This is a android smart watch. You have the ability to install apps from the play, store and even check out things like youtube browse the web. If you wanted to on this tiny screen pretty much any app that you can install on an android smartphone, you can do on here competes with other models from cospit lenfo among a few other brands that also make full android based wearables. Now, in terms of the specs, the watch has a 1.6 inch display, which is completely round. However, this one here is using an ips lcd screen, so that is one thing i do wish. They could have gone with amoled just to make the contrast, maybe pop a little bit more and have a always on display mode. It still looks very good in terms of the colors and viewing angles are excellent. Brightness is also satisfactory. The frame here is made out of aluminum, and the body of the watch is constructed out of polycarbonate plastic, which is actually a good decision, because it is a pretty large watch in terms of dimensions so up against something like the ticwatch pro, which is already considered A large watch you can see that the z35 is even bigger than that, although thankfully the weight isnt that much heavier this is the amaze fit gtr 2.. You can see the difference there in size. Overall, though, again we do have on the edge some speakers, as well as the addition of a microphone on the other side, since this watch can support voice commands using google assistant as well as you can even use it to make and receive phone calls.

So it really is just like a smartphone strapped on your wrist, underneath this little slot, which you can unlock using this included. Screwdriver. You have a nano sim card slot and it is a gsm, quad band phone supporting 4g lte. If you dont want to use wi, fi theres, also the charging port on the back, which is using this magnetic pogo contact. It takes around two hours to completely charge the 880 milliamp hour capacity battery, which is a pretty large size for a smart watch. But keeping in mind that this is a full version of android and it can support 4g and wi fi, bluetooth and gps. If you turn all of those things on, it definitely will still eat through the battery in a day or so so this might be a watch that you have to charge uh just like the apple watch at the end of the day. But if you are more conservative, if you turn on airplane mode youre only using wi, fi sporadically, it might get you through about two days or so now. Theres also access to the optical heart rate sensor, and the back here is also having a kind of carbon fiber like texture. That looks pretty neat overall again a comfortable familiar design. The watch bands themselves can also be removed again using the included screwdriver. If you want to swap them out, although its not a quick release design, so it takes a little bit more effort to pop them out.

But overall, its a comfortable watch strap made out of a silicon material and then, on the right hand, side. We do have access to a red, accented power on and off key, which is pretty tactile. You can press on it once to wake up the screen. If you dont want to use the flick to wick gesture and you can tap on it again to turn it off theres also a back button on the side here, and there is also a built in camera before we dive deeper into the performance and ui of The watch mentioning some of the specs here. It is using a mediatek 67′ processor which is quad core sufficient, of course, for a small, smart watch and again it has 16 gigs of built in storage, which is not expandable but again should be enough for a watch and has two gigabytes of ram. Also fine for a wearable and then technically the android version that its running on is android 7.1 nougat. So that is one thing that maybe they should update to android 10, at least to keep up with specs. But overall it doesnt impact the performance and you can still install any app from the play store that you would want now taking a closer look now at the watch again, the main dial here, we can long hold for a few seconds to change. The watch face. Theres, a pretty strong selection that you get just directly out of the box and all of them look pretty attractive again.

The mediatek quad core processor here for a watch is helping it zip, along at a pretty fast and responsive rate. So everything from clicking and even displaying these crazy 3d animation watch faces doesnt really pose an issue, and i do have to say that the larger screen here again at 1.6 inches does make it feel a bit more immersive, even if it does take up more room On your wrist, it does look. Quite good. Really is a super long list that you can pick between and if you want to apply, even more custom watch faces, of course, thats also possible. These are just the ones that comes pre installed on the watchs memory directly out of the box, heres, a few more simple watch faces that is a bit more clean and minimalistic. Just to give you guys, another idea forgot to mention that this watch is also rated to be ip67. So if it gets splashed on water or rain, it will still survive, but its not quite as recommended to take it with you. If youre, diving or going into deeper swimming sessions, but in regular usage and day to day life, it should also kind of fit the purpose without too many complaints and then swiping down can access the quick shortcut list of changing the screen brightness as well as toggling. On or off the different connectivity modes – and you can even swipe again to access other things like cleaning up the system ram, so this will take and clean out all of the background, apps and close them up.

You can also play and pause. Any music swiping again shows us the current weather that we are looking at highs and lows for the current day and then on the first page, actually theres, also a percentage of battery remaining and whether we are connected via bluetooth or have a sim card inserted. We can also see. Finally, if we swipe up, we can also access some quick shortcuts of fitness tracking, including steps, so my average number of steps that ive taken at the moment as well as swiping over again the current day. The dial here will turn all the way green if ive completed my daily goal that you can set in the app – and there is also distance converted to kilometers calories burned, and that is it. So if you want to take a closer look at things like heart rate, monitoring it isnt available in this particular shortcut list, you have to jump into the full list on the side here to go into that, like other android, smart watches. This is more of a cell phone watch. I would say, first and foremost compared to a dedicated sports, smart watch, which may have more emphasis or fitness tracking metrics. So, for example, this one doesnt have an spo2 blood oxygen monitor and it also doesnt have sleep tracking. Curiously, lets take a closer look at the full list of applications here so its using this carousel view and starting from the top we do have access to our phone dialer.

