If you watch the channel, you know that a couple weeks ago i covered the negative display version. These are exactly the same models with the exception of the display, so the review is pretty much going to be the same, but i do have some thoughts about this one. So let’s get right into Music it starting off with price. You can find this one for around 20 to 25 bucks, depending on where you’re shopping, but all in all it’s going to be a very budget friendly watch here is a quick 360. here’s, the side, pushers and then the other side and the case back nothing crazy. Here, but at this price range, this is exactly what you should expect from casio now going over dimensions across the dial, from nine to three we’re looking at around 50 millimeters and then for case height. We are looking at 16 millimeters and then lug to lug right at 54 and a half millimeters for weight. The watch comes in at 59 grams or two ounces perfect. Here it is on my seven and a half inch wrist. I think it’s very comfortable and at two ounces you can’t, really complain about that now going over functions and features starting off with just information on the case and dial right here at the bottom. You see it says 10 year battery, which is fantastic. A lot of people were expressing concerns or wishing that this had come out with a solar charging feature, but in my experience you know solar watches last for around 10 years you know – maybe more maybe less but 10 years is the standard and casio always undersells.

Just how long their batteries last, you know, they’re very conservative in my experience, casio batteries last four years on top of what they’re rated for so you know it says 10 years, but i guarantee you if you’re not pressing the light every single night and you’re not Pushing buttons all the time, it’ll, probably last longer right here at the top you’ve got 100 meters of water resistance. So again fantastic. This will be a great everyday watch and again with that two ounces of weights. You know it’s gon na feel like next to nothing and be able to take a beating going over the display at the top. You’Ve got your calendar data in the middle, your main time and at the very bottom your seconds and then, of course, at the right hand, side of the display you’ve got that very cool 10 second animation, and you know, just gives it some character. Something interesting to look at now going over the different modes: we’ve got alarm, timer stopwatch dual time and then back to the main time and hitting the start. Button right here will also shift you between 12 hour to 24 hour time. So you see that right there, where it says pm or 1200 and we do have fantastic illumination for the backlight it’s going to be just like any other ae. Casio like this ae, 1200 it’s that phenomenal amber light, and here you can see it on the screen. I’M, going to show you the positive display version here on the left and then the negative display version on the right just so you can see the difference between the two, but whichever one you pick they’re going to be fantastic.

One thing i have to mention, though, is how similar it is to my armatron watch here, and this one has been out for a very long time. I don’t think there’s any kind of foul play here. I mean they’re just copying a successful formula of having a very large digital display and very easy to see numbers, but i mean it just kind of makes. You laugh because they’re pretty much the same exact thing now, just going over my overall thoughts and opinions. So, first and foremost, this is a fantastic watch. It’S budget friendly very light perfect for everyday wear and it’s going to be a great beater watch, or you know for your kids for you to do any kind of physical work with it’s going to be great aside from that you’re not really getting anything special with The positive display version, what makes the negative display version so special is that you’re getting a very sharp and crisp negative display at a very budget friendly price, normally for casio to get this kind of clarity, or contrast, you have to spend several hundreds of dollars, whereas With the positive display version, it’s been done before you know there’s plenty of digital watches out there. So i guess the good thing is. This just adds some variety. You know if you like the way that it looks but, like i said before, it’s already been done before so you know, take it or leave it it’s a good watch but there’s definitely hundreds of the same thing out there.

So that’s about all i got ta say for the positive display: ae 1500, this isn’t a negative review and it’s, not a good one, it’s just telling you that this is a digital watch from casio and you know it’s exactly what you would expect it to be. So that’s all i got to say i hope you enjoyed this video and make sure to tune in for my next review. I’Ve got a bunch coming up and again, as always.