The big screen is perfect. For me, i am tall standing at six foot four and the watch goes well with me. The battery life so far has been great i’ve, been getting three days on this watch and that’s without using cellular service just bluetooth. The watch is very comfortable more so than the gear 2, as the gear 2 hurts my wrist at times, depending on what i’m doing the gear s is great for doing, exercises i’m, able to jump, rope, run or jog and even do push ups, and i am Comfortable wear the watch the entire time for as big as it is. I forget that it’s on my wrist, the heart rate monitor, seems to be somewhat accurate, more so than the gear 2 i compared them, and the gear s seems to be more on point. As i tested them when i was at my doctor going for a checkup now when i first received the watch and started to use it, the battery was not lasting. The three days that i am getting. I found myself having to charge it every day. After doing some research, i found that using or having the cellular service turned on plus the location services on really killed. I found that if you are not using the cellular service, you don’t need the location services to be on at all, as it uses the location services from your phone. So only use that, if you’re using this as a standalone phone, but if you have it using bluetooth, then you don’t need it.

Also, if you’re not using the cellular service, turn it off completely as that drains the batter life, even when you’re not using it so make sure to go into settings and shut it off. As i said, i get three days of use using the bluetooth and that’s with me having the s health app running all the time and me using it to control my music while my phone is in my bag. Now i have an issue that when i turn my wrist to see the time, it does not show me the time as if i have to turn my wrist in a certain way in order to get the time, and that is annoying. My gear two turns on the second, i turn my wrist. Sometimes it turns one when i turn my steering wheel, the gear s has a hard time doing that, and there is no setting to make it more sensitive in the motion options. This watch is not for everyone and, to be honest, i don’t think they had women in mind when creating it, because this thing looks like a giant on my wife’s wrist other than that. I really like this watch. I really thought i was going to love, but i will give it another week to see i can’t begin to say how happy i am with this device it’s like a mini cell phone on your wrist web surfing, music s, health, calendar text messaging and calls can All be taken on this device.

Of course it does need a data plan, since it has its own number useful. If you don’t have your phone on you, this may vary from carrier to carrier, but for at t it’s only an extra 10 bucks a month. You must must must have a newer samsung device to pair the watch. I have the note 4, and this was a match made in heaven. The display is rather big, but i love it. The curved display also makes it more subtle in comparison to the gear gear. 2 gear, neo and gear live it’s actually very similar to the gear fits curvy display. You won’t miss the camera that it lacks, but it’s a bit overwhelming the amount of technology in this little watch. I will try to make this review as concise and precise and efficient as possible. So let’s do plus plus and minus bullet points here goes plus is an evolutionary progress from the gear. Then gear 2 then gear live.