Let me try this one. Look at that: thats like instant bam. Music today is a new, exciting video, because todays video is special thanks to the folks over at riversong who you cant really tell by this view of the box. But there you can see that this is a smart watch. So today, of course, were gon na get on the overhead rig go through the unboxing process of this riversong smartwatch then get it set up with my phone and actually see it work. So click like click subscribe indulge in your life at indulgedclothing.com, for the merch. Now lets check out this river song smartwatch, the riversong innovation inspired smartwatch, now uh, nothing on the sides of the box, just their logo on the front and then the back. You can see river song smartwatch men, women, black and this the product name is the motive. 3C, the model number is sw31 and it says typical usage time 7 days. It is compatible with android, 5.1 and above or ios 9.0 and above lets. Uh lets get into this see whats in here got the plastic on it, so the box feels nice, but it just slides off the top. Like a lot of watches, hey look at that. The right on top is the actual smart watch looped around this little bit of cardboard, all right so thats, the actual smartwatch, definitely got a few sensors here on. The bottom looks like thats for charging and uh even a little power button.

There looks like it. Doesnt have any charge yet so well get it charged up. Then we have your typical, like two foot little smart watch charger, as i mentioned this magnetizes to those prongs like that, and that is actually how the watch would charge and then an instruction booklet, a real instruction booklet that looks like thats, where you can go to Their website should have the app in here there we go heres the english version, yeah theres, where you can get the app so um. I guess lets first get this cable plugged up. We will get this riversong motive: 3c, smartwatch charging and uh. Oh wow. Even has those same little releases very apple, esque releases there, but well get this thing charging and then well get it booted up, get it connected to a phone and see it actually work. Look at that little charging animation. It has there colorful nice cool all right. So right here in the manual we have a qr code, we can scan to get the app. You can uh, also long press the side button and slide down from the main interface open settings app qr code to get it. That way. I, like the more traditional route of you, know just kind of doing this, so that is the app 10 million plus downloads. Well, so we will install this app and then well go through the process to make us a river song account and then we will go through the pairing process.

So here its wanting some information, i hate when the dates are reversed, like that uh male im, five, not five. Ten eight there we go and im what 220 something 223. all right, so theres my profile, yeah well allow to access that stuff. Add smartwatch to get more information, so im gon na hit my button on the side. The watch is on ill click, tap to add, while using the app and now it is searching for a smartwatch which it has found right there and the smartwatch just vibrated, and now it is now its linked thats. That was very straightforward. Well, current steps today total goal: seven thousand so yeah it looks like you can uh. You can set your steps, your sleep, your heart rate, blood, oxygen, outdoor running uh. You can see here that the watch is connected. The kw 77 is connected to this phone via bluetooth. We can uh change our watch faces here so like thats, what we have now. Let me try this one. Look at that thats, like instant bam, literally instant. How can i control my brightness theres, a flashlight there? It is lets brighten that thing up how we can see it a little better, so yeah the watch faces, though change instantly, thats thats, pretty cool, and i mean not cool but its just nice – that its such a smooth operating app now uh notifications, so heres, where You can turn on all the notifications uh.

This must be the ones that are compatible with it, because i can tell you this app in wechat and line i havent even heard of any of those other than wechat, but you can turn on notifications for facebook, twitter, whatsapp messages and phone. So thats pretty helpful. Alarms you can set different alarms: shutter, oh its, where itll take a picture: okay and the other settings so time format, unit system you can set it to control phone music, continuous heart rate detection, your language, the auto, lock, drink water. Reminder i like that weather, and so i didnt even really have to make an account. It does look like it looks like it links with google fit which thats pretty nice, but uh. This mainly uses bluetooth with this watch in this app to uh. Just send everything to you, but very smooth. Let me throw it on and lets actually go through some of the watch all right. So now that our watch is on our wrist, so the button wakes up the watch, which thats always helpful, heres your steps and all of that information um with the current one that i have and if you swipe to the right, you get steps sleep heart rate, Training measure, blood pressure, spo2 the shutter feature, player, breathe, game and settings. What do we have for settings? Start watch menu, brightness vibration, theater, okay, okay, so you kind of just swipe from the right to go back. If we swipe up thats, where your messages are no messages, if we swipe down this is where you seem to have a lot more of your settings.

Theres. Also a flashlight thats kind of helpful turn it on turn it off. You can see your battery level there and that youre connected thats swiping down swiping up his messages and from the right gives you all of your health information. So your steps and all of that now i havent – walked with it at all so thats. Why its all zeros im just showing you how to pair the watch and some of the features that come with it? I will say i definitely like the look. It looks like a more traditional watch. Instead of you know, some crazy square, smart watch and the band feels pretty nice on the arm: no uh, no real complaints. Yeah. I think that looks really nice on the arm. Youll get your phone call alert. You wont be able to actually take a phone call on this because theres no speaker, but of course you can get your messages and to be honest, if youre looking for something thats more just health related, this has, i believe, everything of an apple watch considering it Has the steps and the breathe and the sp02 and blood pressure and heart rate and sleep, and all that it has a lot of the same features as an apple watch without the cost of an apple watch? There we go. I think the riversong smartwatch is pretty nice for somebody whos just looking for something to kind of track their workouts. I think this would be phenomenal if youre looking forward to do more, i can do a little bit more as well so uh.

The choice is yours. So thatll do it for the motive c3 river song smart watch, as i mentioned just a moment ago, a very nice looking a very nice looking smart watch with rays to wake. Apparently because, as i raised it, it lit up cream looks nice. The features are there, from heart rate, to steps to sleep, to blood, oxygen, etc, and, to be honest, for the cost of this versus, you know an apple watch. This is a lot better route to go in my opinion, now this isnt going to do. Of course, everything that an apple watch will do. This is more going to give you your text messages and allow you to reply. Let you know of a phone call coming in and then track all of those sleep and health options thats what youre looking for then the price point of this is absolutely phenomenal, and this is what i would uh definitely recommend so ill, of course, have one of These linked down below in the description if youd like to grab the motive 3c smartwatch from riversong, and i think that will do it for todays video click, like click subscribe, ignore my mess in the background indulge in your life at indoorsclothing.