Of course, immediately youll be having the buying links in description. If you decide to purchase it, this cheap budget, Smartwatch from Rock bit rock bit, is really popular brand. Guys lets begin there we go guys. We have three things very basic stuff, a small short magnetic port, a magnetic charger, of course, magnetic cable charger using manual sync and immediately see over here and the Smartwatch Itself. By the way, of course, you can use this device with the glory fit app with Android and is easy simple to, of course, connect it by the way. You can just simply pause this video. If you want to check these detail informations of the manual and heres the Smartwatch, by the way, guys, of course, we have different colors dont immediately run away because of this color. It is a a little bit more feminine, more for the females, etc, etc. Nevertheless, the Smartwatch itself is amazing, so what do we have? The main setting points, of course, is this beautiful large large, very bright display, guys ltps technology 500 nits. This is 500 nits a display guys. You can, of course, go to minimum to lowest brightness and to the maximum. You can immediately notice here the differences and, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, what a beautiful display! This is guys seriously. Very very beautiful display were gon na put this one over here. Just tap it check it out guys so uh. This is a 1.75 inch screen a 320 with 385 pixels with the 286 PPI screen density, so very good screen, guys, probably one of the best in the budget world and going design wise.

So you have, of course, uh rubbery uh rubbery brand band, with the two of course straps here two uh, two belts, which I love, that for the security aluminum here parts and also aluminum shafts, is basically the uh. This is made from aluminum guys. I love that and also the home button. Rocker is also made from aluminum, but it doesnt work as a screw. Uh lets just say screw roller, so you can just simply use it as a log unlock and, of course, as go back, so you can simply use it for the back, while the home option with the settings and all the icons are just by simply swiping the Screen for from left to the right thats it I can see myself what a beautiful display guys, what a beautiful display check this out. I need, even probably I need to get a just. Do the exposure a little bit down yeah now you can see. I just done exposure down, so you can see clearly hear these colors very nice very bright, display here and light. This is a light light light Smartwatch anyway, guys its a Bluetooth, 5.0 connectivity, a lot of great stuff about it. Remember this watch is still not even released Im one of the first uh one of the first guys YouTubers to even review this Smartwatch. What it has, of course it does have Bluetooth calling it has a microphone. It has also a second, of course, a main speaker.

You can even even transfer the audio of your smartphone smartphone to the Smartwatch, which is really great. So yes, if youre a smart smartphone is maybe in some different room. You have your watch on your hand. You can simply listen to the audio messages. Call somebody with this watch simple as it is, or if you are running, we which is way more convenient to have your watch or in a gym or running outside or working its very convenient guys very, very convenient to have Bluetooth calling. So yes, this watch one of the best things about it is the display design and Bluetooth called uh. Of course, called uh call watching, basically call calling which you can simply. Let me just dial from here call call records and contacts everything in one single Smartwatch guys. So many things anyway, this is a long introduction. Lets continue now with testing. This Smartwatch lets go Ninjas. This is the quick 30 seconds look around the hands on here. How it looks like, on my basically hand on my wrist very nice, guys seriously. Very nice love the of course, regarding the color. Were gon na choose a different color here. This is a Gold version. A Gold version called like that. Also, this part over here is aluminum its not from plastic, its very sturdy material. I love that it has also two belts for longativity. This is very important to have many different watches come with only one belt, so it can obviously break after six months, one year, so its very nice to have two of them.

Anyway, we have beautiful, aluminum chassis. We even have this home button, which is not circular. You cant use it like in a circle Loop, but it is very nice click sound microphone here on the left or on the right left. We have a big speaker which is really decent, uh Audio Level, audio quality 4D curved display, so its curved on all four edges, which is very nice. We have default, of course, faces face, watches which you can simply change through the app and yeah thats it. Regarding the basically the sensor, sensors are on the bottom. Let me just show you right now check this out very clean cut design. Here. Look and I love this one – Im seeing yep beautiful anyway through all these settings, were going to go step by step throughout this video. For now this is just a short Hands On just to check it out. What do we get? Flashlight DND mode find your uh phone or, of course, so you can select here a different brightness. If you want to do that, many different things bright screen from 5 to 15 seconds. You can enable here and use the minimum brightness. This is the minimum brightness for night mode use. Of course, if you want to do that or for day use use at the maximum brightness thats it anyway shall we begin with this review. Lets go, of course, were gon na immediately go with the app review and see what do we get regarding the face watches its very light, its very light watch man.

