. I hesitate to even include this because it’s really not a fitness watch. I am by no means a high level athlete and i’m not going to qualify for the boston anytime soon. I am, however, a data, geek i’m obsessed with wearables and the insights that they can provide us for the sake of brevity, i’ll assume that anyone looking to purchase a 600 watch knows what they are purchasing and has done a fair amount of research. Music. My hope is to review some of those new features and help you make an informed decision fit. The fenix 5 is built like a tank indestructible heavy, but mostly annoying to wear. I found it difficult to sleep with the device on my wrist. The apple watch 4 was sleek, but i worried about cracking the screen during my workouts. The forerunner 945 is just right sturdy, but significantly lighter than the phoenix 5.. I wear this one all day and during sleep my wrist is small to medium at seven inches and i do not find the forerunner too large by any stretch it’s slightly less comfortable than the apple watch for all day. Wear appearance and performance. I don’t want you to convince yourself that this is going to look sharper than an apple watch. Music apple has aesthetics down. In fact, the forerunner 945 has identical screen resolution to the phoenix 5, but edges appear sharper and brighter in actual use. Music. The processor is noticeably faster from the phoenix 5 and navigating from screen to screen as a delight features for fitness.

Metrics garmin reigns supreme. It is so vastly superior to any other fitness watch on the market. This is a true multi. Sport watch do not convince yourself that the apple watch is a fitness watch. It is a smart watch with fitness features. If all you need is cadence, speed and distance, the apple watch will do just fine buy an apple watch if you want a smartwatch, but if you’re looking at this review, you’re – probably a dedicated runner, cyclist or triathlete. The amount of data on this little computer is absolutely incredible from the very actionable lactate threshold feature to the less actionable but interesting respiratory rate. This watch has something for everyone: new features if you’re new to the garmin ecosystem, i’d refer you to their website or first beat to look at all the available features. However, if you’re looking to upgrade from a previous garmin i’ll, give you a rundown of what’s new from the phoenix 5 4 runner, 935 music, perhaps the biggest reason to upgrade. I used spotify and found the integration to be absolutely seamless. Add wi fi network to watch download playlists connect wireless headphones. I use aftershocks air play music that’s literally it garmin kept it simple here, so simple that it’s easier to download music on the forerunner 945 than the apple watch heat slash altitude acclimation. This falls into the category of interesting, but not sure what to do with it. Garmin automatically accounts for external temperature by the use of local weather data, not the watch itself and gives you a percentage of acclimation.

I live in florida, so after the first week i was 100 acclimated and rarely fell below 95 i’m. Not sure what to do with this, i don’t live or train at altitude, so i cannot review that feature. Training focus. This feature surprised me.