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• Touch colour LCD Screen / 1.54’’ / 240×240 pixels
• Camera 0.3MPx for photo & video
• MTK processor
• Rechargeable Li-ion battery / 400mAh
• 256 MB internal memory, add upto 32GB extra memory with Micr
• Micro USB slot (for charge & data transfer)
• Bluetooth 3.0 (pair BT Android peripherals and other Kurio W
• Built in Motion Sensor
• Accelerometer (games and activity tracker)
• Built in Speaker and microphone
Product Description
The Kurio Smart Watch is the ultimate adult technology for children that delivers gaming, education and social communication through a multi-functional touch screen. The watch features a customisable interface, 256 MB of internal memory, a high-quality camera and video recorder.

Using the inbuilt Bluetooth technology users can take part in multi- player gaming, messaging and listen to music/videos via the 20 pre- loaded apps. The Kurio Watch can also be used as a hands-free way for kids to take phone calls when connected to a parent’s Android smartphone.

The built-in games include a motion sensor feature that can be played using a child’s precise wrist movements. Allowing the child to play Air Music or fun 2D games like Ninja roll or Snake.

Using the pre-loaded Android Kurio Messaging App, children can send messages to their friends through text, photos, emoji, drawings and voice.

The watch is equipped with basic smartwatch tools such as an alarm, calendar and calculator as well as an activity tracker, photo retouch, drawing and music player apps. Children can also customise the interface, choosing from 10 different popular themes and take selfies using the forward facing camera.

In case of an emergency the watch includes an app that allows parents to enter the child’s critical information, including blood type, allergies and emergency contact details.

For additional storage space the Smartwatch includes a SD card slot giving users the option to add up to 32GB of additional memory.