I wanted to start again this year, so it took me ages to find a journal. I liked i actually wanted to stick with it this time. This journal had some good reviews and claimed the paper was quite thick. I hate when the pen goes through and i can see it on the next page. Music really messes up my flow. Well, i can honestly say it lives up to its expectations. The pages are thick enough for my pants and even the thickest black pants don’t go through it’s sturdy and the spine can be bent to right and comfortably it’s perfect. Definitely using this brand again when i need my new journal, my gp wanted to put me on medication for bp, i was reluctant and thankfully she gave me the opportunity to try and rectify myself with diet. Thank you for hibiscus tea. It has indeed decreased my bp and am now managing my bp independently. I am almost through a kilo bag which is of great value and quality. I will be purchasing much more of this product Music. Normally i make up a bottle to take to work and sip through the day approx one liter i like this hot or cold, but as a special treat. I like it hot with honey and if the ratio is correct, it tastes like hot rabina. My only criticism, it is not organic, hence the price but i’ve tried organic and cannot sense a difference. Bp is down job done, Music.

The oils came packaged in such a cute box, so i had high hopes for them right off the bat i have been searching. All over for the perfect product to work for my diffuser that would give off a strong enough scent and also fall within my price range. This was definitely they all smell, lovely, and i was quite pleased to find that all bottles were sealed tightly without any leaks. It was definitely a satisfying buy. We were so happy to find such an array of different fragrances that we actually liked in bulk. We were also using them to make candles and were needing to buy bulk sense and needed multiple cents. The scent is strong enough that you can smell it when you like the candle, but not too strong – that it makes you cough it’s hard to find smells that are strong enough for candles. So we were very impressed. I bought this to make pizza with and it does seem different to the other three brands i normally use. I made a 12 to 14 hour, no knead dough with half the tsp of yeast to 500 grams 320 milliliters water, 1, teaspoon salt and a little olive oil. I don’t always add it, but did this time the crust to the pizza was light and airy for the first garlic bread, pizza with cheese i found the dough did window pane but tore easily as if the gluten hadn’t developed enough next time.

I will try a longer in the fridge with maybe more yeast and not add the oil. I think it could potentially make a very good focaccia, though, due to how the first garlic, bread pizza base came out. We’Ll use the rest of it in various brands and maybe edit the review we’ll, try neopolitan next and compare it to the caputo which i had used for the past few years, not a fan of liquors, but i make an exception for this. I add cloudy apple juice or appetizer and loads of ice it’s. An absolutely delicious and refreshing drink and goes down very easily. Cannot speak highly enough about this amazing value for money bought for my mum to lower her blood pressure. She steeps the flowers and then eats them to replace a meal and weight loss, lovely quality and very tasty good product. Swift delivery very pleased. Many thanks originally became acquainted with drinking steeped, hibiscus flowers on a holiday to kate bird brought a pack back getting near the end started to worry.