They have got a really great price going on it right now. The roll me s08 – this is part 2 of the review greetings and welcome back to smart watch ticks we're. A youtube channel on the web at smart watch ticks comm, but you knew that already, if you're here for part two of this review well, yeah you've been around us for quite a while. Now probably – and I just wanted to give you a shout out – thank you. So much for being part of this channel. Obviously you can see I get excited about these watches and I primarily do because you guys are out there you're interested you're egging me on to show you stuff and it just lights me up. So I really really appreciate the fact that you coming in here and taking your time to watch these reviews, let's jump into part two. I teased you a little bit on the first one with this funny looking little tool here and in the manual when you get into this section of it. It talks about what you use that tool for apparently it's got two components so let's give this thing a try, it's all about the sim compartment, which is back here in the back. You see, it's a completely round thing and it's got a closed open on it. Yeah kind of like those old watch batteries you would put in a digital clock or something you know with a little thing.

Usually it had a slot. You put a car a coin in there and you just twist it well. This tool is supposed to allow us to do the same kind of thing and I've never tried it before. I wanted to do it on camera, so I can fumble with it right along with you. This looks like it's a handle to hold on to so the idea is we're gon na put the two pins in the holes and for its close to open, we're gon na turn. It this way holy cow; okay, not that easy let's get them in here. Good and now, oh okay, no wonder you need something light I thought. Maybe I could do with thumb that took a bit of effort and it doesn't fall out easily, which is why they gave us a suction cup, believe it or not, I'm supposed to swishy that in here, and it is open. Okay, there, Wow Wow. I hope you guys don't plan on changing Sims, very often because that's an interesting proposition to try to do out in the field. You see, we have a little window in here, that's the covering for the the infrared sensor, the heart rate sensor, the light and the sensor here to send the light out and reflect back in it's, held on on three corners and I'm. Looking for a grommet on that one, I don't see it mmm I'm, getting a little more goo see about waterproof.

Okay, I see it in here. You see the rubber grommet all the way around the ring. Now I've basically opened it up for the first time. I was gon na try to drop this in water before I ever did that to test the waterproofing for you, and then I thought you know what you guys might take the cover off and put it back on, and maybe that would change the integrity so we're Gon na do it in this order, and now you see how you do this and, of course, with a sim, a nano SIM you're going to slide it to unlock it, lift it drop the SIM card in there close it lock it seal it back up again, Which we do with this lining it up with the open side right open now they did not give instructions in the manual about how you close this thing: okay, they're dropped into place, and my purse um I'm gon na try. First of all with my fingers. Can I do it this way? No, it is really hard. So the way I could do it is with the tool, but I want to show you a possible alternative. You remember the chart. Dr. mm, hmm it's got the charging pins. That line up here and and then this little hole lines up with that pin there. So you know you've got it exactly in the right position. Well, if you flip it over, you notice.

It'S got two little pins here and the factory told me I literally had to go back and say what are those pins for? They said it's a backup if you don't have or lose the tool so it's getting more interesting, you're out and about, and you want to change your sim out. Theoretically, if we line these pins up with those holes and figure out how in the world to find where they are they're, there felt like I got it and I twist it no still says open, but it looks like I scratched it a little bit, yeah yeah! This is an awkward thing to do. Wow, okay, press down turn no I'm, not getting it with that. So I don't want to waste you guys time let's. Do it with the actual tool put it in here, holy cow, okay. It says closed there. Are we done with that Bart? I hope so. The sim cover is unique. The waterproofing is insane if it's really true, which we have to test, but the process of removing it is a challenge inside information. This whole technology is being improved on the next edition of this watch, which is already in design cool. Alright, let's move on now, let's. Take a moment and talk about this stock 2200 milliamp hours, first of all, it's over 2000, and that means it's a challenge to get this thing shipped. So because the two of these come together in a box.

Shipping could be a challenge to your country and to a variety of different carriers and that's been one of the holdups in being able to get. This out is just getting this dock, which has open pins that are not covered, which is a battery that's not installed. In an end, product of sorts, like the one in the watch, is to get this puppy ship, but if you don't have any trouble getting it into your country, you got it it's, it's gon na be part of the package 2200 milliamp hour. When you fully charge it by plugging AV standard microUSB in here, this is a light that will go red or blue, get this all charged up. And then, when your watch runs down, you can simply place it on the dock to charge it up by the way. There'S, a little alignment pin here you see that that will align with a little hole on the watch here to make sure you've got it in the right position. So the pins line up you notice. The watch is off and there's a reason it's, because I let this thing drain all the way down to 2 2 power. I had this charged all the way up and last night I did a test here's the results. When you put the s08 on the charging dock, I started at 845 p.m. and it was as at 2 in 15 minutes. It raised to 12 percent 15 minutes later or after a half an hour.

