This watch comes in this very premium black box. We have some watch specs at the bottom, including its black color mediatek, mta 67′ quad core chipset, 3 gigs of ram and 32 gigs of internal storage display is 1.69 inches. This watch has a 1360mah battery two cameras of 8 megapixels, each and it’s ip68 certified let’s unbox it now at the top. You will find the watch underneath we have an additional leather strap of the watch. There are two small boxes here. One box includes the watches charging puck and the other one includes a micro, usb cable, along with another cable, to charge the watch without the puck there’s a small tool to open the watch, a sim slot Music. This is the sim slot of the watch. You can put a nano sim card here, Music. Let me turn on the watch now the watch will let you scan the qr code to install its app or you can just open the play, store and install the vwatch app. This app will sync the watch with your phone. There are two ways to use this watch. You can either sync the phone or use the watch independently with its own sim card. This watch is nothing short of a smartphone. It has its own android os, which includes its play, store too. In fact, it can run its own youtube app too. The speaker on this watch is quite powerful and loud. I even connected my bluetooth earbuds to the watch, and they worked very well as well.

You can also easily use the dual cameras on this watch. One camera on the side can be used to capture the photos and the front camera can be used for video calls directly on this watch. The 32 gigs memory of this watch can save a handful of photos and videos. The watch has its own contacts: phone messaging browser downloads and file manager, calendar clock gallery music and the sound recorder voice, search maps and some other apps too. It has its own heart rate and spo2 monitor as well. It can crack your activity too, and guess what none of this is a gimmick. Everything on this watch is fully functional. The camera quality isn’t that bad i mean the camera – can definitely save the memories. You can easily transfer the photos and videos short on this watch to your computer. Google maps come pre installed on this watch. They work fine. I tried setting the location of my home, and – and i was quite amazed to see that the google maps work accurately on this watch. The voice assistant also works along with the google maps. The inbuilt app store has some social media applications, and that is where i found the youtube app too, but if you think that these apps are not enough, you can launch the play, store and download some games too. In fact, i tried installing the subway surfers and magic trials on this watch, and both games went very well phone.

I think i am someday going to try the pubg mobile on this watch since its ram and internal storage is enough. Anyways i have installed the twitter and the tick tock apps too, and both apps run pretty well, so this watch is definitely much more than just a watch it’s as capable as full fledged smartphone. Another thing that i forgot earlier are the smart watch faces. This watch is loaded with over a dozen watch faces and you can even create your own custom watch face to change the watch face. You can just long press the current watch face on your watch and it will take you to the watch face selection. Now you can select a watch face of your own choice, because this is a watch and it tries to function like a smartphone. It can’t quite accommodate all the elements of the applications on its small display. Some ui elements just get cropped and that’s kind of a bottleneck. Also things take time on this one. It cannot replace your smartphone for sure, and i only recommend using this watch as a companion to your smartphone overall, the brave 4g ld is quite powerful and an exceptional watch and i quite like wearing it and sometimes showing off its capabilities that’s all for now.