing it using your phone will update this information automatically and then swiping again. It takes you to a meditation screen, so it will tell you to relax by inhaling and exhaling to the visual icons on the screen here, pretty simple, mostly just a software feature, but tells you to breathe in and breathe out and swiping again takes you back onto This main home screen so overall, the carousel here, is pretty easy to use and feels responsive enough in terms of the swiping motions. Definitely is something that feels better. I would say than the price range here would suggest to access the full list of applications. We can actually scroll downwards and that will take us into this list that we can then scroll through to find additional programs.

So, for example, we can begin a sports tracking session from here and there’s 12 different activities, including jogging running spinning yoga. When you start one of the activities here, basically it’ll just be continuously measuring your heart rate, as well as more precisely telling you number of steps. You’Ve walked as well as your average speed, cadence things like that. Although again there is no gps built on in. So if you want to track your location, you still have to also use your phone, for that component gives you some of the essential sports and activities which are popular to pick between taking a look at notifications in terms of emails and text, messages which are passed Over from the phone, although you can’t reply to them, you can receive a quick vibration and read them back. You can also control the music if you are connected to your phone you’re, able to play and pause the current song and skip tracks between what’s playing back from your smartphone working. Well enough and under more, we can take a look at a basic countdown timer, as well as a stopwatch function. These are pretty standard for smart watches, these days, tapping on the key here on the side once i will also turn off the display and then tap on it again can manually wake it up and can also take you back onto the main home screen by tapping Once before, turning the screen off again working pretty well here, it is next to the amaze fit bip, which you can see side by side, it’s actually quite similar in terms of overall dimensions and the overall weight is also quite familiar.

So this does feel super lightweight. It’S, a tiny, smart watch, so it really doesn’t apply that much pressure or weight as you’re wearing. It feels almost invisible at times, which is great, also quite similar to the mace fit bip. U that we also reviewed a few days ago in terms of the overall size and form factor, along with, say, the mace fit gts2 mini, which is also quite similar in terms of the dimensions and the weight. So if you’re, comparing it with the larger smartwatch like say a tickwatch pro, you can really get an idea of the huge difference there in terms of the size talking a bit more about the performance and accuracy of the sensors. Next, i found the pedometer to actually work surprisingly well in my testing, so it’s actually quite accurate. When i took 100 steps, it usually got around 95 to 98 steps, so it never really over counted my steps, but was close enough within the margin of error that i found it to be comfortable to use as an estimation of how much i’m moving throughout the Day, the heart rate, monitor is also fairly accurate, usually takes around 10 seconds to get a measurement and i’m pretty much hitting the same numbers that i’m, seeing from the other wearables that i’ve been trying out recently. So again, this is an area where it is doing a pretty good job using the optical sensors, not too far off in terms of the sleep tracking, i would say, it’s, probably the weakest element in terms of accuracy.

It still is good if you’re sleeping again around the usual hours at night, but if you tend to have again some naps during the day or if sometimes you’re lying in bed but you’re not actually sleeping yet it may sometimes still track that as sleep. So this part isn’t going to be industry leading it’s, not medical, grade accuracy. However, it still gives you an okay estimation. I would say revisiting the main home screen of the app for a moment. You can pretty easily pull down just to refresh and sync the data once your bluetooth watch is connected and you can see how much you’ve walked at different points in time. Calories burned, it’s, a very simple app more than anything, it’s just saving your data from the watch over, and that is pretty much it same thing goes with heart rate. It tells you your resting heart rate now, with different stages of the heart rate zone. You are in during different parts at time, which does work quite well, and also your sleep can be more closely monitored using the app here. The second tab, which is called sport, allows you to begin a sports session directly from the smart watch and using your phone’s gps. It can track the location if you also carry your phone with you when you’re running, for example, although again you aren’t able to really say change the watch dial or download more options from the app at the moment.

However, it is pretty easy to sync again your basic stats, so that’s more or less it as far as our hands on review of aki’s version of the ls02, basically the same smartwatch that was released by halo and xiaomi. It still remains an excellent value. At the end of the day for a super lightweight smartwatch with a ui that does feel surprisingly polished for the price point, if all you need is something ultra lightweight that can last you for a while between charges. Telling you the time, as well as basic heart rate, data, sleep data and light notifications. This will do the trick, but of course, it’s not going to be the most advanced model in terms of missing a few sensors like say, spo2, blood, oxygen or skin temperature or blood pressure. Of course, those are more advanced features that you won’t get here. In addition to gps, but for again the price range it’s hard to complain when you compare it with the competition, it is actually very attractive again, basically a larger display than many of the smart bands or bracelet on the market, but also working quite well as a Casual smart watch, so you can check out more details if you’re interested in the links down below but for now that’s been our video thanks for watching here.