I was basically up to 21 percent. 45 minutes took me to 30 percent charge. At the end of one hour, I was at 41 percent so using the dock, charging it for an hour when it's, basically empty, will get you somewhere less than half 41 percent. When again, another 15 minutes went up to 53 percent and as I that's too fine a detail, let's do it again. Well, let's put the data down same data 30 minutes. I was at 21 one hour. I was at 41 percent hour and a half to 65. Two hours to 87 and just short at two and a half hours somewhere between around 2 hours and 15 20 minutes it hit a hundred percent. So the dock can fully charge the watch in under two and a half hours that's. Something just to remember also now that the dock has been used for charging I've left it at that level. I haven't plugged it back in to recharge it so later, when this is run down I'm gon na try it again and see if I still got enough juice in this to pump it back up even more. In other words, the dock didn't run out by the time the watch was fully charged, that's pretty cool. Now I mentioned it's off. Why is that? Because, last night, when I took this off at a hundred percent, I started a stopwatch inside of it. Everything is turned off, except for Wi.

Fi is connected and that's about it and the stopwatch running and we're about to see what the battery level drained to from 100 last night at oh, I don't know eleven twelve we'll we'll see from the stopwatch. So I tap it, I bring it back in oh man. Ninety eight percent – it only dropped two percent, and how long has it been running eight hours, 50 minutes and 15 seconds nice? So in about nine hours it dropped two percent, but not really doing anything. You see the screen is dim, although it never came on it's just been sitting idle silent mode. Wi Fi was on no GPS, no Bluetooth, nothing else running in the background, but the stopwatch and and the watch face. So all in all that's that's amazing. I don't know if you could extrapolate that, but you could get weeks of use out of this if you never turned it on right just sitting. There tells you that there's no major background tasks that are draining the battery in this one and that's a good thing. Okay, so bottom line battery tests. I don't have the full. You know drain tests of using this under different situations, but I do have info for you that if it's drained down and you have your charging dock in two and a half hours, you can fully charge to watch. Since I showed you part 1 – and it was this basic out of the box with just the standard apps that came with it since then – I've loaded this puppy up with all kinds of things we see this over and over in these reviews, so I'm, not gon Na spend a long time with them, but I want to cut catch.

A couple of highlights for you. First of all, display brightness is an app that you can put in. That puts a little slider on the screen even over the watch face and watch now that allows me to adjust the brightness from way way down. I mean it's, hardly even visible, but great at night, all the way up to full brightness it's called display brightness it's, an app it's no longer in the Google Play Store, as some of the other ones I'm going to show. You are in the same situation, but I do have them available for you in our SmartWatch resource center that you can download a copy of it and install it in your watch. If you want to do that, another one is this little dot you see floating here, it's called floating touch, or when I touch the dot it brings up a circle that lets me do all kinds of things like go into all of my apps right. On top of the watch face notice, I haven't hit the buttons I haven't been wearing them out, it's all happening through just these overlays. You have other things that you can do like go back home. I can set it up, so I can adjust the volume any way I want on all the different parameters, not just silent or loud and on and on and on we've got reviews of that one out here, as well, it's also available in our resource center.

So those are the two you're going to be seeing me using on the screen and you'll always see this little white dot here, no matter what page I'm on, because it's actually part of the the way that, though the app works, I'm looking on the phone and It'S very dim, and you can change the brightness of this and I've actually softened it so it's just barely visible. I can just kind of see where it is because you can actually move the dot around anywhere. You want on the screen, so it doesn't have to be right. There neither does the sliding brightness control it could be at the bottom or the top. I just find it convenient when it's on my left arm and my right hand is here. I find it convenient to have those right here all right. I went to the app drawer now I'm gon na make it full brightness for you and we covered these first set of apps extensively in part, one: the clock, the camera, the gallery, music player, the sound recorder, your overall file manager and on and on and on Now, when we get down here I'm going to show you some of the new apps that I've got installed, here's duo, which is for voice calling and regular calling using the front facing camera, works great on here, YouTube music. You guys know that YouTube music is moving to our Google. Music is migrating to YouTube music.

So if you have any of your music uploaded to Google music, it's you're gon na want to transfer it eventually and then use the YouTube Music app to play it for free, and of course you can subscribe. If you want to play anything, Calendar is part of the system. Now we're getting kind of mixed up here, here's your regular YouTube. Spotify Spotify is one of the apps that you're gon na see at the very end of this video that's part of one of our rods, watchface creations with a whole bunch. I think 2122 touch spots on it, one of which is Spotify, which is a music playing service that you can use for free with ads support or you can pay for open camera is another camera app that lets. You use either camera and set more parameters than you can in your basic one, there's our display brightness, the app store did. I cover that last time, that's, where I think we weren't on the internet, so you couldn't see it, but this is where you can download Facebook, Twitter, whatsapp and YouTube without having to login to Google. If you don't want to, I know some people, just don't it's, like a miniature Play Store, but it's called the app store and that came stock on here, as did that system optimization. We talked about that also by the way, now that I got some app sent here. I do want to re emphasize this one you can get to it, going through systems and more and so forth, or you can go into system, optimization and there's.

