I know this has kind of become a regular thing here on the channel. This one’s different though this is a this – is a serious sport watch uh. You know what it is uh you might have recalled this from ces. This is the sunto7 not familiar with sunto serious fitness watch brand uh. They make the watches that triathletes, use and and ironman athletes use and ultra marathoners use and trail runners use it. Marathon. Runners use and uh swimmers bicyclists all that stuff i mean they make some of the most serious fitness watches on the planet. Sunto garmin polar. You know those are kind of like the big three well now sunto has a wear os watch. The suto7 is official it’s available. We have one we’ll try to do some testing as much as we can i’m no triathlete, but we’ll certainly put it through uh, put some sweat on it um, but either way let’s uh, let’s unbox. This talk about what it is, show you what it is suitable, seven unboxing time, let’s go so the first thing to know before we should get into this as well. That comes in various color ways: different band options. All of that uh. One thing i will point out right away, though, is this box is it’s substantial. I mean the packaging here, here’s uh, just sort of a tour of some of the features to expect over 70 sport modes, free offline outdoor maps, wrist heart rate, 50 meter, water resistance, google, google assistant google pay google play also.

This is hinting at the sunto app, which you will use as sort of your companion app to track all the stuff. You track so slide this bad boy open and see the experience here so uh. Just just so. You guys understand. I am a garmin watch owner as well that’s what i’ve used it for my fitness tracking for years so sort of familiar with this area by no means an expert but i’m certainly excited to give these guys a run here. This is my first sunto watch in house shout out to sunto for sending over sending over this review unit. Your adventure starts here. Adventure starts here, uh adventure has been in our dna since 1936 and today, stunto is at the forefront of design invasion. Sports watchers drive computers, blah blah blah blah blah seven premium. Smart watch decline, suitors, versatile sports expertise, helpful smartphones, wear os meet your super seven, the versatile gps sports watch and smart watch in one well that’s fancy uh a welcome card is always fun. Uh slide this box off again: i’m, not sure where all the weight is here, but this thing weighs a lot so uh well, that’s heavy, i don’t, know what’s in there um well, let’s let’s start there. Actually, it’s, just really thick cardboard, i think, is why it weighs much. We got a sticker first sticker slice that all right here is the watch, so it looks like they sent me. This sort of cream color rose gold finish on here, um.

We will pull it out, uh designed for adventure since 1936, very very cool yeah, the i think the weight is just uh, well there’s, guides and stuff in here too there’s a lot going on. This could be a long unboxing video, so uh grab a snack, uh safety matter stuff. You are covered warranty, so probably multiple languages is my guess as to why there are so many. I swear there’s more in here. There is more there we go. I think we got it all all right, here’s the get started guide. This tells you to basically get the suto app plug it in set it up. All that we know. We know how to do that. Stuff, um so again, we’re gon na just set the watch. Well, actually, inside here, i’m still curious. What all this other stuff is, because we have a lot in here. Um here is uh, looks like the charger, so uh pin charging, which is not new to wear os watches, so that pin will attach to the underside and charge it i’m. Assuming this is probably magnetic to help hold it on so usb charger. Pins um. Is there anything else, good lord there’s, like a row extra rubber, uh band holders, i think that’s it all right slide this off. It needs to be off of cardboard, okay, here’s watch! Well, we just fast forwarded a day now, so all set up on the wrist slept in it overnight.

That sort of thing, uh, let’s let’s, talk a little bit more about uh sudo7, so um as far as specs go it’s, it’s kind of got everything you would ask for today. If you were buying a wear, os watch so uh 1.’ inch amoled display 454 by 454, which is pretty high, uh snapdragon wear 3100, which is look it’s old tech, but it’s. All that we’ve got if you’re buying aware os watch. Today, you get a 3100 until qualcomm and google sort of figure out what they’re doing here that’s the chip. It runs fine because we have a giga ram. So, if you’re buying a wireless watch today, you need a gig of ram, otherwise it’s kind of a stuttery mess. This has a gig, it seems fine. So far, in the few hours i’ve used it eight gig storage, a pretty sizable 450 milliamp hour battery, which is probably why the case is as big as it is. Obviously, gps and heart rate monitor and a barometric altimeter nfc for google pay there’s a microphone. It again, it’s it’s got all the sort of specs. You need um bands here it includes a a silicone band, uh 24 millimeter, so quite wide 22 millimeters on a lot of watches are thought to be pretty thick. These are 24, so pretty big. You can uh quick, swap those buy replacements, all that this is a very nice silicone band, like i could imagine, you’re going to sweat on this thing and it’s not going to irritate you.

It feels pretty great um as far as other stuff goes. Obviously, you have three buttons here on this right side: one button on the left side, so it’s a different setup than most wear os watches where this is a sport watch, so they want controls for any activity. You might be doing and that’s kind of what these three are. This button over here is sort of the normal button you might see on other wear os watches in the middle. So you know some current modern, uh wear os watches have a rotatable crown and a button there that’s what this button does. So if i press this it launches into my app drawer, it also just kind of takes you home from things, whereas these buttons are programmable to be. You know, other things, so no rotatable crown, but you do have this button. The sword gets you. This button up here is actually um. What launches into the suunto app to get your sort of sport experience uh running so more on that in a second. So the case, i believe i i can’t find this. This darn measurement, i believe, it’s. 47 millimeters so it’s a it’s, a big watch um for comparison’s sake. Here is my garmin fenix 5, which i believe is 46 and uh. I mean just quick glance here, but it looks bigger. This looks bigger than my garment, so i’m, going to assume we’re around 47. um here is a samsung galaxy watch active 2.

