The button up button to power it on the front case is mental and case. It’S plastic is for light artery sensor like xiaomi and now it’s on the first page. It can scan the core code to download app and also you can download from the Music app store or google play. There is five different watch faces for choice confirm here. There is different watch, language is for choice. You just choose the language you want and then you can download to the watch now. It’S, english, the first uh function i want to recommend to you is that their change function is a new function. We we are, we work. We edit you just need to choose one one word faces you like and stick to the watch and watch faces. Keep updating, so there is more there’s. More watch faces will be um the shortcut settings here you can see if the bluetooth status, the blue blue means and you can adjust the brightness of the watch. You can and choose the vibration on or off, and this is the light mode you can shoot and the thing only the message display underwater, but without vibration, in airplane mode. You go to settings, you will see the blacklist settings language, settings power and the factory reflect sports. There is 11 spots, you just need entry inside and if you want to exit, you just need to press the up button to end it heart rate pressure alarm.

You can set the alarms inside the app and you can choose our off music play. You uh first news starts uh first thing use that music in your in your phone and then you can adjust here. You can adjust the world up or down, and the previous and the leg stone, remote remote and then you can press here see and stopwatch, and the timer find your phone, your phone working and the status record. This is for the sport mode record and in the packaging you can check more status. I you can check your steps, calories and the distance, and those here is your your spot mode. You can check it and heart rate blood pressure, sleep and your weight here. You can edit the direct the record here. You can choose here to make the settings you can choose. The message say a push you want or off do not disturb. If you choose it on their own uh. No vibration in the watch alarm clock. You can add here and you can choose the time interval and the time centrally. You can also set here vibration times at the back side and turn the wrist on. If you choose the function of the uh, if you lift your hand, you can see the time. No need to press the watch, you need to control it’s, good health care is for women and and if you choose it and then you can uh uh if the your purity is coming, then it will remind you for more upgrade if we have the new firmware Now here we can you, you enter inside it and then you can update the firmware the goal you can set here.

If you, if you achieve your goals, you the watch, will rema uh will vibrate and remind you there’s some questions and the help you can send your switch. The same is for the the application settings. You can you can cheat here and you can stick with your strava data. Strap is very hot now and you need you can check here. Check for update is for the application delete account.