The clean task screen lock face unlock third party adapter your system work mode. Remember that, whether it's in normal or accelerated and app freeze, so you want to go into the clean task, which is the battery saver, make sure it's turned on and tap here to bring up all of your apps. Now certain ones you're gon na want to keep running in the background, and if they are turned on here, they will immediately be turned off when you go to a black screen when you turn it off or if the watch times out. So the ones that you have in that you want to have always on and not disappear. Like display brightness, quick camera. I have installed, which I just vibrate and I get a button and I press that button and I can take a quick picture and it'll go right back again and that can happen on top of any watch face or any app or anywhere shake it again and It'S gone, but if I don't turn it off here when I turn the screen off it, won't work, anymore and so forth, and so on all kinds of them some of them. You definitely want to make sure you have that turned off loading toucher to keep the dock going. All of that, so we covered that and that you're gon na get to in that systems. Optimization app now just scrolling quickly through you see, I've got all kinds of other things and this isn't a place to talk yeah a labyrinth.

This isn't a place to review apps right now, we're going to be doing a you know of a more full review of the watch, but I wanted to show you that I've got a bunch of them in here and they're really cool, and this shows you this One I know I'm deviating shows you that you do have the gyroscope I don't know you got the sensors for horizontal and vertical that. Let you play some games on here. If you want to, and that's really cool too, that the watch supports all of that. Alright, what I want to get into is the overall testing. We have a variety of different testing apps in here, and we usually do that to compare with other other watches. Ai da 64 is an app that lets. You get some basic information about the right watch so for you, technical folks here you go here's some technical information, three gigabytes of memory on it and 32 gigabytes of storage and here's. How it's all broken up right now I've got all kinds of apps in here. So it's definitely full there's your CPU, oh wow. It has ads now didn't use okay, mmm that's. What happens when? Sometimes you update these apps there's, a CPU it's, a 67' waa all running in this one out a 1 megahertz. It looks like, and oh I guess. I can just scroll on through to get you to the other things there's a screen 400 by 400.

It says that's interesting. I thought it was bigger and yeah there's, more and here's your GSM and Wi Fi and battery basic information, although it doesn't ever give you the actual size, wait a minute down here, it's saying 1260 it's coming in at 13 60 in their specs it's reading it As 1260 I didn't know you could do that. I thought that that was, you could get voltage and you could get current and you could get milliamp hours, but I guess you're good anyway. There you go. Ok, so it's more or less confirming that it's a big battery but it's not meeting or reading exactly that, it's 1260. That could be a default in the software not being able to see that level or it could be that the battery is actually that size and your Android levels and a few other things here. So that's a ID a 64. But I know a lot of you are interested in the antutu. Where are you there? We are Wow. Do you see how smooth this thing is the antutu benchmark? I'Ve run it already. I came up with the number of you ready for this 1972, which is pretty decent for this kind of a watch. Now let's talk about GPS. First thing, of course you want to do is turn it on it's. The icon right here when you slide down, make sure you've got GPS on then there's a couple of apps that we can use to test it once called engineering mode.

Mtk shortcut another one that I use is called GPS test, so we'll use this one it's a little bit easier overall when you get into the app it's gon na start looking for satellites now, while it does this, I want to tell you a few things. First of all, this is being tested indoors, it's really hard for these watches to try to hook up indoors. Secondly – and this applies to all watches with GPS – the very first time you want to do it – you want to be outdoors and you want to turn it on, and you want a letter to acquire GPS and do that for, however long it takes, it might be. Five to fifteen minutes, why it's got to find you roughly on planet Earth, which also means it's good? If you do it when you're either connected to Wi Fi, so it can locate you by Wi Fi or you have a SIM card in with data turned on. So that it can locate you by the SIM card that way, it knows how to download the satellite data to your watch, which will help it the next time acquire the satellites quicker. Okay, you got that your very first time take some time to get it done. Right before you decide to go out for your run or your walk or whatever in the meantime, this is just an app that tests that and you can see it's attempting to locate the satellites they go green when it gets them.

