So if you’re interested so here, i have the noise watch, which i posted a story and majority of you guys said yes to do like a review plus setup of this watch. So if you’re interested kindly keep on watching, as i said earlier – Music um and once you open the box, there is something that i want i don’t want to read. Then this is the actual watch. This is what the watch looks like it’s. It has come with like a charger. First, let us uh open the watch. I think i need to charge it first. Okay, it’s not turning on. Maybe i have to charge it. Let’S just put this back and i’m gon na keep it for charging for, like maybe 20 minutes or 15 minutes uh. First, let me just show you guys the charger that how the charger looks like okay, that’s kind of okay come out of the box. Out of the plastic, what box? What am i even seeing i don’t know what okay, so this is for the charge: okay, it’s mac, it’s, a magnetic charger, that’s cool right. So probably oh it’s, a magnetic charger! Look here here here: the sound that’s, nice, okay, so i’m gon na charge. This thing for, like 20, 50, 15 to 20 minutes and i’ll get back to you it’s. It it’s been like 15 minutes since i have put this watch for charging, and this is what the first glance the watch looks like.

It is very nice like touch screen it’s having a bunch of features. I’M, just gon na read the manual that’s there in the box in this box and i’m gon na catch up with you guys after i read the manual. I know guys. I’M sounding so not me, i’d, never really read a manual before doing anything. But since this is a new product, i have to read the manual otherwise my mom will help me, but yeah i’m still reading the manual. The manual says you have to scan this qr code, which is there on the manual i’ve placed okay. Come in focus come in focus. Yes, this qr code so i’m just going to scan the qr code with the help of my phone it’s having this like little qr thing and built in it. Yo yo, yo, yo, let’s, see what’s gon na happen. The whole skewer scanning procedure was was just like uh. It was taking me through app store through your app. Instead of just like opening app store and searching noise, fit health and fitness app. You just have to scan the qr code. Well, that’s, pretty something i’m gon na enter my apple id password and i’ll, see what’s gon na happen next thing just got connected. I know my. I mean okay, this thing just got connected. Okay. What am i doing? How am i supposed okay, okay, okay, next next? What am i doing? I don’t even know like what am i doing i’m trying to set my watch up next i’m, not even reading what they are popping on the screen? I’M just clicking on next.

Next, i just wan na done finally done: yes, shop, summary settings. You aren’t signed in pair device. Okay, one device found. Oh yes, yes, the device is found. Okay, the device is found it might take a while. So as soon as this gets. Okay, it’s connected it’s connected it’s connected this thing is connected. Now i have to read all of this and i will read it: you’re done setting the whole watch up now. I believe it’s connected to my phone, okay, okay. It is connected to my phone cool. Now now we’re just gon na explore the watch so so this is what the watch looks like. I have i’m very impatient and i’ve worn it on my wrist now, okay, so there’s like a sports mood and kindly now my chipped nails chipped nail polish. While your nails, but there are four features – run, walk bike and hike, then moving on to the heart rate, this is what it looks. This is what it looks like. It is. Okay, i mean then this there is this breed feature. This breed feature is all okay. Okay: okay, this breed feature is also there in an iwatch, and i know that for a fact, because my neighbor has an iwatch, then we have the alarm feature which i have to probably set an alarm in my phone and then it will kind of come in. My watch, then we have the music feature which obviously i have to set with my phone again.

Then we have a stopwatch feature but also okay, timer feature. We can set a timer till we can timer set a timer till up to up to one hour yeah. But now my fingers are painting one hour super. You can set your timer once you violate. You can check it out for yourself, then in the settings we first have the dial, so we can change the dial according to our wish, i’m gon na choose this pink one, because i like pink, i love pink. In fact, then in the settings we have okay. Why did i even click this? We have the dimming feature: okay, there’s, like really dull, that’s, this three star that’s, one star, that’s, two star and that’s. The three dimming is the brightness and there’s this about about the watch and stuff? Okay. So once you swipe left, this is what it looks like i’m just gon na click, things automatically heart rate, something something popped up: i’m, even gon na click. This rest, okay, do not disapp. No, i don’t want do not disturb right now, i’m. Okay, if someone disturbs me, then we have this. Okay what’s, this okay, my phone just beeped, oh okay, okay, okay, this is i get it. I get it. This is the locator before, oh, my god, that’s such a thoughtful feature. I always lose my phone, but since the watch is gon na be in my hand, that’s gon na be nice. I just love this feature whenever i’m like finding my phone okay, so i don’t okay, now once you swipe up once you swipe up, there are the steps feature.

Then there is the i don’t know what’s this probably kilometers, then calories spawned weekly, total, okay, it’s nice. So i unboxed this watch when it arrived. It has been two weeks for i waited for it to review because i needed so in the previous video clips. You already like saw the unboxing part, the unboxing and i was kind of trying to set it up, but a few features i discovered like the display feature, i thought the display could not be changed, but it is actually changed. You saw that and now i’m going to be review in the watch, so keep on watching okay. So this is what the the first time that i wore it i’ve. I had worn it for like the whole day because it was like new and i wanted to wear it for the whole day, so i had wore it for the like the whole damn day, but then, when i slept wearing it, my body was in so much Pain, i mean at that time. I thought you might suffer, don’t wear this watch and sleep, but then you could have by the way a channel watch and this trap is like also changeable. So that’s, like a good part, little watch face that comes. I have actually changed the watch face but i’m again gon na change it to the original watch face that comes this is the original watch face all right. So this is what the watch looks like.

I have won the watch and it is like 11. 33 am in the morning, and this watch is like pretty nice. As i said earlier, it is, it was the best seller and the feature that i love about it. It is the heart rate, while the feature wait. Let me show it to you this one. This little heart rate feature has taken. I was about to show you the inbuilt your watchmen dial there so let’s see that okay. So personally, third one subscriber this watch is, as i said, risky battery life is hard off. I can’t just keep stop. I just can’t. Keep stop talking about the battery life, because it’s like way too good, too good to be true type of hair and yeah that’s. All i want to say about the wall and yeah guys that was it with today’s video, if you enjoyed it, give thumbs up. If you did not enjoy it, give thumbs down subscribe to my channel and i’ll meet you in a brand new video very very soon.