It'S God thinks that it ships with that I've never seen before what you're about to see in this unboxing first look. Video is just that about 11 minutes worth of an unboxing, so skip ahead. If you don't want that and then we're really gon na dive into the watch and how it works right out of the box with nothing extra added things like this I'm gon na have to cover this in a part too so I'm working on it, I'm gon Na get you more information, we're gon na do some full testing and all that kind of stuff, we're gon na try to understand how in the world this thing is sealed, so darn, good and yeah I'll drop it underwater for you, but not today. That'S coming up part two greetings and welcome back to SmartWatch six or a YouTube channel on the web at SmartWatch, tics calm. It is an exciting day. Today. This is a day. Many of you have been asking for the unveiling of the newest Android standalone SmartWatch phone from a company. We have never worked with before called roll me. This is the s08 inside this sealed box directly from the factory mind you one of the first ones, I believe off the production line. It still could be a prototype in here it's. So early a lot of challenges trying to get these things shipped during the era of the coronavirus. We'Ll explain why in a little bit, but if you're gon na get one of these you're gon na want to be patient that's, one of the biggest words to tell you roll me born to be different, wow that's kind of a born to be wild.

I grew up in that generation. Here we go the s08. The manual is on the top and underneath is the watch which looks like it's upside down. There you go, we got the camera on the top, it says. Roll me right on the piece of paper covering and inside is the watch itself and before I show you any more, I want to tell you where you can get it cuz, some of you. I know are going now. I want to get it now, where's this where's the buy button it's right below in the show notes from banggood and getting this out as fast as I can, because in June 29, 2020 gosh were to 2019 goal of 2020 June, where we are right now, they're Gon na be doing some great sales and specials so it's, already a really nice price for flash sale, the prices go up and down but check the show notes for a clickable link to take you over here to pick this thing up at that price or lower. Okay notice that yeah there's something else that goes with it and that has to do with the battery power in this combination. 35 60 milliamp hours, yep there's a lot more to the specs, and we can talk about it right now. There'S. A few highlights of this watch one is that excessive power capability, a second one that sets it apart – is its waterproofing now they're, claiming in this.

As you read through the specs they're, claiming this that it's doing ip68 we've seen a lot of watches out of China. Claim my p67 ip68: they call it life, waterproof life splash proof those kind of things, but you know you don't, get it wet that's, just the bottom line, they're really not made for immersion in water, even though the ip67 spec says you can't. Well, the claim for this one and you're gon na see that in a minute is that this thing can be submerged up to 48 hours and to a depth of 50 meters. Now, when you do research on the specs, what that means it's rated at 580 m, because 50 meters is the equivalent of 5 atmospheric pressures at the surface of the earth. I think anyway, it's a spec that says the darn thing is definitely swimmable. Diver ball all kinds of stuff. You still probably don't want to shower with it, because there is a temperature rating on it that you don't want to go beyond here's another little page, because everybody's asking what are the sizes of these things? Sometimes we get, the micrometer is out and measure them, but I'm just going to show you it's about 50 millimeters long. The watch itself here's the straps, and what you need to know is that it's 24 millimeters for the strap itself, I believe and 18 and a half millimeters thick for the watch and there's that waterproofing ip68 yeah.

It kind of fits in that category, but it's, actually even more intense, being a 580 mm that's. What I would be rating it, but maybe they aren't actually saying that because of the complications of getting that kind of certification or whatever. But anyway, it is available from bang good chap the show notes for the link and now let's dive into the unboxing. We took the watch out. We take that out. We'Ve got a couple of little boxes here inside in one of these is Wow a bunch of stuff whoa, okay, there's, a charging wire with the 4 pin connector standard charging wire, which, on the back of the watch, will take it apart. You'Ll see that back of it that's, where you would put that here is something else let's open this up. This is just standard whoa. Is it our? No? I thought it was a USB see but it's your standard micro, USB connector. I presume that's going to be to charge the dock. This one, of course, is going to be to charge the watch directly. What else is in my hand? I have no idea. Okay, a lot of things are going through. Most of them, I can't say on television um we'll set that aside for a moment, I'd definitely need to study this, or this is heavy. I bet this is the power dock. The extra yeah beefy thing look at that huh huh yeah. Obviously the watch is going to sit in the power dock.