It needs about four or five to get a solid hookup it's, not all that good on this one or any Android watch. I don't know why, but they still use the old style plain GPS module. When you compare this with like the amazed Fitbit or Stratus 3 or BIP S or the tier X, we just reviewed all of those have really advanced Sony, GPS modules in it to do GPS plus GLONASS or or Galileo, or by tower or a lot of the Other system anyway, they're way way more Vista, cated, that's what's. In here sad to say I don't see any improvements in GPS in this one, not to say it's a bad watch it's just guys an Android watch is not really a fitness watch. A fitness watch is a Fitness watch. This is an Android watch, so the best you're going to get is pretty good. Once you get hooked up with GPS, okay, and that applies for a maps and for the fitness app and even just overall testing. So nothing to show here I need to go outside acquire the satellites and all I do is boom. Show you a bunch of green bars, and that tells you you got a hookup. The real true test is to take this on a walk or a run or a cycling and see what it does and for me, it takes about five minutes to get that signal acquired before it's gon na really start tracking your distance by GPS, rather than by Step count another radio built in to this is your Wi Fi, so here's an app that just basically does Wi Fi signal strength, I'm sitting across the room about 15 feet from my router, so you see it bouncing around near a hundred percent.

This is good if you're in a weak area with respect to Wi Fi, and you might be able to position the watch to get a better reception, but other than that. You really don't need to test it. Much Wi Fi has been stable from what I can tell on all of these different watches, speaking of which you notice that the the bands are totally removable on this watch and we're starting to see that and more of the flagship, Android watches. In fact, in the comparison, video I'm putting together for you, I'm taking the bands off of all of them, we're just gon na work with the bodies themselves and what's cool about that. That goes my little button again. Is that means that all of the radio antennas have been folded into the casing? Now that includes cellular. So when you put your 4G sim in here and you do phone calling and data connection, it's working with tiny folded antennas, so you're gon na see limitations on calls, but particularly on data on smartwatches, including this one I'm sure compared to a phone you just don't, Have the same real estate to put those large antennas in here also you're gon na notice that this is restricted to only one Network, the GSM network which in the USA is ATampT or t mobile or derivatives of that like cricket or mobile, mint or mint mobile Or something you know: there's all kinds of them that use those and networks that you could get SIM cards for, but not CDMA Verizon Sprint some of those networks unless they've changed them or are using shared resources.

Which is why you have to check in your area which one will really work just make sure you get a SIM card for the GSM network, so we've covered cellular cards, we've covered Wi Fi. We have looked at GPS in here, ah here's one. We we talked about the strength of the Wi Fi, but how about the speed of Wi, Fi and likewise with cellular, if you have the sim card in it and haven't put one in here yet if we get a chance in another review, video I'll do the Whole cellular thing, but not today, we're trying to keep this on on the on this topic: I'm gon na begin test and it's connected to my Wi Fi right now – and this is an earlier version of speed test before they changed that up to hundreds of megabits. I like this one because it's all centered on the screen after they changed it. It wasn't as easy to read this and again this app a copy of this when the older version is in our resource center. You can download too, but you see I got about a hundred megabits, modem and I'm getting 21 megabits download and 12 upload so I'm, getting really good, decent throughput on Wi Fi, which is why folks, I highly recommend to you. Whenever you can. You use your watch on Wi Fi, whether it's connected to your router at home or, if you're out and about drag your cellphone along.

You don't have to have it in your pocket, just have it in the car or on the table or whatever and put it in Wi Fi hotspot' and link your phone to your your watch to your phone using wife. I for data communications over the Internet way better than trying to put a sim card in here and use data on a cell plan. That'S gon na heat. This thing up, that's gon na drain, your battery faster and you're gon na have much slower speeds, so the optimum way to use an android smart watch for surfing the internet or doing anything related to an Internet traffic is Wi Fi connection to your phone with the Phone in Wi, Fi hotspot', makes sense should because you're gon na get great speeds, YouTube will play fine. Your voice and video phone calls will work great it's, just the best way to go here's another fun, app it's called button, mapper there's a couple of them. A blue one and a green one. I recommend the one that's green when you find it in the Google Play Store, and we introduced this on the on the genesis SmartWatch that to take advantage of the lower buttons missing stuff like when you push and hold. Or you double tap it. It doesn't do anything on the Genesis. When you push and hold it actually changes the brightness on the screen, it'll make it dimmer or brighter, but that's, because that's got a trance, flecked excrete and you can get longer battery life outdoors by dimming.

The screen on that watch and just letting the sunlight reflect, give you the bright screen. This is just the opposite. This one needs a back light to get brightness and you need to make it as bright as possible. Outdoors and and it's kind of washed out. Then not the fault of the watch, it's, the fault of the screen and all of the other Android watches, except the Genesis exhibit that problem. So if you're gon na do anything outdoors, you might look at the Genesis watch as an option. If it's not big deal that you can see it clearly outdoors like here, if I were outdoors, I can probably read button manager or mapper, and I know where it is, but I wouldn't see the words contact or setting, search or just too dim when the Genesis Should see everything but we're talking about the s08 and button mapper now and I, as you saw, I have a nothing happens when I press and hold if I double tap. I'Ve already mapped one of my apps in here. So if I'm driving the car and I in traffic, I double tap it, and it brings me into my breathing zone app and I'm working on getting my breathing down from about four breaths per minute to around three and a half. So I start this thing. It just vibrated, and you see that little star I think it's called breathing or breath or something on Apple it just beeped again after it got big, and now I should be exhaling.

