You have to use the hard band to better precision it’s. A good choice for people to do different sports Music, phoenix 5x plus is my first garmin watch. I have owned it for a month now and so far i have almost nothing to complain about. I was a bit worried about its size before buying, since my wrist is neither small nor huge, just average, but since there was a good deal at the time, i decided to take the risk and shop online without comparing five plus and five x, plus sizes. Couldn’T be happier the 51 millimeters case works perfectly for me, i have to be honest that i’m used to wearing casio g shocks which are kind of bulky, but unless you have a small wrist, 5x plus will fit just fine. Aside from the included silicon band, i got a slate gray, stainless steel band from a local store. The metal band makes the watch look like another watch would definitely recommend Music. Sometimes i forget to put the silicone band on and go run with the steel one. It feels kinda loosey and you don’t feel the vibrate alert so much, but all in all it’s all right. Also the quick release feature is awesome. If you have the budget for a sapphire crystal lens, i would very much recommend getting. It definitely go for it. Music. You are very likely for hit doorways desks, car doors and etc, with your watch when wearing it all day, long Music, i’ve seen people complain about the glass getting scratched a week after purchasing the watch.

The watch interface is sometimes too complex, with too many options. Music. You will have to go through a lot of menus and press the buttons a lot of times to get the settings right, but most settings can be done through the connect app on your phone. So it’s not a big deal. I have seen a guy say: the watch connectivity is not reliable, but i have not had this problem whatsoever. If i leave my phone in my room and go to the kitchen, it displays disconnected as soon as i return to my room. It says connected no problem at all. Sync, with connect. App works, just fine, nothing to complain. I have not tried navigation yet but managed to install better maps for my region quite easily. Just google installing maps and you’ll see that it is quite easy. As for the watch features, here goes my reviews, battery duration is awesome. In my opinion, i leave the 24 7 wrist heart rate monitor on and the battery lasts for more than 10 days. Gps plus glonass setting works very fine, although i don’t seem to see any difference between gps. Only garment pay does not work in my country, no banks support it. So if this feature is what makes you choose a w, there is a link in garmin’s website. Pulsiox meter seems kind useless if you are not hiking, big altitudes, which is my case. So i just leave it off for battery saving.

Spotify compatibility works fine, but i had a little trouble connecting my wireless earbuds had to go to a place with little signal: interference away from other bluetooth devices, wireless networks and especially my phone. Only then the watch successfully connect to the earbuds original garmin watch faces are great and very customizable. Connect iq store also offers a big variety of watch faces. As for running slash activity tracking, i don’t think there is any better equipment it gives you tons of metrics steps, calories all day: heart rate, monitoring, blood, oxygen levels, all day, stress levels, vo2 max lactate, threshold, weight, tracking sleep monitoring, training, effect, performance condition and a lot More smart notifications are handy. If you like them, you can see who is calling you read messages reply with pre defined text. I don’t think you can compare the smartwatch functionalities of apple watch or samsung smartwatch, but overall they are fine.