About a month ago we took a look at a budget round. Smart watch called the vermi vg3 and i thought it was a pretty good performing casual smart watch for the price today we’re taking a look at another model from the same company and this time it’s in a square form factors so for between 20 to 30, bucks It’S, a great casual smart watch, it’s not going to be the most feature, rich model, but still has basic tracking, like heart rate monitoring, as well as sleep tracking, and there is also the ability to customize the watch face by pushing over your photo from the companion. App watch has a 1.3 inch tft lcd display, and otherwise it also features battery life that can last upwards of 10 days per charge. It does have 18 different sports that you can track and you can use your smartphone’s gps and connect to your phone when you’re performing the activity. If you want to track your route when outdoors so connected gps. More specifically, this one is called the tempo vt3 light. So the vg series is the round watches and the vt line seems to be their square designs. The watch bands here are removable and can be replaced, and this one has an ip67 water resistance rating and they even have a few swimming modes built into the exercises that you can track, but again, it’s, not really a 5 atm waterproof watch, for instance. So i would still be a little bit wary of trying to get this submerged in water for too long inside the box.

We have, of course, the watch itself which we’ve already tested out, but showing you guys what it looks like a spare strap if you want to swap it out for a longer design, there’s. Also, the charging adapter, which is magnetic and attaches onto the back of the watch. Finally, just the quick user guide, first things first for a budget, smart watch in this price, it doesn’t feel too shabby in terms of the build. We do have a solid glass display on the front which is pretty responsive. As far as swiping is concerned, the band strap again is fully removable, so you can swap them out for other sizes as well as textures and colors. Here is the proprietary magnetic charger on the back, along with the heart rate, optical sensor, buckles of the strap are constructed out of metal and aluminum, but the frame of the watch itself is made out of polycarbonate plastic, so it is very lightweight, but is similar. Feeling i’d say to the aforementioned amaze: fit bip there’s, also a crown key on the side that you can tap on once to manually, wake up the screen and also to turn the screen off. Although you also have the gesture of flicking up the screen, if it’s on your wrist to automatically wake it up, although there is no always on display mode on this watch, that is something to keep in mind, since it is a regular lcd, ips panel here’s, a Quick size comparison with the aforementioned xiaomi’s amaze fit bip, and also pretty much identical to the halo ls02 smartwatch, which is it’s, probably main rival.

I’D say that has a almost similar feature set as well as price point range that it sells for and both also feel pretty similar in terms of the overall build. The ui of the watch is pretty much the same as the vg3 that we saw from before. Just in the square form factor, you can swipe downwards to go in a carousel view through all of the widgets. The optical heart rate monitor actually tells you a continuous reading. Throughout the day, it can take a measurement say every few minutes and tell you your fastest heart rate for the day and your lowest heart rate, and it will track that and show it up. There’S. Also, the number of steps you’ve walked converted into distance in kilometers number of hours during the day that you’ve been active and also calories burned. Finally, you can take a look at the music control if you’re connected using bluetooth to your phone and go back into this main watch face now by default. There’S, a few customizable watch dials that come included. You can long hold for a few seconds to change between them. This one here reminds me of kind of a retro style, casio wash, and i can swipe down to change it into a more digital face that will show you things in a bit more of color and vibrancy. If you prefer that, instead, overall, the interaction feels pretty smooth and responsive here’s, one more that has more of a full screen image that you can take advantage of.