It goes down real tiny and then it double beeps or vibrates not make sound. But you can change it, you can have it tell you breathe in breathe out it's a great app and for me, I've got it mapped into the button double tap and it goes into that, but you could put anything you want to. I can exit out of here and get back to wherever I am. If I want to long press this thing, I can come in here load up the app just showing you the run through on this one quickly, because it's kind of technical, the home button, is this one don't mess with that. When you need all of the things that it does intact, but the back button way to unlock this, I have to watch a little video it's, a free app, but you just watch this one little video and – and you oh, by the way I can just cover The speaker and it mutes it totally. This is so cool. I love the speaker positioned right here. You hear this and it's totally silent. So if you are in an area where you don't want to be interrupted, if a call comes in or whatever is going on, you can just tap this and or cover it and you're good to go and again it's right here on your arm, reflecting off of Your arm up to your ear, so it's really easy to hear and again just squeeze it and you can mute it literally mute through physical touch over the speaker.

Alright, we unlock the video that lets us get in here to the back button. I'Ve got the DoubleTap map. I can do the long press down here and I could go into apps or use any kind of action and I'll just go into applications and pick something let's see we like that little game we played what was it aberrant light? Okay, so I've now programmed it I'm gon na back out of here, get back to the watch. Face long press takes me right into my game. I can play the game and, while I'm bored I can mess around with it, do whatever I'd, like when I'm done. Just exit out of it back again double tap. I could do my breathing, so you got all the flexibility with that app to program the bottom, but not just on the s08 folks on any Android SmartWatch it's, a cool little app that you can use and now you've got really functionality on this button. On this button, oh by the way you notice that these knobs twirl, but they don't do anything they just kind of spin around. This was the one I was playing with it's called breathing zone. Just for those of you are interested and for the GPS, we were doing GPS test and when I didn't show you that I really like is called speedometer ties in with the GPS and while you're driving around you can bring up the speedometer on your screen.

Exactly the speed that you're doing in miles per hour or kilometers per hour and monitor it from there got a whole bunch of other fun apps in here now, we've. Come to that part in the program that I know a lot of you. Probably all of you have been waiting for because you haven't seen uncle tics. Do this before put an Android watch underwater. I did try it once it killed the watch. Yeah yeah and I had to do another video to take the whole thing apart to find out. Why we're not gon na do that with this one? I cannot figure out for life of me how you would even begin to get into this thing. It is really seriously shielded, so I've got an owl rod. A watch face up here that we're gon na be talking about at the very end of this video, and these are all hot buttons, one of which is a stopwatch. I put a nice bright background on it. I'Ve got it ready to go and I'm gon na start it up, and we are going to put it in a measuring cup. Although I'm not gon na measure 50 meters of water, I could measure 500 milliliters we're, not gon na test, how deep it can go and how long it can survive. It'S not my interest to do destructive testing today, but it is important that we can see that at least you can put it under water and it'll survive for a while.

So brightness is up really bright by the way I forgot to mention this. For those of you guys who notoriously watch what the power levels are on every screen and try to calculate what it's rate of discharges based on my videos, don't I'm jumping all over and editing different pieces, there's a lot of time that it's running that you're. Not on film – and I am purposely trying to run it down for the beginning of the video where we did the charge up with the doc. I want to run it as far down as I can so I could try charging from that dock and I'll put that at the very very into this. The second time we use the dock to charge this thing up without charging the dock so I'm. At about sixty percent right now, but don't pay attention to all of that stuff. That would be a whole nother calibrated test to run it out properly. But we are going to run the stopwatch. We'Re gon na drop water on it and we're just gon na see what it does so. It'S got all of the radios on it's a little warm, not hot, but bluetooth is on and Wi Fi and cellular and everything else, I'm gon na start it up and I'm gon na load it up. So here we go the s08 underwater up to about the top running smoothly. Now there's a couple aspects to running a watch underwater right, you think okay, it's, waterproof great, I could swim with it yeah, but what else can you do with it? Well, two things: one! You cannot touch the buttons you're not supposed to press buttons under water, because water could probably get in where you're pressing them and to the screen usually goes crazy when it's got water on it.