I guess it's time we we take the back open. Oh you're gon na look at this back it's an amazing back or a little light magnetic covering here. Yeah not not terribly strong, but it does hold on there. I'D say you have to be careful to line the pins up, make sure that it's snaps into position but there's the charging dock yeah it's already going on feeding into the watch. Look at its booting. It up or at least giving us a reading of the power level, so you charge this by your bedside let's say, and then this can charge your watch by the bedside overnight and of course you could take that with you or whatever, and with this wire you Can charge directly – and that holds a little bit stronger, not enough to hold the watch, but it holds pretty good. Okay, still not sure about this, but let's go over the watch itself. The bezel is really really nice. Bright, reflective, plane, there's, no indicators on it. The band's themselves – 24 millimeter did we say, are removable. Of course, it's got some weight to it. It'S got a thick battery in there that's another aspect of this: the 1360 millaa millaa amp hour battery inside 2200, milliamp hour here for 35, 60 milliamp hour, total two buttons, a side, camera no front camera, but forward facing camera and another little hole which could either Be a microphone or a sensor or something yeah.

We have to find that out when we turn it on looks, like speakers are on the side, you see something that's missing, and I wondered about this. Where do you put the sim in ah sim? Okay, now it's starting to make sense. I wonder if I put that in there and that in there I could unscrew the back. It looks like yep there's, an open, close and that's how you get to the sim compartment, and that is really sealed well and that's. Why you have such incredible water proofing on this watch, Wow, really really flexible bands. I know he hasn't even turned it on what is wrong with him. I'D like trying this out where'd, I got a see a something brand new like this for a while. So this is, this is all new. Oh look at that it's even got em, both embossed roll me on the buckle itself. There it is on without turning it on. It does appear a bit thick it's a bit large, so it is on the larger size overall. But that's to contain that massive battery in there now we are gon na charge it up, because I wanted to have a nice full charge before we move forward. Well almost forgot the user's manual Chinese on one side and on the other side we have the English version of it, gives you the basic information and about what happens during first boot, which is pretty cool, and you can get everything set up right.

If you guys are ready – and you have already downloaded the WI, I watch 2 app to your phone, which I highly recommend. Then during first boot you can actually connect connect up to your phone with that app here's the whole information about how to do the SIM card installation and charging the watch I'm glad we found it out on our own before we had to check the manual here's. Some more details a little bit more and as many of you have watched the channel before now, I always show the manuals because often times you can't find these anywhere else. They don't make PDFs of them available in China and if you lose yours well, it could be out of luck and there may be some things that you need to know that are in the manual either that I don't cover when we're going through this stuff or That you need to refer back to later for your background information, so I'm, not reading it to you, I'm, just doing it so that you can pause it on youtube and read it at your leisure and that lets us move on top button. Long press that's how you turn these Android watches on as this one boots up want to mention as a flagship, already I'll out the door, a flagship watch with insane waterproofing and massive battery. This compares really well with the cost pet Prime we've, seen that one before, which also has a side, camera and forward facing camera, but that forward facing was is on the right.

This one has it up at the top and then there's the Chronos blade Genesis. Of course, which has the front facing camera on the left and a side facing camera on the top, so layout of the cameras, is really different on a lot of these watches. So is the battery capacity inside of them when you boot it up the first time, you're gon na confirm your language, and just so, you guys know what it comes with we'll take a moment to scroll through all of the installed languages. I know of many many of you watch from all over the planet and thank you so much for being here, even when English isn't your first language, you're able to communicate with us over here – and I really appreciate you being here and of course, Bank good ships. All over the world, so no matter where you live, you should be able to order this watch and have it shipped to you and it's, covering a lot of languages way more than I've seen in many of these watches in the past, so I can feel some Of you jumping up and down right now going, I see my language awesome. Wow, look at this very robust now an interesting thing. These language sets. You know it takes a while to develop them and put them in these watches, and so the fact that we're seeing all of this right now in here is an indicator that, in the future look at all the different versions of English in the future.

Watches will be coming out this way as well: it's, the English United Kingdom, United States, so it's preset for United States, where it sent me this. I come in here and I have my data that I can enter in in what metric not Imperial as sometimes the firmware gives you a choice before it gets to this point, so you can change it, but in this case it goes right to there I'm, not Gon na change it because, from the tutorial we've shown you about how to set these watches up, you don't want to do any of this stuff at first. You want to go all the way past. All of this. This is where you tether it to the Y watch to app on your phone. You want to get to where you get your first watch face. You want to slide over go into settings you with me now again. This has already been covered in another video, but I want to show you that we go to reset equipment and you come down here and you do factory data reset. Do that the very first thing just so, you can clear out any old stuff in the in the watch. Then there's a process on that video. That guides you through how you eventually get on to Wi, Fi and then come down in here and check for wireless update. It won't do it unless you're actually connected to the internet so checking it will tell you, you need a network setup and you got to go on Wi Fi.

