Aside from that it’s connected to my phone, i can take phone call and messages it’s, so convenient Music. I choose black color because it won’t get dirty for my daughter at all. I actually have a daughter that is 15 years old and exercise at school. This is for my daughter, christmas present. This was a really good product and a really good amount of money. You sell this watch has a beautiful designer and the battery lasted very long period of time. This product is very easy to use. This smartwatch is very light if you don’t like something that is heavy on your arm. This smartwatch is very easy to use for my daughter. This smartwatch take a little bit of a setup by using the booklet that was given in the box, and we even had to scan the qr code in the booklet. This is the best smartwatch product that i’ve ever purchased on. Here i bought this as a gift for my 14 year old son. It is affordable for the capabilities it has. It notifies him when call caller text is coming. He loves technology, and this was a great starter smartwatch for him, helping him to take more interest in his health, with its monitoring features very easy to use works with most of the workout apps and calories measuring apps. The heart rate monitor is quite accurate, even compared to athlete wristband Music. It is a great smart watch. My little boy loves it easy to set up durable function, fitness track and health track.

Long lasting battery it can connect with my phone receive messages, switch music. Your browser does not support html5 video Music. I have only had this watch for a few days and i already love it it’s easy to use and everything i wanted. I love that i can just download an app and be able to connect it to my phone and social media accounts without having to pay myself carry or anything it’s nice. Looking too, i usually have trouble with watches, because i have really tiny wrists. Most of the time watches either. Look too bulky on me or the strap is so long that it hangs and looks sloppy with this one. There are two strap holders and they have a little knob in them so that they sit in the holes and do not slide around, which makes it lay flat and look nice versus hanging and looking sloppy, i added pictures to show how it actually fits and how Nice, it looks especially for others with tiny wrists. Lastly, the battery life is great, i’ve only charged it once when i took it out of the box, i’ve been using it all day long since it came in and it’s still not ready to be charged. The watch is everything that you said. It was i’m very happy with the product. I love this watch it’s so easy to use. I get all of my notifications from my favorite apps, including text messages and from facebook messenger.

The battery life had been phenomenal, i’ve had it for seven days now, and my battery life is still at 59. The app to use with the watch is easy to use and connects to your watch very easily. My new favorite watch Music. I needed a smart watch to track my daily activity and tell time this is a great deal. The price is very reasonable and it works great. The battery life is unbelievable.