So one of the things we got a test is get down in here. Pull this thing up. We know it's surviving being underwater, so far check to make sure it looks like there's, possibly bubbles now that's, just the metal showing through here clean these all off. We know it goes into a lock mode of sorts when, when you don't touch the screen, we've seen that I always have to touch it to kind of unlock the screen I'm gon na touch. It now see. If I can do a lap time yeah, it did do a lap time. I can pause it, I can start it, I can leave it, I can come back into it and the screen is totally wet and sore. My fingers. That is great, see the water on it. It'S still functional okay, I'm, not gon na push the buttons. I don't want to try that they twirl. Theoretically, you could push the buttons, but let me tell you if you have access to things like floating touch, sure, and I can go home that way and not have to use the buttons I'd highly recommend that okay, we all we've, been at this for a while. So I'm gon na wrap things up with watch faces. I like to put them at the end, because I know some of you guys just want to bail you're, not that interested in watch faces. However, you might want to stick around a little while longer for the special touch capable faces because I'm going to show you a whole bunch of noon, apps that you may not have have seen before different than the ones I've already shown you in this review.

So let's talk about this is one of the actually the very first of the stock apps stock apps. For you, new beginners are those that come with the watch, they're pre installed and you can't really get rid of them. This is not a stock app I'll come back to that one, but these are – and this one in particular pay attention to that one, because that's been derived from the China server there's, actually a server. You can tap into to download hundreds of other faces here without having to do any fancy. Mumbo jumbo of putting in developer apps custom apps into clocks in folders and all the other stuff you can get to them as a novice. A child can do it. I'Ll show you the very end of this run. Other watch faces in here may look somewhat familiar to you. They have either come from that server like we're, talking about or they've, been in commercial bass and been on the internet for quite a while and of what they call harvested they've been harvested and installed on the on the watch. Some of these are from custom designers. Some of them are anonymous. We don't know who all they're from but there's a huge selection that have been put on. This watch have paraded through these at the very beginning and we're not gon na go into each of them individually. When you get your watch, you can do that. I'Ve tried to show you a few of them throughout the reviews.

We'Ve been doing so far and hopefully, you've been able to get a feel for the faces from there so I'm going to go all the way to the very end. At the very end, you have this little round circle and you have a plus sign if you're on the internet or connected through cell to the Internet. As long as the watch is connected to the internet, you tap that plus sign you're gon na get this spinning clock and all of a sudden you're gon na get access to. Like I said, a bunch of different server fed watch faces, the newest of which are coronavirus ones, of course, and there's some holiday ones from different Chinese holidays and Christmas, and so forth. It loads a few up, and then it takes it. A while but it'll continue loading them and if you hit the down arrow that'll, let you download the faces, and I don't see that first one it's a little further down here. I wanted to show you that they're no well anyway, you get a feel for these they're different holidays and just tap on the arrow. It'Ll say: it's downloading it and after it hits a hundred percent it's now installed. If you bail out of here you'll see that particular face and there it is, and if you press and hold you can go back, oh no wonder I've already downloaded it here's that face. We saw at the very beginning, see the little minus sign.

If I tap on that it'll wipe it out of the watch, the minus sign is here on this one, because it's been installed as a user, but the custom faces. If I go all the way back again to the beginning, there's that one they don't have that plus sign, so they cannot be installed. So you got access to all of those from this. This one is a very unique one. This is tied to an app on the App Store. I'Ll give you the link in the show notes, try to remember all of these things. I got to add there. If I forget it, let me know this is a like, like a a catch for faces that are not designed to run on android watches, but made for Android wear watches a long time ago. I designed one of that. I liked a lot and I've put it in here and tied it into this one, and so the Android watch does not have the ability to produce time in words, but Android wear does the engine that works, for that does so this little watch face very simple. One it gives you the time in writing. I'Ve put this on my resource guide, just the watch face itself and you can download the app to be able to run it. You basically install and run the app and it creates this thumbnail of the watch face. It'S, usually the first or second one in and you change the faces by hitting that little gear, and you can have two or three different ones in here, that's that one, oh, it also will show some of the other custom faces that are in here, but it Doesn'T really handle them well, this is a another one.

I put together that's using kind of a crayon font to show the time and then the the battery power. A couple of my favorites I'll have those two up there for you, but you'll need this app to make it work. You can't install them as a regular custom, app there now we're getting to the final part that I want to go into and that's some of these custom ones right here. At the end, I showed you earlier. These are all from Al rod and he's a face designer been doing it for years and he's, usually at or a past the cutting edge on some of the new technology and what watch face design? This is a surfer face that he created you see, he's got the time and it's got an animated loop and I swear. I can't see the seam between where it repeats, but you can even see the water splashing off of his head. It'S amazing he's got a couple different versions, there's that one here's one. It looks like it's more for a round watch because it's got the ticker marks, but no analog hands still digital. He made another one that was more for the square type watches, but it'll run on their round ones, it's a beer bubbling in a glass with the time and information, so the watch engine in the s08 does handle animation, which is why I'm showing you these, because That'S something you don't, really know unless you test it out and the other thing and finally I'm ready to go into.

