Smartwatches that make your arm look about 10 times, sexier to the more affordable budget, friendly efforts, although not quite as affordable as this we beastie here. This is the cospet rock, it costs just 30 quid online and yet it certainly looks it too. But this chunky chat, packs in an eyebrow lift a number of features such as 24 hour, heart rate, tracking spr2 and even blood pressure monitoring and best. Yet it can survive for absolutely bloody ages on just a single charge of the battery we’re talking weeks here, while more small witches shoot their lord in just a day or two now i’ve been testing out the cosplay rock for the last few days to see if It truly is good value for money at 30 quid or, if you’d, be better off just strapping, an actual rock to your arm, so here’s my full cosplay rock review and for more on the latest greatest deck. Please do poke subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers now. You won’t see many smart watches rocking this kind of design in 2021, that’s for damn sure and yeah. The cospet rock may be about as attractive as a cup of snot, but it’s. Also, tougher than a concrete gorilla, kohl’s pet is building this smartwatch’s anti collision and, frankly, if this thing collided with a panzer tank, i wouldn’t be surprised if the tank came off worse. This smart watch can also cope in extreme temperatures, it’s not bothered by the hot or the cold, and it can also be submerged in water to depths of around 30 meters, although somewhat confusingly on cospet’s website, it says, do not take the rock into the bath or The shower, as if splashing it with a bit of fresh water, is somehow worse than taking it scuba diving, but you know being the crazy mad wild rebel that i am.

I have taken the cospec rock into the shower several times now and guess what still seems to be fine. The rock is also perfectly comfortable to wear indefinitely it’s made of plastic, so it’s seriously light and the silicone straps didn’t react violently with my skin or anything. So, basically, as long as you can cope with the slightly strange retro, angular design of the cosmet rock, then all is well with the world and as a child of the 80s, frankly i’m loving those nostalgic vibes. I do have one minor complaint, though, and that you get two physical buttons here, but they both basically do the same thing. Taking you back a step from whatever you’re up to so why that second physical button exists, i’ve got absolutely no idea, it’s, just like jedward or something like one was more than enough. Why the hell do we have two actually does anyone even know who jedward is anymore, or is that already a really obscure reference that, when the old like me, are gon na get i better check that, while i’m doing the editing of this, maybe possible replacement the Olsen twins, or is that all sort of like super old now the cosplay rock, serves up a 1.69 inch ips screen that is most assuredly budget, but does the job sure that low resolution means images are blocky and colors? Look a bit cac and on top brightness, had absolutely no problems seeing that screen outside on a sunshiny day as well, although sadly there’s no automatic brightness adjustment here on the cosmetic rock it’s manual all the way.

But thankfully that is at least easy and quick enough to do and the viewing angles are nice and wide on the cosmetic rock screen as well. So no worries, if you’re surreptitiously sort of staring at the screen at the corner of your eye, without trying to make it too obvious that you’re looking at the time as usual, with smart watches, you can change the main watch face by long pressing on it and That’S, just as well because the default one is about as lovable as a bag of cold sick you’ve only got a half dozen or so options on the actual watch itself. But you can grab loads more from the defeat app which links your smartwatch to your phone and you’ve got a respectable selection of analog and digital efforts on there, including some pretty psychedelic efforts and inside of this rather bizarrely titled app you’ve got access to all of Your smartwatch settings and various features on the cospet rock as well uh suffers as you can download firmware upgrades you can play around with do not disturb change the time format, unit systems, all that good stuff. You know the usual random nonsense like reminding you to drink water, to not die and, as usual with these uh smart watch. Apps you’ve also got full access to all of your health stats for the last few days. If you really want to guilt trip yourself and yeah, occasionally the screen responsiveness can be a little bit.

Iffy sometimes takes a couple of swipes to actually get something done: uh, but overall it’s, not bad for a 30 quid effort. The only other complaint i would have is that, because it’s an ips screen and not an amoled screen, that means there’s, no always on display options. So, unfortunately, you have to actually turn the watch on to check out what the time is etcetera. Now you’ve got all the features you would expect a small watch, even a budgetly smart watch like the cosplay rock, to feature all the usual fitness shenanigans, all that good stuff, most of which can be accessed by swiping right like so. Otherwise, you can also access the apps menu by swiping this away, and this doesn’t so much pay homage to the apple watch as completely rip it off. Thankfully, most of these apps do work exactly as you would expect, though they can be quite sort of basic compared with the rival versions that you would find on alternative, more expensive, smart watches. So, for instance, you’ve got media controls here on the cospite rock, which allows you to eventually once it loads up, pause and play your music that’s playing on your smartphone and also skip forward and back a track. But, as you can see there, the track information doesn’t. Actually fully fit on the screen and you can’t, you know, control the volume or anything like that, so it is very simple and straightforward and there’s no way to actually store music on the watch itself.

