This is a casual everyday fitness. Smart watch that sells for under 120 bucks, making it relatively affordable, i’d, say it’s slightly less expensive than the huawei watch fit, which has almost an identical design minus built in gps, which this one emits for the lower price point as well. Otherwise, this is again a watch from honor, which is a sub brand of huawei, and it has a pretty tall and distinctive 1.65 inch amoled display compared to alternatives on the market, which definitely makes it look a little different. I would say there is a ever so slight arc if you look really closely onto the screen on the sides, although it’s not super prominent, but because the panel here is oled, it can definitely withstand a bit of bending, and so it gives it a slightly more Futuristic, look: there is an always on display mode, so it can timeout after a few seconds and still show a simplified version of the clock to give you a quick idea of the time without even waking, the screen, which is a pretty neat function. Other elements of this watch include a os that is called light, os, which is powering all of huawei’s wearables. It is proprietary and different from say: android, wear, it’s a lot more simplified and comparable to what a mace fit uses on their devices as well. Now this watch is extremely lightweight, it’s, actually under 22 grams, so it feels almost invisible when you’re wearing it.

I really like how non obtrusive it is almost feels like you’re wearing a smart, bracelet or fitness tracker at times, compared to the likes of something which is much chunkier and heavier from a traditional smartwatch like this ticwatch pro here on the right. The body of the watch is constructed entirely out of polycarbonate plastic, but at the same time, doesn’t feel too cheap. The parts are fitted together quite well on the back there’s, just the charging adapter and by the way the watch also supports fast charging where fully charging the watch actually takes less than 45 minutes, and it can last you for over 10 days of usage before you Need to recharge it again. The straps here by the way are 18 millimeters, so they’re a little bit thinner than a standard, say 22 millimeter watch, but they are also removable and you can swap them out for different textures. The default rubber one that comes included feels comfortable and breathable doesn’t irritate the skin there’s, a simple crown key on the edge here that you can tap on once to also manually wake up the watch as well as jump into the advanced menu after you wake it Up and look at additional applications now a few other things about this watch. It is rated to be 5 atm for water resistance, which means you can wear this when swimming when taking a shower and it will still survive and has four gigabytes of built in storage.

This memory is used for holding different watch, faces that you can download and send over to the watch, along with holding some interactive training courses with some animations that the watch can display. Although one thing you aren’t able to do on this model is store music locally. On it now, let’s take a closer look at the software experience as aforementioned. It is quite simple to navigate and understand. We can swipe down to access a quick list of shortcuts to things like a do not disturb mode go into different alarms that you can set up directly on the watch as well. There is a haptic vibration sensor that will buzz to give you notifications and alarms. Although there isn’t a speaker on this particular unit, you can also jump into advanced settings and overall scrolling on the watch, as you can see here is a fairly responsive experience, pretty easy to figure out from here. You can also customize things like the ambient watch face. It’S, the ambient mode that you can see afterwards as a whole. The display quality is also very good, as expected from an amoled panel, so it’s super vibrant and punchy with very deep contrast levels, especially when displaying something like a dark background. Everything really does pop and the brightness levels are also more than acceptable. There is an ambient light sensor on here as well, so the display brightness can automatically get brighter or dimmer depending on your environment, and you can also set that up using the advanced settings.

Swiping up, we can access any quick notifications that come through from our phone, including text messages, social media messages. Although you aren’t able to reply to them, you can quickly glance through it and see what you’ve missed. You can also swipe over into this carousel view, to access your heart rate. It will also calculate a resting heart rate based on your past 24 hours of activity, the highest heart rate and lowest and there’s. Also, the ability to send you alerts if your heart rate is above a certain threshold using the app there’s, also stress monitoring, which is approximated, also using the optical heart rate sensor, it’ll, count, fluctuations and heart rate as enhanced stress, so you can quickly gauge that at A quick look there’s also the ability to check out the weather for the past day and there’s some quick animations, which can also show up there’s, also the ability for you to control any music that’s playing back from your phone. Using this as a remote to play. Pause and change the volume and then also take a look at your activity. Finally, you can take a quick look at the sleep for the past day and then taking you back into this main home screen. Overall scrolling feels smooth enough and it’s pretty easy to use and sensitive. As far as the ui is concerned, if we jump into the list of additional programs, one thing i want to point out is: although the carousel view only gives you a quick look at the basic stats, you can find their corresponding app versions in this full list And that will show you some more details.

For example in weather, i can now scroll down to take a closer look at the differences in temperature hour to hour for the day ahead, as well as a few other estimations for the next week. Other things that you can take a closer look at include the activity record. So not only is it going to show you that carousel, but we can also now scroll up to take a look at the calories burn distance converted as well as a quick look at our averages for the past week, the spo2 sensor that can measure your blood Oxygen level – and that is a sensor that is sometimes tied to the ability for you to breathe properly if there’s enough oxygen in your blood and same thing goes with sleep. We can also take a look at additional details now under this app here as well, including how many uh minutes and hours we’ve taken naps during the day as well. They were one of the first companies that used an algorithm that could detect the naps that you took and intelligently just record sleep throughout the day. So if i slept right now, for instance, it would track that as however minutes or hours and then count that onto my total time and it’s actually very accurate in terms of its performance. And then, of course, when you sync the information to your phone you’re able to look at even more details like number of times that you woke up a rem, deep, sleep, light sleep as well as other statistics like your heart rate, how well you’re breathing when you’re Sleeping so there’s a ton of details which is all done without anything needing to be pressed there’s, a simple stopwatch that you can also initiate, as well as a countdown timer, can also be found on here.