That is the touch screen capability, where you can have hot buttons around the screen. Now this is like a massive undertaking that al rod is put together. He'S got a digital clock here and just about everything you see is a touch button. It will work if it's tied to a stock app inside the watch, but it won't work if you're trying to touch one. That is a installable app. So when you go into his site to download this watch face, you also need to download all the different apps that work behind all the different buttons, for example there's a flashlight one. Here I touch that it just makes it a white screen, but if it's on your arm and you're trying to find your key hole – and you have that face on it – is so easy to just tap that button and you're right there. This is your basic assistant. How far is it to the moon? Okay, so it'll give you the answer and it's the Google assistant and, of course you have to have the assistant sign as US in there for it to work, here's a fun round calculator, a Rick top with this one together, it's got lots of neat features to It all of the apps that are here are really functional on around. So even if you don't want to use the watch face I'd recommend you try to work with getting these apps or your watch. It goes around the circle.

Let'S see we got those three. Then this one over here is an amazing stopwatch. This is what we're gon na do when we put this watch underwater is run this little stopwatch gives you a count in hundredths of a second thousandths of a second it'll switch to where it even tracks. Hours minutes seconds and so forth and I've got it set up so that it'll still run in the background, which is great. If the screen goes off. Here'S Spotify we mentioned that one before here's, a music player that's built into the watch, so you can play music. They'Re got a couple of different cameras. One of these is the real stock Cameron. You saw that the other one is an app called open. Camera works similar, but with some extra special features. One of the things I like about open camera when you set it up is because the cameras are in squirrely positions when they're on the side and you don't necessarily know we're able to frame a picture properly. Sometimes you just got ta aim your arm and then press the button and take the picture. You don't know how it came out. You can set open camera up to where you can take the picture and come back and look at it it's there and if it looks good, just touch the screen and it keeps it if it doesn't look good you can hit the trash can and throw it Away there's other things you can do with open camera over here.

When I tap that little thing I get an audio adjusting for setting the levels like we did with the floating touch. You remember that button, and I have it programmed to do the same kind of thing here so just another way to get to the same need to be able to adjust volume levels on the fly coming on around. This is SMS messaging, your phone dialer all tied to making phone calls, and this is a fun running app it's, a workout app, so it's called what is that for a better experience, turn on location yeah because it needs GPS and change the size of it. My running app is what it's called highly recommend this one, the tech people do, because it ties together with the GPS and with the heart rate sensors. My understanding haven't gone a lot of detail into that one, but that's one that you have available here too. So we've gone all the way around the circle. Then you got things like weather that you could touch. You'Ve got calendar in here. These are big ones, oh by the way on the phone and the messaging. If you have a sim in there and you miss a call or miss a message, it'll actually show the number up there, like you, had three missing calls and two missing messages, which is awesome that you could know that that's happening without having to actually go in There and check your messages to see you know if you've missed any it reports them right.

Next to the icon, I don't have it set up to show you, but he's got a video that shows all of that stuff? Okay, where else are we? I know I'm. Jumping all around right here, if I touch the hours I go into a thing called watch droid. This is an interesting thing. You scan the QR code together with an app on your phone and you can pair together kind of like you do with the WI. I watch app. I didn't want to be a ladder there. I want to go into here, okay back here, we go and you get this circle and in this circle you can do all kinds of things, including tethering, to bluetooth phone. Your messages it's a more robust way of handling some of the tethering duties that you can do. Then the WI I watch too app so suggest you check out, watch droid whether or not you use this particular watch face, because it might be something beneficial for you over here when we touch the minutes, so we hit into something else completely. This is a drawer and organization of all of your apps. You can even make folders and put apps in folders and get easy access to them now you saw, I was doing that by hitting that dot and coming up here and getting all of my apps. This way, they're much smaller and spread out. If I do this and make it big, some of them are kind of off the screen and the corners all that stuff and on his implementation, you can set how many you want on a row, two three, four: five, whatever it's a little bit easier to read Them and see the icons, it's called organized drawer.

Again, you can download the app right from the Google Play Store. I believe and use this without the watch face to organize your apps. You could even make it a double tap on the bottom button. If you want a tour, however, you want to customize your watch, but that's available too in. Finally, if I hit the middle, this is really fun. I can set the brightness level, except when I have my display brightness running, that I showed you. This will override that. So not able to show you, but when you're in here, if I hit zero percent eighty percent fifty percent, it will set the brightness to match that level. If you decide you don't want to use the display brightness slider that I've got right now. It says what 60 80 percent – and that happens just by hitting that sinner button, which is really cool okay, lot covered here today. All for information on all these different watch faces that you've seen and the apps associated with it check the show notes the information for al rod to jump over and pick him up is there he's got free ones and he's got a premium pack, and once you Give him a donation for the premium pack, everything he's got in there is yours anytime, you want it, you just get access basically to his his download folder and when he adds new things like this to it their part, you know you've already paid for it.

