The latest watch to prove this was the gdr2 by amaze fit that i reviewed here in the last video on my channel, but now there’s a new challenger in town. My name is sebastian from tech century and i’m here to help you make the right purchasing decision. Welcome to my full review of the zeb z, Music, starting off with the price. This fc is available in the us for 349 us dollars, and here in germany, for 349 euros. This means that it is significantly more expensive than the amazfit gdr2 that comes in at 179 dollars, and then it sits right in the middle of the ticwatch pro 3 or the galaxy watch 3, both at 299 and the apple watch series 6 at 3.99. When it comes to smart watches, there are 6 main aspects that are important to me: first off design and build performance, display notifications, battery life and now also workout tracking, while on paper there are some similarities between the zebsd and the gtr2. The design and build are really what sets these watches apart. This premium experience already starts with the unboxing itself, where the box has a unique design with small detects, like these embossed logos on the side, and it continues with the presentation of the watch once you lift the lid. What really stands out is the body of the watch that is made out of titanium alloy that not only looks premium but also feels great, while still being light at 40 grams, similar to the gear s3 that i own the display on these apps.

He is slightly recessed into the case, which i personally really enjoy because it offers extra protection. A really nice small detail are also the numbers on the bezel. These are not just printed on, but actually embossed. The charger also received a nice upgrade from the one included in the gdr2 box and it’s now heavier rubberized and makes an overall more premium impression. The quality of the watch also shows when it comes to waterproofing. It can survive a depth of up to 50 meters. For 10 minutes before we continue, i want to take a minute to thank you very much for watching this video. I hope that you enjoyed, and i would really appreciate it if you could hit the subscribe button and the bell so that you get to see more of my reviews in the future. Every single one of you counts and makes it possible for me to produce more content. The performance of these fc with the custom os is fast and fluid. During my roughly two weeks of using it, i can’t remember ever experiencing stutters or app crashes. Everything runs very smoothly and reliable. One downside of the custom os is that at the time of testing this watch, there is no app store available, so you can’t install any third party apps for my usage. I never felt like i needed additional apps, but if you’re intending to use a specific service like scrubber, for example, this unfortunately isn’t possible as of right now in terms of watch faces, there are handful pre installed using the zap app that is available for android and Ios on your phone, you can then download more and transfer them directly to your watch using bluetooth.

Currently, there are about 50 different ones to choose from. While this is sufficient for me personally and most people, it is important to note that other smart watches, like the ones from samsung, have a stronger ecosystem with hundreds and hundreds to choose from in terms of physical buttons. We have three on the right side of the watch at first glance, however, this actually deceiving because the upper button is actually not usable at all it’s, just a design element in the middle. We then find the digital crown that you can press to access the app drawer or to return to the home screen when you’re in a menu rotating. The crown then allows you to easily scroll through the menus without blocking the screen. There’S. Also, a taptic engine built into the watch, which gives you additional feedback as well below that you’ll then find the workout button. That gives you quick access to variety of different workouts by default. 12 different workouts are listed, but you can also customize and rearrange the sections to your preference. The display of the zebz is around 1.’ inch, amoled display with a resolution of 454 by 454 pixels and a brightness of 550 nits. These good specs on papers fortunately also result in a very nice user experience, delivering vivid, colors, true blacks and a crisp image, even in small details such as the heart rate graph, the high brightness also results in good outdoor visibility. In direct comparison, the display seems a bit brighter than on my ddr2, but not quite as bright as on the gear s3 at maximum brightness.

The touchscreen also performed well during my testing. When it comes to notifications, i personally only activated gmail and whatsapp on the zebsy. So that my wrist isn’t vibrating all the time and these notifications were always reliably shown and easy to read, which satisfies my personal needs. That being said, it’s important to mention that you can’t reply directly to these notifications from the watch itself, something that is possible. For example, on other smart watches such as the gear s3, moving on to the battery life, the zeb z features a 340 milliamp hour battery, which is significantly smaller than the 471 milliamp hour battery in the gdr2 and even smaller than the 380 milliamp hour battery. In the samsung gears 3., despite that, i was very happy with the battery life of the watch during my time, testing it with the always on display, enabled and wearing the watch 24 hours a day with sleep tracking at night. The watch lasted me 5 days, 2 hours and 18 minutes without the always on display. Of course, the battery life is even longer while i haven’t been working out a lot during the past year, the gtr 2 and zebz actually motivated me to go running again on my outdoor runs. I usually run five kilometers, which is 3.1 miles at a time, and i love how the watch actually maps my runs with gps and also displays me my heart rate in real time, especially for a beginner.

Like me, this is great so that i don’t over pace. The maps created with the gps were always pretty accurate during my runs in the city. The only issue i had was that on one day the watch dropped and regained the gps signal like 10 to 15 times, which was annoying on my other runs. I didn’t have these issues, though, so i think it’s a one off thing during a five kilometer run with gps tracking and heart rate monitoring enabled the watch only consumes around five percent battery, which is also great to see. Since i don’t have professional testing equipment. I can’t really judge how accurate the distance and heart rate tracking were. I can only say that compared to my galaxy s10 tracking, the same one with strava, the distance recorded on the phone was roughly five percent shorter than on the zebz. For me, as a beginner, this small difference in recorded distance doesn’t really bother me personally, but for professional workouts you might need something that’s more accurate in terms of voice assistance. The zebz not only features a proprietary offline voice control system, but has also already received the alexa update in my testing setting up alexa and using it worked absolutely fine if you press the crown for three seconds, alexa is enabled, and it understood me well. However, the zebz doesn’t feature a speaker which means that you don’t get any voice feedback from alexa, which is a bit unusual.

You just see the answer on the screen. This lack of speaker also means that you can’t directly answer calls on this fc something that’s possible on the gdr2. The zebsy is by far the most beautiful and elegant smartwatch, that i’ve ever owned and i’m continuously impressed by the titanium case with its small details. The very good battery life fast performance and great screen. This is also what makes this verdict difficult for me, because i really love this watch for those of you who are looking for a sleek and elegant watch that you can also wear in a business environment. This app z is an amazing choice that i can highly recommend, especially if you have the money to spend. If you don’t belong into this small niche. Well, then my recommendation is different, see the biggest problem for me in recommending dzbz is this watch the amazefit gtr2? It not only retails for almost half the price, but it also packs a bigger battery, a speaker, local storage, for offline music listening, which makes it a better value for most in the future. I really hope that all the nice features of the gtr2 and some extra ones will be implemented in the zepc product line to set it apart, not only when it comes to design but also functionality. The charger is also a good example here, but it certainly is nicer than the one included in the gtr2. I still much prefer the s3 charger on my gear s3, because it’s also a stand and just feels way more solid.

Overall, if you have any questions, please leave them below in the comments where i always do my very best to help you guys out.