So after you do that whole first reboot cycle you're gon na, want to come in set up your Wi Fi check for updates. If you have any accept them and then go through that whole process, again, a factory restore before you settle down an action to use your watch not gon na do that here, but I just want you to be aware of that when you get any Android SmartWatch It'S good to follow that set up review. I'Ll have a link for you in the show notes to check it out so let's walk through it. Real quick here we go. We'Re in the the home screen is edge to edge beautiful bright screen. It'S, a TFT type screen, not AMOLED, but TFT, but it's got really great contrasts really bright. You tap and hold like we did and you get into the different watch faces it comes with and it looks like it's got quite a selection of them yeah there's. A very colorful one you can see from edge to edge that it's brightest face on, but it is easy to view from different angles and just quickly look at a few different ones. Some of these we've seen, I fact, a lot of them we've, seen on other watches and also from the server that you can pull these watches down from China on their built in server, which you access at the very end, Wow Wow right here. You hit that plus button when you're on the internet and you'll get a bunch of more watch faces that you can instantly install and, of course, this thing resets, all of them some clean everything up.

You always want to go back and do that that's a good practice. I saw one I like that I want to land on. Where was that it was a nice looking digital one is that it? Maybe I don't know let's just pick that green one, because it's got a lot of data on it. So you see you can have so many different things built into these watch faces. I know I cheated. I haven't I haven't charged it a hundred percent, but I I'm too excited to show you this review wow its timing out fast on me, we're gon na have to change that when you slide down you get to the first screen, which shows you Bluetooth connection. If you have it – and if you have a sim in here, it should show you 4G 3G, all that kind of stuff, your battery level date time. All that over here is where you have all these different settings. This is your brightness level there's, the dimmest and that's super dim Wow. I can barely see it in daylight, so at night, that'll be very soft, there's, the middle there's, your brightest we're running it on brightest right now. This is the do not disturb quiet mode by the way, if you don't, like that annoying boot up sound on any of these Android watches, turn that on before you turn your watch off then the next time you turn it on it'll boot in silence.

Little trick. Speaking a little tricks, we're gon na start a new playlist with little 1 minute tips and tricks for you soon. This is your twist, your wrist to see the time airplane mode, cellular data, location services for GPS, Bluetooth, Wi, Fi, Wow, look at that it's already coming in to set up a nearby chromecast – oh wow fun, but I didn't want to do that. I just wanted to turn Wi Fi on to get it ready because later I'm going to come to my router, you got that clean up thing that I don't know it just cleans up background chunk, a music player and then, ultimately your whether in your current location. After you're signed under the internet and connected in – and it figures out where you are that's all from swiping down right, swiping to the left or notifications swiping to month to the right, then frightening. That way gets you to this page and there's your app drawer and swiping. One more gets you into all of your different fitness activities. Then swiping up get you to your weekly summary for step count. Here you go to your actual steps: distance, traveled and calories burned. That'S standard on all of these Android watches, so the only thing different so far is what it looks like over here in the apps and you have this arc design and you also have the ability when we get down here to where is it settings? I guess it's going to be within settings.

We'Re gon na go to app list style and change to round, and then you have all your pages that look like this. Okay, all your apps are in circles around a clock that shows you the current time, but I typically run this in art because it makes it easier for us to go through all of these we'll go back to the settings and go deeper in a moment. Actually, we want to go into settings right now for one thing and that's to go into display and change the sleep time from 15 seconds, I'll pump it all the way up to 30 minutes notice. There'S. No always time display some of the earlier watches in 2018 2019. You had it always on display capability. You don't have it in this TFT designed watch, but you do have a nice bright screen. Let'S just stick in here sounds as bare. Basically, where you can change your volume and, of course, ringtones and other alarms and things are there, you saw display. You have the brightness level that you can adjust to whatever you want. If you don't want just those increments, you can slide it right here. Adjust it. Come back notification bright screen that if you have any notifications coming in from your phone it'll light up the screen which you may want off if you're gon na sleep with it in bed or have it on your bedside and don't want to be interrupted, apples style, The connection is where you set up your Bluetooth, Wi Fi.

