Smart watch well there’s more and more of these clones or replicas on the market and they all seem to have slightly different distinguishing features from each other. So today, we’re taking a look at another model. This one here today is called the i8 pro and there’s a few subtle differences, namely that the i8 pro has a real built in gps chip, which means that if you’re performing outdoor activities like running or walking, it can track your route and then save that info. Over to your phone – and you can view it back on the map later on, just by wearing the watch so it’s more of a true sports, smart watch in that sense, since it has that chip which is missing on the other apple watch clones, including the fk 88 series that we checked out the other day, there’s a few different navigation modes for the menus, which are also new here, although one slight con, is that the i8 pro also has a slightly smaller display than the other clones like the fk88, which had a 1.78 Inch display, which has a much smaller bezels versus this one here, has a 1.65 inch display comes in a few different colors, and it sells for around 60 bucks, so it’s still quite affordable as far as smart watches are concerned and all the functions that you’re getting Include continuous heart rate monitoring, blood pressure, monitoring, there’s, also wireless charging, so there is a charging dock that comes included to quickly top it up.

Sleep tracking is also automatic, and some other stats are printed here on the side. Resolution of the screen is also a little lower than the fk88. This one here is 240 by 295. It also has a built in speaker, of course, so you’re able to still make phone calls and has a built in microphone just like before so here’s the packaging. Very similar to other apple watch related products and clones that we’ve seen this one here is the silver we’ll take a closer look at in a moment, and the first box here contains the straps to match the silver body. We have a white strap here and has the same design as the real apple watch that can be swapped out for other textures and also includes a second one which is made out of velcro. Then we’ve got the quick start guide, which is printed both in chinese and in english. That kind of tells you how to set it up, along with the companion application that you can download here to work with ios and android. Last but not least, we do have the wireless charging disk, which is very similar to the real apple watch, again it’s a true wireless charging, so there’s no pogo contacts or charging pins. You can set it onto the stock at any position and it will basically begin to charge up and then at a full charge. The watch will last for around a week before you need to recharge it again.

It still has a very similar overall dimension and shape to the real apple watch and from afar again, you can’t really tell difference compared to a apple watch. Series 6 has almost similar construction and materials that they’re using there is a pre applied screen protector that doesn’t kind of wrap all the way across the screen, but just protects it from any scratches the glass that they’re using is still 2.5 d, so it’s curved at The edges and you can swipe and makes navigation feel pretty good. It is a ips lcd display, so it should have pretty decent viewing angles, although it’s not a amoled or oled screen, which means that there is no always on display mode on this particular unit. So here it is turn on and you can see that definitely there is a slightly chunkier kind of bezel wrapping around the screen this time, since it is a 1.65 inch screen compared to 1.78 inches on the other clones that we recently took a look at aside From that, though, the sides here are still constructed out of aluminum alloy. Again, there is still the speaker slash microphone on the side. Everything still feels quite solid in terms of the build. There is a power key along with the crown key here, which is also rotatable and does have a pretty precise motion to. It can also be pressed inwards as well and then on the rear. Here we do have a very glossy piano black finish, similar to the real apple watch, along with the wireless charging and the sensor array, pretty convincing design and the build is quite decent, i’d say so.

Turning on the watch here and taking a closer look at its navigation system, the main dial of the watch by the way can also be changed just by rotating the crown key on the side there and you can cycle through a few of the options which are Built in overall quality of the display seems to be decent in terms of the visibility, as well as the kind of viewing angles if you’re tilting it, everything still looks quite sharp and clean and overall, if you are displaying a watch face, that has kind of a Dark background, i think it still gives it the illusion of having a pretty immersive display. Overall, at least all the bezels are symmetrical and again, if you rotate the crown you can cycle through a few of the other options which are built on in in total there’s, around 70 different watch faces, i believe, to pick from a few of these different watch Faces here also have some sport or nike themed images, but goes through all the options here and just to give you guys an idea of kind of what it looks like the crown key in terms of the overall fluidity of cycling through the different options is sometimes A little bit jumpy, but overall, the buttons in terms of their action of pressing down, still feels pretty tactile. Otherwise, the main mode of navigation is still very similar to the other smartwatch clones that we’ve seen recently like the aforementioned fk 88.

I can swipe upwards, for instance, to take a look at quick shortcuts, including things like the battery percentage remaining. If the gps is turned on, you’ll also see a icon on the top there. That says that we are currently locked and connected to a signal and there’s. Also, a do not disturb mode other things here include a flashlight mode that will turn the entire screen white, so it will kind of illuminate subjects in the dark. A nice little software features quickly, jumping into things like the heart rate monitor. You can also find that as well and a few other selection options, including how the menu is displayed. So, for example, right now, if i swipe over to the left it’s showing up as these bubbles very similar to the real apple watch – and i can swipe through to find the corresponding application overall works. Well enough, i can also zoom in and zoom out of a certain app and that will correspondingly change the bubbles, but if i find it a little bit hard to find what i’m looking for at a quick glance, i can also change that to a different system, Including a 9 apps system which will show it like this, a little reminiscent of the xiaomi mi watch and the oppo watch so it’s going to be a bit more simplified. But you can also find out and quickly jump into some of these shortcuts. At a quick glance, a little easier to press, and last but not least, there is another one which is called a list style which will just go through a direct vertical list that you can scroll through instead, and this also works all right.