So again, you have the ability to make calls on here directly system settings and verify that the ram here is indeed around two gigabytes when full and by default it seems like around 700 megabytes are taken up by the operating system and we can also take a Look at additional properties about the watch so checking out the android version and seeing, if theres any updates, and also we can take a look at the apps list style so right now its in that list format. But i can also change it into a round format. If i prefer, and what this will do is now, it will display your list of applications like this. There is a built in browser this one here is using the standard webkit browser from android. So it looks like this when you jump into it and i can go into lets, say google and you can see that surprisingly, everything does work and loading up pages is not shabby connecting using wi fi reception. Strength does seem to be pretty good thanks to the plastic body that theyre using here pinch, the zoom gestures also work fine, so i can actually pinch in and pinch out as you can see there and everything is pretty responsive and easy to use. If you tap on a lets, say taskbar, it will bring up the virtual keyboard, which is round, and you can also use voice search instead, which i do prefer usually on a smart watch.

It does also have haptic vibration engine, so it will vibrate whenever youre tapping and clicking on the keyboard and its the same system. Thats used to give you notifications it lightly buzzes and feels overall solid as far as haptics are concerned, setting up alarms on here. So this is taken straight out of regular android. Countdown timer and stopwatch functions can also be found. This will open up on the side here, so you can see my hand and if i wanted to take an image i can just tap once and then snap the shot its not going to be the best camera in the world, but for something on a smartwatch. It certainly does the trick if you wanted to just snap something very quickly to preserve and you can also zoom in and for the most part, it actually looks surprisingly decent in terms of details that youre getting um, considering it isnt a super high megapixel count as Long as youre in relatively well lit environments now there is also a voice recorder, and then here is the dedicated heart rate. Monitor and its not bad takes just a few seconds to get a measurement, and the accuracy is actually comparable to other smart watches from amaze fit, for example, that i compared it against voice. Search here will basically use the google assistant. So i can tap on this and what is the current weather brings up additional details that youre able to kind of go through and take a closer look at full version of google maps.

You have the ability to check out uh addresses locations and navigate using gps. You can zoom in pan around and it works, as you would expect now. One thing you can see here is: maybe some of the corners or edges of the screen getting cut off, since the display here is round and android is really only optimized for square displays and in order to bypass that one thing you can do is long hold On the power key for a few seconds and then tapping on the circle on the top here will change it into this square shape, and this means that it will then push the app to have this virtual screen and it might be a little easier to tap On icons, which have been omitted in the expanded full screen view, so you can use this to instead press on a few things that might be difficult to hit and then, if you want to go back into the full screen, you can just tap on it again And it will re push that aspect ratio other functions by the way that you get also using this quick launch shortcut include a power saving mode rebooting. The watch as well as bring up the recent applications that you had open. So this will allow you to multitask and push back and forth between the apps or clear everything up from the system ram. If you prefer, you can also check out youtube. This is another app that i just installed myself and full screen Music, and this gives you an idea of what the experience is like kind of watching videos on this small watch.

But, surprisingly again everything is functional. Now one thing to mention here is aside from this full list of applications. You can go even further by one page. This takes you directly into the shortcuts for the different sports modes that you can begin tracking on the watch. I can tap on start. It will begin to track my heart rate as well as gps. Accuracy of some of the metrics, including the fitness tracking number of steps, does seem to work all right, its not going to be quite as precise again as some of the dedicated lets say. Fitness trackers like from fitbit, which are optimized just to do this, but as a whole, if you kind of shake it its not going to count it as an accidental step, its within about 10 margin of error, id say, and speaking of companion app, the one that You can install on your phone, android or ios is called we watch, and this is completely optional. Since again, this thing can be used as a dedicated smartwatch by its own. You can just pop in a sim card and use it as is, but if you wanted to sync it using bluetooth, this is what it looks like a pretty basic app, and it will tell you the number of steps that youve walked as well as out of Your target that you can change and check out some more stats as well, like your heart rate, highs versus lows, but again its very basic.

You dont, get sleep tracking or really anything else aside from just a place to save your data. One other thing that you can do on the app is the ability to also turn on notifications so that, if you are connected by bluetooth to your phone and you get a notification from your phone, it will also pass through to the watch which, like other smart, Watches works exactly as expected, so thats more or less it as far as our hands on review of the missy run z35 again, a full version of android running on this tiny little watch and overall, the fluidity of the overall ui works, pretty well for the navigation. As well as the optimization that theyve done here, its pretty attractive – and it works nicely if youre looking for a watch primarily for communication, again staying connected again using 4g lte, as well as the ability to have some more advanced functionality like even browse the web check Out the weather and do some google assistant searches it can be used as a dedicated watch, which is pretty powerful. You can check out more details if youre interested in the links down below again an alternative to some of the other models from brands like cosbit that weve seen in the past.