I am back again with the new video this time. It’S again the same watch, the app through which this pebble then connects is fit cloud pro. It is available on google play store, as well as on the apple store. It is a scanner also through which you can connect. I will show you the app. This is the icon of the application, see right now my device is connected. It will show you all the details that it has been disconnected for one hour drink reminder. Is there dial settings? Are there weather reports? If you want, you can switch it on. It will show you the weather details on your watch. Wake to rise is available. You can enable the setting on so that whenever you twist your rest, the watch will switch on the display bright enough so that you can watch it in the broad daylight. It is the elevated hearted measurement option also there and you can choose the option for the risk preference. If you want to wear it. On the left hand, you can wear it on the left hand or if you want to wear it. On the right hand, you can wear it in the right hand, you can select it as per your requirement, shake to photo. This is also available if you switch on your camera and your device is connected, just shake your device, it will take a photo from your mobile. These are the various settings. This will show you the version of the device, and this is to factory reset.

You need to unbind the device through this feature, you can select the rs you wan na watch style of 12 hours or 24 hours, plus the main thing in this. The dial settings overall, the app is quite easy to use, and it shows you all the details. Like uh, sleep monitor heart rate, monitor blood pressure, monitor oxygen monitor. You can see all the readings over here also calispoint and distance traveled. Today i am not showing you the watch. I am just talking about the review of the watch so uh. I have discussed about this with my friends and my customers, who are using this watch from for quite some time. They told me that the battery backup of this watch is approximately seven days and it will very definitely vary uh. As per your usage, all right and about the features uh, it is a heart rate monitor and a vp monitor oxygen level sensor is also there and multiple sports modes. Are there pedometer? Is there secondary alert? Is there multiple face, watches, as i have shown you before? Also, they are also there calories burnt. It can show you you can set an alarm with the sleep monitor. Is there. It has notifications, notifications for your application, say like whatsapp, sms facebook wechat those notifications are there. It has a call, alert and call reject feature. Many people are confused about this. They ask me that whether we can receive a call through this.

No, you cannot receive a call through this. It is not having any mic in that. You can only get a notification as well as you get a feature to reject a call. If you want you can reject a call. You cannot receive a call through this review video on this, so i am going to make this review video. There is a watch in as many friends of mine on youtube were asking for a review video for the pebble watch. These are the bear dial options. I’Ll show you it. There are many dial options in this. As per your preference, you can choose a dial and there is another setting in this there’s a dial center. You have the dial settings there’s, my dial, whichever dials you select, they will come over here and you can edit them also, and there is another setting in this this one right through this, you can edit your dial. You can select a background picture from your gallery. Also, like i have done, and i will show hope the picture is clear enough – you can select the color of your time, which is displayed on the watch, black or white or yellow or green, and the font can also be selected as i selected, and i will Click on this and the display will be changed plus. It is an option of position also like over here. If you want the time to come on the bottom, you can select this option and if you want the time to come on the top on the left side in the center on the right side in the center, all the options you can customize it very well.

As per your choice, if you set a goal, it will show you if you achieve your goal or not goal or not see i’ll show you the overview of the application. This is the main home screen and this is the main settings which i have showed you earlier. Also this will show if you’re, watching and uh, this is water assistant, ip67 and bluetooth version is 5.0. The screen size is 1.3. Ig retina displays there, which is a very good display. It works very nicely with android as well as apple phones and the net weight of the watch is 50 grams, and i have even received a question about the accuracy of the bp monitor see the bp monitor in this is not 100 accurate. It will show and show an approximate valuation for your bp. The readings are not 100 accurate, it may vary sometime, but overall, the watch quality build quality is very nice, it is a strap. Quality is good and the watch is the top bezel is of metal matte. Black finish, which looks very excellent. Display is bright enough on the rear it has sensors. Here i will not go into basic details of this watch, as i have done that before. In my previous video, if you, if you have not seen that, please see my previous video, so i will try to make a review video on this and try to cover up as much aspects as possible. It has good selection of time settings and all that stuff watch faces can be selected after your choice.

You can set up picture in your gallery as your wallpaper in the watch. I will show you again the dial center wallpapers like this is a good one. I like this. If i want to sync it with my watch, i will just press sync dial: it is synchronizing right now. I hope you can see it is showing updating till the time it updates. The strap quality of the watch is very nice. Silicon is of good quality to the silicone, strap all right, it is detachable. You can change it with any other watch of your choice. Any other watch strap of your choice. In fact, the build quality is very nice, see the dial display has changed right, and if you want to change the display from the watch, you can do that also just swipe it left and right like if you want to just display on the watch. Just click on that you shouldn’t change, long press again, swipe left or right. Overall. This is a nice watch. My message notifications are also working on this. So if your watch is connected or not and various other settings of your watch, this is mine. You can login and register with this with your details like height weight and everything else, and if we talk about for everything like vp monitoring or oxygen level sensor and on the rear side, it is plastic which will be easy to maintain are charging ports. It has a magnetic charging wire which can fix very easily with this overall.

The watch is nice at this price point. This is a nice watch for your daily use. I’Ll again show you the display right now the colors are not coming fine. Here i think you can see it now if you like this video, please like share and subscribe.