Also shows you number of steps here’s, another one that has a bit more of a bold font, and that is pretty much it so there’s. A few different options that you can pick between. Although you won’t find any analog options on this watch, since they are going for a very sporty vibe, i can swipe left and right to go through the full list of applications here, including checking out different messages and notifications, which have been passed over from my phone. Quick shortcuts and tools, including a stopwatch, can also be accessed here, a countdown timer, pretty simple stuff, and there is also a compass on this watch, which is pretty neat since not all of the budget. Smart watches have this feature. You can see that it is pretty sensitive and will always point you in the direction of say north and overall again it is a neat little extra tool that is baked into the hardware, and i can swipe over once again to take a look at all the Exercise modes and activities which i can track that includes things like running soccer. Yoga sit ups ping pong, so these are pretty basic again. There is no built in gps, but you can very quickly set up and track your heart rate during the entire session, as well as take a look at your cadence. Your speed, your heart rate, things like that, which will be continuously monitored during the entire activity and for the most part it works well enough and then, once the activity ends, you can take a look at the summary of stats, as well as check out more information From the companion app on your phone, a few emissions include spo2 or blood oxygen monitoring, so that is one sensor that’s not baked in, although it does have stress monitoring which is based on the optical heart rate sensor, it will detect basically how much your heart rate Is fluctuating during the day and then based on how much of a range your fluctuations are, it will tell you how stressed you are that information, though, can only be seen on the app along with the sleep tracking.

There is no widget on the watch itself to see it, even though it’s being tracked behind the scenes. One other thing that is missing from the watch’s functionality would be the ability to check out weather information but that’s, a minor quirk, but something just to quickly keep in mind so here’s the vermi app it’s, very colorful and animated in terms of its icons and saves All of your information at a glance – one thing i will say about the watch here, though, is it tends to only save your data for up to three days there’s a few days in between, for instance, where i was wearing the watch but uh, because i forgot To sync it – and it was longer than five days since the last sync – the data is actually no longer showing up. So that is one thing i will point out so i’d recommend opening the app at the end of every day and doing a quick sync it’s. Quite fast just to preserve all of your data and make sure nothing gets lost. Otherwise you can see how many steps you’ve taken during the day and also points in time. When you are most active in doing different types of activities, it can track automatically things like walking and running, and you can also take a look at calories, burned and again hours that you’ve been active as well. You can initiate an activity tracking from the app here, and this will also turn on gps from your phone and track your route, along with the heart rate from the watch.

So you can start the activity from here. If you prefer here is the sleep tracking, so the same story here, but we can take a look at some of our previous day’s activities and it will tell us also our score in terms of how well we are sleeping and resting uh, similar to a maze Fit similar to the apple watch and huawei smart watches that we’ve seen previously there’s also the different stages of sleep that it will monitor and track and give you some recommendations of how to improve your sleep and overall, it is pretty accurate. I would say in terms of how it handles sleep tracking, especially at night it doesn’t track naps during the day, though, just like other budget smart watches. So if i fall asleep at noon, it won’t track that as sleep, but in the regular hours at night. All of your sleep will be automatically tracked and also showcased in a way that is pretty easy to understand. Similarly, here is the heart rate. Monitor the accuracy of the heart rate. Tracking also seems to be very good. I was testing it in a comparison with the aforementioned amaze fit and the halo, ls02 and really didn’t see much of a difference just off by one or two beats. It also will tell you your resting heart rate things like that that you can take a quick peek at and also the different stages of your heart rate activity. Whether it’s in a warm up, fat, burning or regular mode will also be classified using the app very simple under your device settings you’re able to check out the battery status remaining set up, different alarms, sedentary reminder will tell you to get up and move if you’ve Been sitting down for too long, it can also track that you can change different time formats.

Of course, there is the auto heart rate detection and there is a guidance function that you can turn on, which means if your heart rate is above a certain threshold that you can set, it will give you a notification and buzz to alert you that it’s, not Within a healthy range and finally change the watch, dial there’s, not really a library of preset watch – faces that you can select between per se, but you can customize it with your own photo and say i really like this particular photo. I can tap on confirm it. Will kind of visualize what it looks like and if you’re satisfied you can tap on install and that will basically send the photo over and after a few seconds here we have it. The image has been populated over so it’s, pretty neat that we at least have that customization on this particular model, so that’s more or less it as far as our hands on review of the vermi tempo, vt3, lite and generally performance when it comes to the accuracy Of the pedometer for the number of steps that you’re walking the heart rate, monitoring are all fairly accurate, especially for this price range. Same thing goes with the sleep tracking at night and the very good battery life. So as long as you don’t need a ultra fancy. Smart watch, that has say a support for gps and more apps. I think that this is going to be a great casual, smart watch to try out that doesn’t really break the bank.

I think that overall, it works well enough.