Of course, there’s also a flashlight that turns the entire display white to very quickly illuminate some subjects in the dark and find your device. If you are connected your phone, then will vibrate and buzz so pretty simple and straightforward. Really. The last two critical features here would be the workout part, so you’re able to both look at your previous workouts that you’ve completed and take a look at some detailed statistics such as the duration, your heart rate, heart rate zone, during that sport or activity, and view That back very quickly here, including your speed things like that, and if i wanted to start a new sport activity, there’s two sections that they’re really sorted as the first is fitness courses, so there’s 12 different animated courses that comes on this watch. So, for example, if i wanted to do something like exercise at home, you can tap on the about key here to take a look at the preview of the difficulty level of this training course, and also what types of moves will be required. There is going to be a visualization on screen of what that exercise. Type looks like so that you can follow along and make sure you’re doing the positions here correctly, so it’s almost like having a trainer or coach on your wrist. This is definitely a bit more extra and not a function that we find on the competing amaze fit or xiaomi smartwatches, for example, which are lacking.

These courses gives you a bit more of incentive to try out these different types of activities, whether it’s a simple stretch to relax you or work out when you’re at home, or some more advanced things like a chest, workout, which is a bit more difficult, and that Includes other planks, as well as push up types that you can take a closer look at and other again, activities which can also vary in terms of their level of difficulty, can also be found. So there’s 12 of those active courses and then outside of that the regular things which are just basically monitoring a running session or a simple sport or activity, can also be found underneath it won’t have a virtual coach, but you can track things like your heart rate. As well as your calories burned things like that during the entire activity, just like other fitness, trackers and smart watches and in terms of these other activities, there’s again a total of over 94 different modes that you can find, including dancing karate, and so the list just Goes on and on now i do want to talk a little bit about the accuracy of the performance of the sensors here, so starting with the heart rate. Overall, this one doesn’t really have any differences compared to other top notch, smart watches and fitness bands. In the sense that i got pretty much exactly the same measurement compared to an apple watch, the six axis accelerometer used for detecting steps in motion is also pretty accurate in the sense that if you kind of shake the band it’s not going to count that as An accidental step it’s also not really going to under count your steps either, so i found it to be actually very good.

If i walked around 100 steps, it would typically measure around 99 steps, or so which is actually one of the best accuracies yet compared to a few other recent wearables i’ve tried from amazefit, including the gtr 2, and the gts2 both tend to slightly under count. My steps again, the functions that it does have it is calibrated to perform quite well, so let’s take a closer look at the companion application. Next, since uh, this is again a huawei branded company, the app that they’re using is called huawei health. If you have a huawei phone or tablet, chances are it’s already pre installed. If not, you can find it for free in the app store, both for android or ios. But again, there is really good integration with huawei’s own devices, it’s like the ability for you to even see your number of steps directly from the home page of your phone, without unlocking it. So as long as it’s connected using bluetooth, it basically is automatically syncing that over and we’re able to monitor things like steps that we’ve taken. If we tap on this dial, in fact, we can even take a look at more details and stats throughout the day that we were active along with exercise records which are synced over, and you can take a look at additional details using the companion app here. Cadence. The speed everything is visualized in a pretty easy to see manner and the app itself is also going to generate some automatic reports for you to look back on to see how well you’ve performed compared to other users and yourself in terms of previous durations in time And give you different metals and rewards as you’ve become more active, so it does have a overall pretty intuitive system, and everything is organized quite well sleep again.

You can check out some more details here, including the different stages, as well as the point system that will be out of 100 to tell you how you’re doing compared to your population and how you can improve your sleep as well. Breathing quality of these metrics, which are automatically done using the combination of heart rate and spo2 sensor. You can initialize an exercise from the app and that will also turn on gps on your phone to track your location. If you’re running outside, for example, using the phone’s gps and then under your device settings you’re also able to take a look at the battery percentage remaining, as well as some additional profiles like customizing. The watch face as well as turning on or off certain functions like health monitoring. I can turn off sleep, tracking or heart rate monitoring, for instance, to further elongate the battery. If i choose to that’s all optional and also what types of notifications you want to pass through in terms of watch faces, this is one of the other advantages of huawei’s wearables. Is they have a very large catalog of different designs and you’re bound to find something that you like in terms of the aesthetic they’re all pretty attractive? In my opinion, you can find different styles, whether it’s sporty animated. It just really shows off the vibrancy of the panel that they’re using here so that’s, more or less it as far as our hands on review of the huawei honor watch es again, it’s a casual everyday, smart watch more with an emphasis on health and fitness tracking.

More than anything else again, its list of functions might not be the most exhaustive. If you need something like built in gps, then you may want to consider the alternative huawei branded version, which is the huawei watch fit that has the same design.