I love that remember you dont receive an additional strap. You will have to purchase by yourself. You could purchase simply a metallic one, which is costing around eight dollars if you want to buy a metallic, strap yeah bent Bend lets go okay, ninjas regarding the app of course, just a small short app review. I always try to include the app review in my SmartWatch reviews. I dont want to skip that because its very important watch faces dial Center because its very important for the people to check it out how many watch faces you can change with this Smartwatch and what kind of them so Im just showing right now. Here I think 100 plus man, 100 plus Smartwatch, faces for this uh watch which, to be honest, its plenty enough. It is plenty enough and well be downloading few of them and testing them right now, for that, let me just show you: the default watch faces under the false watch faces for this one and yeah four of them. It has four of them if Im not drunk check it out. This one is also very nice, not bad, so lets lets select one select, Im gon na try. This one looks very interesting lets wait here we go hi guys. This is how it looks like very nice, blue gray, black color combination. I love it very cool, whatever guys Im having Here Pink version. Of course, you dont have to buy the pink version.

They have different colors and just have that in mind. Lets go with more faces, theres another one, very bright screen, guys to be honest, thats, a very bright screen with a smartwatch. I love it lets go next, one more by the way guys it takes less than one minute and thats really good. Usually a lot of different budget – smart watches, takes around one hour to implement this face, face, watches the dial from the dial Center. This one takes them less than one minute, thats very nice. There you go another one. This one is also really good guys. It fits very nicely this watch. I love it okay, so this is Glory, fit app, guys, Im, not gon na go through everything. I already reviewed this app with the different smart watches, its like a universal app that accepts many different watches, so it does have heart rate, monitoring, emotional stress, cool reminder. Sms reminder add reminder, send it a reminder which I can also enable with your watch Im gon na enable it for now, and you know what Im gon na remind myself in mind: server every sh I dont know maybe 30 minutes lets put it every 30 minutes. Reminder why not and uh yeah do not disturb base hand to activate the display. You can also turn on this to enable it should work, and there we go. It does work because theyre on the table, let me show you right now, so that is also really good.

With some watches this option doesnt work that great lets check it out, picking it up and it works. That is very nice. You saw it another temp lets turn off. The screen is turned off. Lets pick it up turned on by itself very smooth and reliable. We do have options like shake to take picture guys if you want, if you want to do that, you can just simply shake your phone and take the shake your Smartwatch. You can find the bracelet its going to start vibrating unit, basically looking for the phone on screen time you can enable here on screen time up to 15 seconds. I wish we can do it 30 seconds, but 15 seconds is completely fine. Plus you can check the device settings check it out regarding of the watch, which is very, very nice thats, the basic stuff guys Im not going to go through every every of these uh. Basically, settings you can just check it out on YouTube channel, especially specific app review of The Glory fit lets. Go next, hey guys! Another great thing about these smart watches that you can obviously control your audio player or YouTube or any other app that has a function of obviously forward and backwards, and even volume you can even hear control the volume. Just a minute check this out there you go guys works and by the way I connected here we have speaker. Yes, even the Bluetooth audio pairing, which is nice for the speaker.

The volume is coming from the smart watch and from the phone that is so nice man lets go maximum Music nice, its loud enough loud enough speaker for this price tag; Music. Of course you could disable this through the settings. I think again through the settings disabled, that you can control the audio player, but have the speaker uh audio, coming from the phone, not from the watch. You can also do this. You can unpair that option if Im not drunk lets go next. Okay, just well be testing right now, the sensors, by the way everything looks fine here I test the heart rate sensor uh. You see that also has the SPO sensor, both oxygen records, test record, also, fatigue record and a motion record. I dont know how, in the heck this exactly works. This is the first time Im seeing in a watch something like this of the Spy stack uh now lets lets go here. It does have also sports mode. This uh good effect is okay, its a decent, app man. Im Gon na Leave This on the side and lets check this out. So, firstly, were gon na go with the heart rate. Sensor lets go this. Is it guys you can also check? I think the previous heart rate beat you can see myself by the way. This is me where I was around. I think I was running while Im having 153 and its what its working right now.

