I am joined today by my son, lincoln and today we’re going to be kind of going through and talking about the rhino shield crash card for the apple watch. Specifically, the apple watch s e because that’s the one my son has – and we picked up a few for him, so he can kind of customize a little bit more Music. So, overall, what do you think about it? So far? What i really like about it is, i really wanted the series six for the red because red’s my favorite color, you have so many different types of colors that you can do and then you have the rim that can make it not just one color. Have you ever dropped your watch with it on there just asking hey it’s your watch, you paid for it three times holy cow three times. He does have apple care as well, but he doesn’t. Let me buy anything from apple without help. You have to buy apple care. You cannot do that that’s. Not. I don’t sound like that. Okay, you don’t, but but yes, i do make him buy applecare. He has the apple watch and then he also has his iphone. Both are applecare protected because he’s a kid and the likelihood of him breaking it is very high, like probably one zero zero one hundred percent yeah. I did not know he dropped this thing three times so far. No, i figured he had put it on really quickly before he could notice it.

Luckily, the rhino shield has protected it and kept it safe, so it’s doing its job, so that’s awesome and like he said he loves the color options. He switches them out all the time. He also loves the fact that, with the crash guard on it does make his watch a little wider. So he has been known to steal my watch bands because i have the 44 millimeter and his is the 42 and with the wideness that it adds. You can’t tell that the watch band is actually sticking out of the watch on the side. So he’s a big fan of that as well. I know now the rhino shield doesn’t, the one that he has doesn’t have a screen protector on it. Either he has the aluminum watch and that one does not have the sapphire screen. I always buy the still models for myself, because it has that sapphire screen and it’s a lot harder to scrap this crash guard does give it like a lip over top, which does help from anything hitting it roughly. But if anything pointy comes at it, it’s gon na hit, it could scratch it um. I love customizing it and the one i’m using now is with the black unity band with red, the red, bigger part with the green rim and the black unity. It looks cool it’s, my favorite and then also the white has a previous ceramic watch owner it’s, not exact, but it does kind of look like it.

The options are cool i’d, be very tempted to get them for myself as well. If i didn’t have the stainless steel watch, i would pick some of these up just for protection alone. Overall, highly recommend these, especially for your kids or, if you’re out there and you’re a little more worried about your watch and harming it. The crash guard works great and keeps it safe. So what are some of your favorite combos, the white, bigger part with the red rim, the black with the red rim, the red with the black rim and that’s? Really all i’m obsessed with red red’s, my favorite color? So red’s used a lot with these, so that’s it for this one. I hope you guys have enjoyed the content enjoyed this. You know look quick, look kind of at the crash card from rhino shield links down below on where you can buy them. You guys did like this content feel free to hit that thumbs up. If you didn’t, you can hit the thumbs down, it works as well. I can take it, he might cry a little bit so think about that before you hit it, but that’s it for this.