There should be a spare charging cable that should be provided since it’s a custom port. If you lose slash break this one, you cannot charge the watch too. The specification mentions the watch’s metal bezel. However, it seems plastic that may be probably to save money and weight, but i, like my watches, to have some weight, definitely not heavy overall verdict. If you want a budget fitness tracker with these extra features, i would recommend buying. It have only used a little bit, but the basics seem right, not sure about the step, counting and sleep tracking, etc. I mostly have it for the features like notifications and music control once setup and app texts came through just fine. There is not replying to them, though, raise to wake works. Music control works, but you can’t see name of artist, title of song or anything like that. Ui is basic but easy to navigate app. Ui seemed especially good easy to find all the settings i was looking for pictured. Is this watch next to fitbit versa, 2 for size reference? It motivated me to set a goal and act accordingly. This watch helped to know my quality sleeping period, walking running biking, hiking, yoga, properly heart rate, blood, oxygen and blood pressure. Checker are additional useful personal care functionalities, customizable mobile, app, very fit pro is easy to use and presence health data in graphical format. Grouping of functions are understandable and easily manageable. For me, it has great battery life as an apple watch.

Its alert fractures made me alert, but didn’t disturb my regular task. I found only one custom charger. It could be difficult for me to get extra in case of losing or breaking a bit great smart watch and reasonable price. Overall, i recommend this to keep health track by paying less Music. This is perfect for checking bp and blood oxygen level. I have apple watch, but it doesn’t have bp and blood oxygen calculator. Thomas apple watch has a lot of features and far ahead of this, but for this price it’s absolutely worth it in a single word: it’s awesome! This is really a nice watch with lots of features, good battery, backup and then good touchscreen. It was easily paired with my cell phone on its app. I started using it right away and it’s working like a charm. I, like small charging port, which is easily accessible watch, has all fitness features needed. This is a pretty decent basic smartwatch and it is especially good for fitness activities. It arrived in a nice compact package and i charged it to full on the same day since then, i’ve been using all the time even during sleep. I must admit the battery is really good. Three plus days straight, it still has more than 50 juice left. Pairing is fairly simple: you need to download their app and just follow very simple instructions. You can control what notifications to be sent to the watch, for example, messages, whatsapp, twitter, facebook, instagram, etc.

It has heart rate blood pressure, monitor too. After buying this smart watch. I am now going for walking tongue. Also, this is very lightweight.