It just needs around 30 seconds. I think so to kick in very beautiful The Watchmen very beautiful watch. I love it cheap man. This is not 100, its cheap working. There you go and by the way remember it will be synced with your app just over here: average heart rate sensor, minimum heart rate and maximum heart rate, and from here you can see the dates guys yeah thats nice lets go to the next test. We just go simply: we swap were gon na go left training, status, heart spo2, so testing there we go spo2 done it already, synced with the app you can see myself by the way. Here we have the app regarding the weather option and we have five days. We have five days, which is nice, guys, thats completely fine, five days, its okay resp. So this is like a stress record. We have all together breathing timing, training, basically, and the stress we also have a stress option. Let me go back here. Select stress, measuring the process is expected to take three minutes guys. This is kind of very something new, a motion record and fatigue record. Usually, with these cheap watches, I never got the these kind of features so very interesting to see something like this Rock bit. Here we go guys and check out. The motion record is positive. Fatigue record is 18 and stress record 24.. I just synced everything which is very nice. It seems that Im a nice guy just kidding, I mean that should be it guys.

Lets go now and check something a little bit of more of these settings. For now, we tested all these sensors so guys what we can tell you that Bluetooth, calling this is very cool about it, and probably one of the best things about it is that it has Bluetooth. Calling you can enable dial pad and from here can simply dial the phone, a number which you want to dial. That is really good man, its seriously really good. So there you go guys and its calling now on my phone over here. That is so cool bro. That is seriously very, very cool. Remember that you dont have to have your phone next to you, since this phone, the smartwatch has a microphone and has speakers so remember that it has microphone. It has speakers, you already a switch. I wonder what is this option for switching okay contacts? You can enable your contacts remember to give the permissions for that and call records, uh training options, many different training options. I can see myself dozens and dozens of them dozens and dozens of them status. We know this BP spo2 sleep, monitoring, weather audio breathing message are on clock, stress, emotion, fatigue, decree, Voice Assistant. Please click on the screen to speak. Open Google check it out guys so lets test. It open YouTube, Guys, YouTube nice, wow man. Everything is reliable, again open Play Store. Okay, I need to uh, okay, okay, Google just a minute.

I need to stop it now. Okay, Google, okay, seems that doesnt work. Now maybe I need to go back with assistant tab, maybe because I open YouTube and check it out Im gon na stop it now it doesnt work. You can see myself now voice assistant doesnt work, so it seems that it has. Some inconsistencies open YouTube, working, cooking, okay, oh just a minute, so we have Glory fit Okay, Google, so it doesnt work now guys check this out. We have some inconsistency, consist consistency with voice assistant, maybe its up to my phone who knows lets check it out. Im gon na try again yeah. I think it is uh, maybe with my phone, because my phone right now is not responding with this watch a little bit. Weird. Okay were reporting this bug guys they will need to fix that with the future updates. Lets go next. So we have stopwatch timer find flashlight and calculator yeah. You do have hair calculator for maybe a high school use. If you want to use it thats very nice and uh more uh the settings for the end. While we check that bright, this is the minimum. I checked that already at the beginning anyway, guys that should be it uh. I hope you enjoyed in this small short review of this watch very very interesting watch here for a cheaper price from Rock bid by the way. This is the first time I think, Im reviewing this brand uh love the design, love the material, remember aluminum, chassis, aluminum, here, uh Parts, TPU, of course band and the 4D curved display.

So this is a 4D curve display guys on all four sides, which is very very nice and its a bright display, guys its a bright display. It doesnt have its not the obviously AMOLED, with always on display mode, but its very bright display and good for its price tag, so the buying links will be description. Thank you for watching this review have a great day.