This is the 44 millimeter version. So again you can see uh the size difference there and then finally, the where os watch i just reviewed is the skog and foster 3 42 millimeter. There is your size difference, so it’s, a large watch, but again that giant battery is in there to hopefully last uh help last throughout your uh extended workout sessions. So tsuto is expecting about 12 hours of use in continuous gps mode, so you could disappear off the map for 12 hours. With this gps mode. It should work uh, there’s, they’re, estimating up to 48 hours if you’re not working out if you’re, just in smart watch mode. You can also do a time only mode where you could get potentially 40 days worth of use, but you’re, probably not going to use that very often you, you have a smart watch for a reason, so 12 hours, continuous gps. So if you shrink that down mix in an hour workouts here and there plus the up to 48 hours, we’re – probably looking at pretty extended battery life here so we’ll dive in here just to some software to show you what we’re uh, what we’re working with here. So in this experience, obviously, if you swipe over here, you get into google assistant, swipe down it’s, yours or quick settings, and also your shortcut to get into just general wear os settings swipe up there. Are your notifications swipe this way you do have tiles, so you can get into tiles and you can customize these and there’s a couple.

Special suntoe tiles like this is your this week. Workouts here is your uh sort of training, overview um, and you can long press and add more if you want those are kind of the only custom ones, though the rest of these are just sort of basic wear os ones. If we go in and launch the app drawer, i’ll just show you, the suunto app is a really important piece here, that’s kind of why you would be buying this watch. The rest of the apps are just kind of pre loaded, wear os stuff. So if we dive into that, though um you just press this button once and you can’t reprogram, this it’s always set to do um to open the suto app so in here. Obviously, it shows gps and heart rate um. You can see those sort of little faded icons. Then you have your battery percentage, just press start and that will start whatever your workout is that’s listed there so right now, it’s set as running. You can also press these buttons to control this stuff. So if i press that button that’ll start it or i can use the on screen buttons, so one of the reasons you have these physical buttons is as you’re working out and sweaty and whatever and you don’t want to touch a touch screen. Um, you can use physical buttons to pause start. Stop that sort of thing, it’s kind of what you get with a sport watch like this, so it’s kind of a nice little trick there.

You have some exercise options and map options. So if we go into map options um, this is where you would change to well the style of it, but also your offline map. So this can hold massive offline maps so that you can disconnect from your phone and go on let’s, say a trail hike or a trail run, or something like that and kind of disappear, and uh you’ll still have a map loaded onto your watch. There are uh up to, i think, 70 different exercises you can choose from. So if you just tap on this right now, it’s set to running but you’ll, see in here, there’s cycling, a trail running and pool swimming and walking and weight training and and then under each category, there’s our different things, indoor, cycling and mountain biking, here’s just some Other performance stuff like cross training, so you can track just about any uh type of workout. You may want to do um and then again you can tap start or hit this button. That’Ll start it and then from there you have additional controls. Continuous heart rate monitoring. All that stuff, gps uh it should again. This is just an unboxing, but it should track better than just about any other wear. Os watch ever created that’s, that’s, sort of the point here, um, so just a tour of the watch. I know i sort of talked about the three buttons um. I did want to show you this side.

It is. It is a pretty thick watch um, but uh it’s again it’s got a giant battery and there’s your heart rate monitor. There are the pins to charge it so here is um. Here is the actual charger here. So um you slap this right on there. It sticks on and then starts charging. It makes a lot of sense um. You should get fairly fast charging with it. I believe in 100 minutes you could get back to full, so 450 milliamp hour battery back to fall on. A watch is uh pretty fast in one hour and then the last thing i probably show you is actually um the well the companion app here, um and also just some of the other watch faces. So if i fire up my phone there, actually aren’t a number of watch faces there’s only a couple of pre loaded ones. So this is it um that one that you see on there is this one: the heat map which pulls local heat maps, um of people who are running biking whatever, whatever they’re doing workout wise in the area you’re at so it updates, depending on your location, that’s Sort of the standard one and you can customize those two complications: there there’s a google fit because obviously google fit is pre, loaded, um, but then but then uh. You have a couple other um, just sort of basic ones. If you don’t want the heat map, you want sort of a more classic style.

You do have that and then this looks like uh. It looks like a compass watch face so that’s kind of it for watch faces there’s there’s, not there’s, not a lot on here. Um, the other thing, though, is you pair everything with the sunto app so here’s, the suto app. Obviously i haven’t done any sort of workouts yet but you’ll track everything within here and you can track well. This looks more like activities and running um that could be hiking uh. You know, to be honest, i haven’t done any workouts, so i couldn’t tell you. There is a sleep section in here. I will point out that i wore the watch last night. There is no sleep track. This is where west there’s no sleep tracking, as far as i can tell um. So that is kind of a limitation here. If you buy any other suunto watch, you’re gon na get automatic sleep tracking i’m, not sure why they didn’t figure out a way to build it into wear os in this watch seems like a pretty big missing feature. A sleep is sort of a big metric when it comes to your overall fitness and that sort of thing keeping keeping an eye on that, so not in there um there’s map and friends and some other settings, and things like that. Once you actually get an activity tracked, it’s very, very in depth, at least from the demos i’ve seen so once i get that obviously i’ll include that in a review and things like that, so you guys can see the uh the level of detail it tracks here.

Um yeah, i think that’s, mostly it um the sunto7 in it, is a uh. It is a fitness focus watch. So if you uh, if you’re, not a big fitness guy or maybe if you are just even starting out on a big new fitness regimen, maybe this would be an option, but this is, there are other just watches that can do fitness tracking. This is kind of a another step up, we’ll, definitely test it and see if it lives up to not only their name but is uh is worth uh. You know like a two day battery lifeish experience here. If you guys have comments, questions, let us know otherwise.