So today i will give you full information and review of my favorite x6 smartphone, so let’s get started Music. My youtube family. This is my favorite x6 smartwatch and if we talk about its functions so here it come blood pressure monitoring in this Music function. It shows our blood pressure and here is heart rate monitoring. It shows her heart rate and it’s sleep monitoring. It shows how many hours we sleep and it’s sports mode. It shows how many hours and how many minutes we were joking. It is calories. It shows how many calories we eat in a day. It is distance, it shows look at distance and locations. It is sunday reminder it shows how many times you rest and it is weather reminder it shows. Weather and hair is incoming cold. It also shows incoming calls by bluetooth connection with mobile, and here is message. This here is alarm reminder. It shows the alarms and here is shape to take pictures. We will shake the smartphone and the picture will be taken by our mobile let’s, open the smartwatch and see what’s inside it. I am opening the box check the mic and make sure it sounds right. Boys here is strap it’s made by silicon material and it’s very flexible. It comes in many colors like blue, green red white black, and it is unbreakable, Music and here it’s charger. It has two pin which we have to connect to the smartwatch, and here is Music smartwatch.

It has seven to eight phase canvas one two Music, three, four, five, six, seven and eight and first you have to click on this button over here like this and here’s. Everything, if you want to see about your weather, you will click on the clouds Music. You will go to the three dots, you will click, you will go to the language and you will select your language Music. Then you will go back Music and the time is fixed. Now you will go to get setting. You will now select your date Music and you will go back by clicking this button and over here, you’ll be click here, and it will show your straps steps. Okay – and you will go here and over here – it shows your time that how many seconds or how many minutes or how many hours you have right the bicycle. Okay, so now you will go to the ball, the basketball. You will pick her Music and it will show how many minutes, how many hours you are playing basketball. Now you will go back by clicking this button and over here it shows how many are over here, how many minutes and on which time it was started and which time it ended it shows, and over here you will click this ball and it will choose how Many hours and minutes you are playing tennis Music. It will show all the Music how many hours and how many minutes you were doing, sit ups and you will check it out make sure over here.

You will dial the number and you will connect to your bluetooth and you can go by doing bluetooth and you will go back Music and now i will teach you how to put on the steps on this smartwatch. First, you have to open the straps like this Music and now this side, this you have to put on the above, like this Music, it sound right. You will boys, do this, the big one! Okay, and now you can wear this like this. I will teach you how to wear this and like first of all, Music, so it’s about 42 mm it’s written over here, and if you want to charge it, you will take the charger and you will attach with the charger, Music and charger. You will put the pin inside the charger and you will take this pin put this pin over here on the two doors. You can see two doors you can see, you will click like this and the smartphone will start charging okay. I hope you will like this vlog and we will meet in a new video a new day hope you will understand everything. I tell you about x6 smartphone. If you don’t understand anything, you can ask me in the comments and we will meet in a Music.