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===================The stereotype of smartwatches and fitness trackers is that they appeal to a certain aesthetic far-removed from being “beautiful” or “discreet”. A Korean start-up, RANG, hopes to change this conception through their line of ‘smart jewelry’ products. We take a closer look…
Find accessories by RANG:

Clicker RANG : Mirror-cle! Smart Watch for SAFETY
Be comfy with Clicker RANG’s safety precaution. Just click mirror RANG, it keeps you safe & handy.

You can see the time on RANG. The hour hand light stays still and the minute hand blinks. You can select the color of the hour and the minute in RANG App. Regardless of when, you can look at yourself and tell the time from the mirror watch RANG.

This is the world Quickest, Easiest, and the most Safe way to notify. Anytime, Anywhere, Anyone! “I am here, I am okay, I am on the way.”

Just push RANG when you want to notify the current location, find a phone, take a selfie, and voice recording.You can use RANG in various forms and easily interchange as bracelet, keychain, and necklace. It’s possible to make your own DIY smart watch.

You can enjoy RANG by playing hand motion game.This is good for blood and energy circulation. Also it prevents cardiovascular disorders and dementia. Regardless of where you are at, use RANG to insure your health by enjoying it. A balloon game is the one of the games that we provide. The game starts by clenching on RANG. You have to insure the balloon gets bigger and bigger just before it pops.