Even if it's two years ago, you can jump right in and grab the latest and greatest stuff, which I really like that way of doing things last things to say about the watch. Are you ready, okay, the little hole we didn't talk about that, but I did get confirmation back from the company. If you look at the literature, there's no hole there on all of the artist renditions of this watch and the animations and their video, but it is physically there that's. The microphone turns out that's, really the microphone for this watch speakers over here. There is no mic anywhere else: one camera two knobs camera and microphone right. There, so you'll see a little hole right. There don't go sticking a toothpick in it or anything. The sound is really good. It'S got rich bass. Surprisingly, it's a very well built watch as you've seen it is underwater, capable there's holes here, but no screws. I looked in there with a flashlight and it's a solid metal pin. So I have no idea how you would even open it up. The closest you can do is unscrew the sim cover and hopefully we'll find a little better technique to do that than that funky little tool. You'Ve got the charger wire on here. One word of information for you. If you're a watch collector there's two kinds of those wires, one will go on correctly because the magnets will hold it in a way that the wire will come out toward the top.

So the wire needs to come out toward the top in the wire that comes with this, the other one, the one that's for the Genesis, for example, if you use that wire, the wire comes off the bottom and it will fry the watch well, at least it Will shut it down, the polarity is reversed, so be careful. If you have multiple watches you don't start mixing up the wires. Keep them separate know that the wire needs to come out toward the top, and, if you have one going onto at the bottom, don't plug it in the USB things will be backwards for you who we've covered a lot. I know there's still a lot more. You don't know anything about battery life, how long this thing's gon na last under what kind of loads – and you have no clue about how it handles phone calls, video calls Wi, Fi kind or cellular. Those are all things waiting for the future, so hopefully we'll get to them as well got a lot of other watches coming in, though folks – and I really owe it to them to give them reviews too. So we will be back periodically to take deeper, looks at the s08 and to compare this puppy with other flagship watches on the market and with that said, I sure, hope, you're a subscriber and you got friends you can invite to the channel because that's honestly, what Keeps this going, is you thanks for being here? We'Ll see you again soon, you remember at the beginning of this video we gave you a summary of how long it would take the charging dock to charge to watch to a hundred percent.

You guys remember about two and a half hours without charging the dock. Any further we're gon na see, if there's enough juice, to charge to watch more all day long messing around with it. I'Ve drained it from a hundred percent to twenty seven percent. Don'T believe that that's the logical way that this thing is going to work it's, not a scientific test but it's, where I'm at right now so I'm. Going to take this watch I'm going to come in here and start the stopwatch and lay it on the charger and we'll monitor it periodically, and here are the results. So here we go. I started at 505 last night, zero minutes at 27 percent 15 minutes later charged up to 32 after a half hour, 40 to 50 percent in 45 minutes starting at 27, so that's about a quarter right about 25, 27 percent, all right one hour 52 and then Look at this at one and a half hour 55 at two hours it dropped to 54. So we depleted the actual charger before getting to a full charge in a two hour run, but the first test we were able to charge it fully to a hundred percent. In two and a half hours drain it down to twenty seven percent charge it back up through at least 54 percent without charging the charger itself. Okay, glad I I didn't post it till today, even though I ran out late last night because this morning reading your guys's excellent comments.

Somebody said there's a pool test and there is here's a video clip showing the s08 underwater for he claims 50 minutes. I'Ll have a link to this video and there's some other videos on this channel related to the 0 8 worth wig watching as well. So reviews are starting to pop up and we're good to go a reminder if you're ready to pick this puppy up check the show notes down below use our link. If you don't mind, click on that head on over to bang wood and actually the link right now in the next few days, if you're, watching this right when it's released, is even a better price than what's shown here. So take advantage of the link. If you can also just a reminder that shipping is a little strange right now, this is a snapshot of normally how a watch is getting routed to me, either from Shenzhen, China or Hong Kong, usually through LA and then on over to me, but because of the Coronavirus and some issues with the charging dock being a separate battery they're having to get creative these days, and I just wanted to show you a couple of other routings of watches that have come in here and are on the way in that start in all different Place and eventually process through la or even wilder, coming in through Saudi Arabia, so they're staging products in different places all over the world and depending on what country you're in it could take exotic routing to get to you just to make sure it can be shipped.

So several carriers are doing things differently because of the virus, so be patient. It'Ll get there and take advantage of our links. All right.