I know it’s been a long time since we visited it it’s my most related video about uh, the amazing bible right. So i think you got it don’t cheat. I know you saw it by the captions but uh, as you know, i’m go. I have moved on with my mace with bib watch and two. Instead of the noise watch colorful pro 2 special edition, it’s um, even more for tahi and rohit sharma – has sponsored these watches. It is a really cool watch, as you can see, it is said like to be like uh, almost a twin of applewoods because of its texture, smoothness and its most important feature its wallpaper. I know so let me show you the all of the functions in one video about this cool awesome watch: okay, noise by the way, so this is the noise culprit, pro 2 special edition watch. If you want to know about the model, so, as you can see you can there isn’t only one of the times you can set all the wallpapers with different texture and the timing, you know style so, as you can see, it’s uh it’s going pretty well. This shows the time this shows the day, and this shows which, day and month is it, and here, as you can see, there is the how much battery it has, and here it shows mobile data while there are works in this watch. So if you wanted to know it works now, as you can see, you can get sports mode, heart rate breed and alarm same system.

So if you trap this alarm, it is not activated yet because i have not paired my watch to the device. I am currently using so i’m using uh i’m using a pc for now to record so yeah. I will connect it, so you can get heart rates. It can check the heart rate. Here is the radar which you will put like this and it will manage your heartbeat, it can even say if you’re resting, if you’re, tired, like exhausted and sports mode. Let me show you options. It has work, run that’s, rhyming, climbing workout, spinning treadmill and last but not least, yoga so yeah. These are all the um. You know what you can see the options you can get in the sports mode. This is greed, maximum you can get for one minutes or two minutes meditation, and then we get music. You can only hear music after you connect your device with the watch, so you can get. The watch right now go to www.noisefitstore.com and you will get all the watches at discounts with only let me let you know only over 2 000. There uh, i mean rupees because it was exactly made in uh india, so it is in rupees, so you can buy them in an absolutely extreme discount with 21 20 percent sale. So you can get some top watch with a timer, a way to stop watch and a timer yeah, and you can get your record there’s no record for now uh.

Then you can scroll down for your activities running then your location, how many calories you are burnt? Yeah, all that now, where you can get notifications is over here, you can even have the option to delete it. So you can do it like this and if you want to go out there might be not waste, but you can just click. Do this button and you’ll automatically get out now? This is the option where you get the timing, the batteries and hotspot, which is already included in the main screen, and then you get when we wiggle it. We it sits on. Let me show you the proof. Let me show you one second see it just do it now, if i just uh off it, it’s turned off if i wiggle as much as i want. No effect will come up so that’s. The awesomeness feature that this has, and this is the uh automatically hurt, monitor night mode and then your location and then the most awesome special part we’ll get to that later. But let me just show you what is about the model. This is the brightness control. As you can see, this is um brightness, now it’s the most special part that are waiting for it, but but i cannot show you until you do three awesome steps in youtube in my channel subscribe like the video and then last but not least, turn on the Notifications on so you don’t miss any of my videos, so yeah guys let’s continue dial.

You get this option, you get this apple watch wallpaper. Let me show you how it looks. It looks so like the apple watch, guys i swear. It looks like the apple watch hundred percent. It shows all the things it shows the location and all it’s, so special, oh no by the side. Now this one, this one, this one, this one. This is don’t touch. Yes, this one all we have and what’s the fun fact you can go to the app download a noise fit app in the app store or in you know, google play store any other one. It will work in both these softwares, so yeah. So, as you can do it uh it can you can put your face in this screen for the wallpaper you can set your face in the screen, which is the most special model or feature of a watch, or it was before i don’t know, but it’s a Special feature: you can surprise your friends maybe show off at a party anything you can do with this watch it’s. This is detector. Here you can see. Noise written its texture is really smooth. Its functioning is really smooth and it’s. All all features are good and maintained, but in the previous watches they are don’t have damage visitors and the quality. Let me show you i’m gon na just wear it right now, so you can see it looks very cool on my hand. Right now, so it looks really cool whether it’s anywhere in a party.

You can even wear it in public. There is no problem. So if you want to buy this watch, you can go on the uh um uh, no noise, dot, com store and uh download it. If you want, there are two options: one download and one on the link which i’ll be posting in the description so be sure to check and yeah guys it’s that much for today. I hope you like the video and all the features of one noise call of duty. If you want me to do more, i will show you of cross beats a smartwatch. If you want me to show you that what it’s really cool so yeah, just like the video subscribe and turn on the post notifications on – and i will see you in a couple of days with the awesomeness crossbeats a smartwatch. Thank you, stay safe, stay, healthy and maintain social distinction, six feet apart.