It is so pretty. I love the colors two. The band is a soft rubber kind of material and is very comfortable to wear three. The battery life is great after the initial charge. I have worn this for two weeks straight without taking it off, but actively doing things with it throughout that time. At this point, the battery is still at 37, so i could probably continue to wear it for a few more days before charging it again 4.. I like the step tracker. Not only does it count the steps, but it also determines the distance walked as well 5.. I love the sleeve tracker. It shows when you are in a deep sleep, light sleep and awake as well as your heart rate throughout 6.. I really appreciate the texts show up on the watch face which saves me from having to unlock my phone for everyone. I receive 7.. I also really like the music controller. I play a lot through my phone and my car through an aux cable. Normally, when i play something through my phone, i can pause it without having to do a full unlock, but in order to get it to resume playing, i do have to do a full unlock Music. This allows me to just press a button on my watch to play or pause love that feature 8.. All. That being said, i like how the buttons are very customizable through the app to do a variety of things such as a stopwatch music controller eck.

Okay, now on to the things that i don’t like one i mentioned before, about how i really liked the music controller, and why? But yesterday and today it has been stuck on one music player, even though it would switch between others before it would just control, whichever one i currently had playing on my phone as of yesterday. It is stuck on just one, even if i have completely closed out that one on my phone. I have synced the watch to my phone multiple times, trying to fix it, but it won’t change. I am hoping once i take it off and charge it that it may fix 2.. The app is a bit basic. I have used others in the past that track more or allow you to see more or do more. Overall, i think this a great watch. I am still learning all of the features, but i really like it. The pedometer is sensitive. We wore them at a theme park and my watch said: 17 300. My daughter wore a fitbit that said 24 000, not sure which one is more accurate. It’S classy and i like how easy it is to customize everything. Fossil women’s charter, hr heart rate, stainless steel, hybrid smartwatch, has the features that i want in a smartwatch and the comfort and readability that i need. The e ink is a definite positive for me, Music. I am used to fitness trackers that i have struggled to see when out on a walk.

This fossil hybrid makes everything so easy to read in all life Music. The app notifications are clear and succinct. The fact that it is not a touch screen is another positive feature for me, since i find selecting typing, etc on a small screen to be a challenge. The customizable knobs are a lot easier for me to maneuver, although this model is smaller than most smart watches. Measuring 42 millimeters with an 18 millimeters wide band, i was worried that it might still be too large for a five five inch wrist. The size has been the issue that has kept me from getting a smart watch. I thought it would be too overwhelming and difficult to wear this. Silicon strap fits me well on either the last or next to last hole on the strap, although it does wrap around the double loop keeps it in place, and it is surprisingly comfortable.