Unfortunately, there’s no uh, so proper internal storage there no built in music player. So if you’re gon na be pounding on the pavement going to the gym, doing all those things that you annoyingly fit, people like to do right, you’re going to have to stream all from your smartphone. Unfortunately, and it’s probably not a huge surprise that you’ll stumble across the odd spot of shonkiness in the general ui on the cosplay rock, so, for instance, dive on into the theater mode and you’ll see that there’s, basically a general lack of grammatical care – and you know Words going off into the the next draw down and stuff like that, but i mean you: can’t really buy a 30 pound chinese smart watch and then complain about the odd bit of janky presentation or slightly dodgy english that’s kind of like keeping a goat for a Pet and then complaining when it eats all your cushions and pisses on the rug of course, it’s gon na do that. It’S, a goat and the haptics on the cospit rock are less than impressive as well. You’Ve basically got one level of vibration, which is permanently set to gerbil’s fart it’s, a tiny, almost imperceptible rumble that is quite easily missed. The notification system itself is very basic as well as you kind of expect. You can access your notifications by swiping. Up from that main watch face and you’ll get basically notifications on pretty much everything which is great, so all of the apps that you want to hear from you will do, but unfortunately, all you get is literally like a little bit of text and that’s.

It there’s. No way of interacting with them there’s no way of archiving messages, responding anything like that, as i briefly alluded to earlier, you’ve got all the usual fitness tracking shenanigans on the cospet rock kicking off with a hilariously optimistic step. Counter i’ve literally got up there today. I’Ve walked as far as the karzian back haven’t even set foot outside the house, and it reckons in just uh three short hours. I’Ve done 2 300 steps. So if you want to feel really good about yourself and pretend that you’re really really active, instead of actually a fat sack of slovenly crap, then job done you’ve also got 24 hour. Heart rate monitoring here on the cosmetic rock as well again doesn’t seem super super accurate. You know, it’s, usually the readouts were a little bit higher than what i would expect. Sometimes it does go a little bit. Mental, like occasionally i’ll, be flat on my back, and it reckons that my uh, my pulse, is reaching sort of 110 bpm and look. I know i like a pork pie and the occasional shandy or two but come on even my tick is surely not that you’ve. Also got an spo 2 monitor, although this basically just says that my blood oxygen level is 97 every time i use it so again, is it particularly accurate, not thinking so much? I did get one readout that said 96. That was a bad day and one very surprise addition to the cospec rock is an actual blood pressure monitor as well, which is a feature that i haven’t seen on more premium, smart watches and probably for good reason, because it seems to be complete bollocks every time.

I try it it farts out completely different readings, and certainly none of these readings actually marry up to what i i actually get from an actual blood pressure monitor which, for some reason, i do own. Of course, like all the smartwatch manufacturers out there, including the big boys like apple uh, cospert, very clearly points out that this is not a medical device shock horror, and so you know you shouldn’t. Take it too seriously it’s more just uh us to give you general reference points i guess, and as well as all that shenanigans you’ve also got a full exercise tracking as well there’s the bad boy there uh. So this can just uh give you a bit of feedback while you’re doing one of 20 uh preset exercises, including skiing bowling, a good bit of lifting sit ups, all that good stuff, quite a lot of home, gym type stuff, which is good uh in these culverty Times this could basically tell you how long you’ve been exercising for gives you a heart rate readout throughout all that kind of good stuff. But, as i mentioned before, that sensor isn’t exactly particularly accurate. So take it all with a pinch of salt and you also have a nice spot of sleep tracking on the cosmetic rock as well. Although would you be entirely surprised if i told you it wasn’t 100 accurate so, for instance, last night it ranks i got and ‘ minutes of sleep. I bloody wish.

That was the case. If you actually dive on into the sleep tracking uh part of the defeat app, you see it records. I fell asleep at 10 past 10 last night, whereas actually i didn’t get to bed until half 12. So, just a bit where i was sitting very still on the sofa drinking and eating popcorn. That reckons i was asleep so yeah according to cosplay rock. Not only am i incredibly active but also i’m incredibly lazy. The actual performance of this smart watch well again it’s very budget friendly. So you will see you know, lots of little judders and stuff as you’re flicking through the menu. Some of it is a little bit slow to react, and occasionally the screen responsiveness is a little bit janky as well, but again for a 30 pound. Small watch is exactly what i would expect. So, as you can see, the cospet rock is fairly limited compared with a lot of other smart watches, but one area where it does excel compared with a lot of rivals is the battery life. Now cosplay records you get 50 days of standby use out of the cospet rock. I used it uh. You know with all of the features switched on the 24 hour, heart rate track and all of that good stuff and uh flicked on the screen fairly, often to check notifications and to check the time, and i found that the battery life take down around five percent Per day on average, so you can expect to get pretty much three full weeks of use out of a single charge of this thing, which is pretty damn good that’s better than the likes of the huawei watchers, for instance, which is one of the better ones out There, as far as longevity goes so, if you’re after a basic, tough as nil, smart watch that can survive out in the wild for around sort of two three weeks on a single charge, then the cospet rock is absolutely fine.

You know it accurately tells you the time and it can do some of the basic fitness tracking stuff, although not particularly well. Personally, i would say if you can up your budget to get something that’s a bit better, something from the likes of xiaomi or real me has done a really good watch s uh, which i reviewed recently again for a budget about twice the price of this thing. But pretty affordable as far as small watches are concerned, so that’s what i think of the 30 pound a small watch. But what do you guys reckon? Are you tempted be great to hear from you down in the comments below please do plug subscribe and think that not good start again digging that notifications bell uh for more on the latest and greatest tech, or the cheapest and crappiest as well, and have yourselves a Lovely rest of the week cheers everyone love.