Fluidity of the navigation is overall, pretty decent. Alternatively, by the way, if you want to change the watch face more quickly and precisely you can also just long hold on the main watch face for a few seconds and then cycle through all the options here, one at a time to find something that you like And change it that way: there’s also the ability for you to tap on this running session here to basically begin the sports tracking. So you can take a look at all the sports modes that the watch has including walking as well as running cycling and a few others most of these, which take advantage of outdoor activity types. I can use the gps chip, for instance, so, for example, if i want to try, say the outdoor running and i tap on. Yes, i can turn on the gps. Typically, it gets a lock within around 20 to 30 seconds of you stepping outdoors in a relatively open area. If you’re in a super crowded space that has a lot of say skyscrapers, it might be a little tougher for it to get a lock, but in most rural locations it doesn’t have too many issues. You can see it right now, it’s locked in place. It will also track your heart rate continuously your average speed as well as music. If you’re connected to your phone, you can also play back working well enough for a basic smartwatch. Now you can also swipe over to take a closer look at some of the other apps built on in including the built in thermometer or skin.

Temperature monitor is a sensor that the i8 pro has. So, of course, this can tell you if you have symptoms of say covet or if you have a fever, and it will try and alert you to seek medical attention, although it’s not going to be say super precise, since at the end of the day, it still Is something that requires you to be touching your skin um, so it’s going to have some variance and depending on how hot or warm your room temperature is, but all in all it’s not a bad sensor to have and can give you a approximation for you to Look at it’s neat to have on this budget. Smart watch. Other things on here include a blood oxygen monitoring sp02. Also work as expected. The accuracy using the heart rate, sensor and sp02 are both very good, like most smart watches these days, that’s an area where i didn’t find much of a difference when comparing those metrics they’re, simple things here, like a stopwatch that’s, also baked in very basic weather information. Can also be seen here for about seven days depending on your location. Other basic things here include a calculator there’s, also a very basic calendar, very similar to other smart watches that are running on this mediatek based operating system, there’s also the dialer pad. So this is again if you’re connected to your phone using bluetooth – and you want to use the mic and speaker. You can also make phone calls on here directly a pretty neat feature and it works all right.

Microphone quality isn’t the best in the world, but if you’re in a relatively quiet space, it can still handle itself without too many issues. So overall it’s a very simple ui in fact, pressing downwards on the crown key doesn’t actually trigger anything. So the software is not quite as advanced in terms of all the features that you can access at a glance compared to the fk88 let’s, take a closer look at the companion app next, which is, by the way, going to be called la fun. L e! F? U n! So if you tap on that, it is a generic app which is used for many other smart watches, but it’s not the same one that is found for the fk 88. So it has a slightly different interface, it’s, still very simple, not really advanced. In terms of giving you too much analytics but will save and sync over the data from the watch in terms of number of steps, you’ve walked distance. Converted your sleep during night and temperature are all tracked over as well. In particular, the temperature monitoring is really great to see that it’s also saved in the apps, and then you can also take a look at some basic trends in terms of your steps. Uh during the day, the week and the month, visualize in the chart format and then under your personal settings, you’re also able to change how many steps you want to walk. What types of notifications you want to pass through very simple stuff like that.

So not really too advanced, but that gets all the essentials saved in one spot. Now the watch itself other things to quickly keep in mind in terms of the accuracy of the gps. We briefly talked about how long it takes to get a lock and, overall again, if you’re, in a relatively open space, it’s not too far off it’s, similar in performance to the amaze fit bip, as well as the amazefit, gtr and gts2. That we recently tried, which is to say, it’s, not going to be say as good as a garmin if you’re getting to the nearest safe feed, but in terms of the relative position that you’ve taken on a map it still gets very close pedometer also works. Alright, i would say it has a tendency to maybe slightly over count your steps by around five percent, so it’s not too far off gives you a good estimation, but sometimes, if you shake it a bit, it may count it as an accidental step, but at the End of the day, it still gets close enough to giving you a proper idea, so that’s more or less it as far as our hands on review of the uh female i8 pro another apple watch inspired clone, so to speak. That sells for under 60 bucks. In this case, its main selling point is really about the built in gps, which is not found in many other watches in this price range, and the other clones is also emitting this chipset, a body temperature monitor, also is baked in a real working crown and a Solid construction quality overall for the price made out of glass and aluminum.

So, if you’re interested primarily again in a model that has gps, you can check out more details in the links below for now. That’S been our video thanks for watching here.