You can make this a Wi Fi hotspot. We got that big battery in here, and you got that booster thing too. So it's possible, with the ROM proper SIM in here that runs on the GSM network, that you can create a Wi Fi hotspot for you tablet or something and have enough juice to run it with all these multiple batteries. And, of course, if you have it plugged in no problem at all, just be careful if you run a hotspot, monitor the heat, because sometimes these watches get pretty hot, when you do that, you've got airplane mode on and off. Gps is where you turn all of that stuff on and then cellular networks is kind of grayed out, but that's where you set up. If you need to special parameters to make sure your SIM card works, you've got your overall gestures for raising this twisting the wrists or light up the screen or turning on or off pedometer overall power savings. Here now, it's showing you that it's using standby, intelligent power and what its time duration is and what's been used, the most which is so far just the screen. It'S always the screen is the highest use thing so when you can try to run it on low light and try to keep the battery the refresh rate short like 15 seconds, not thirty minutes, like I'm doing here, your language and inputs, we already showed you the Language date and time set up resetting the equipment that's, where you're going to do that factory restore in between everything – and here you go to uninstall applications, and you actually have a lot more in here than just uninstall you can get in here.

You can for stop applications, you can go into the storage and you can clear data or clear cache if you need to for any app, you can set up permissions, which is really important on many apps. You need to turn on certain permissions that's all all done in that uninstall application. So don't, let it confuse you. It does a lot more than just uninstall speaking of more here's, this section here, an important point – I'll just make right now I do it in a lot of the videos. This background cleaner. You want to tap that make sure it's on tap it and bring up any apps that you've installed. Now, if you have apps that need to run in the background, turn them off at this point. Otherwise, every time you close, the screen they're going to be cut off completely and we do run some special apps from time to time that do need that permission. So just remember it's called background, cleaner and it's hidden here now. This is also where you find face unlock and your screen lock settings and yes with the front facing camera, then all these modern Android watches you can have a face. Recognition thing that it will unlock the watch when you just simply raise your wrist and point it to your face. First, you have to set a pattern lock in the screen unlock settings after that you take a picture, need to follow the directions and we have a video all on about face unlock and it will set it up for you so that you can do that.

Of course you can toggle it on and off from here you have a bunch of other things here. System, work mode is important, keep it normal if you want to get longer battery life, cooler, running a watch and all your apps functioning. Normally, if you're gon na be gaming or something really intensive, you can switch it to performance but monitor your battery heat in the heat of the app and also watch how fast your battery drains. If you want to save that humongous battery to get a lot longer life out of it, keep that turned to the normal. You got other things app, freeze, Storage RAM is all listed in here. Data server is on lots and lots of things in that more section. Inside a setting, so we covered that now, contacts phone and messaging has to do with the phone SIM inside the card. When we took this off and put in a data, Cape compete compatible and phone compatible sim in the USA, that's ATampT or t mobile. That used the GSM network, that these watches run on they're, not universal, like your phone that you can use Verizon and Sprint, and everybody else CDMA and all these other acronyms that's pretty restrictive. But it is 4G. The antennas no longer in the bands are folded over inside the watch itself, so contacts phone and messaging have to do with the internal SIM, not Bluetooth, tethering, to your phone. None of these Android seven watches will allow you to call an answer from the watch.

The calls that come into your phone, okay, that's called Bluetooth, calling they only work with the sim separately in the watch. I know a lot of you wish it would do the other, so do we, the older ones, did back in android 5.1 watches could do Bluetooth calling as well. They were called dual mode, but not anymore they're, trying to fix that, but it hasn't happened yet basic browser is in here downloads. You download things. You have a simple calendar in here. It doesn't do much. It just shows you a little calendar clock is where you have your stopwatch and alarms that you can set and we get to the cameras. This is another whole area now they're talking about the two cameras on this, both being eight megapixel cameras, you're ready to go into this let's launch it first of all and show you the side camera which is over here. You see my fingers wiggling. I am going to take a picture of my fingers there and I'm gon na tap it and they're gon na bring it up so we're gon na take a look at the size. Okay, I got three dots down here. I can say details and it says it's. 24, 48 by 32 64, which, when you multiply that out as 8 megapixels, what that means is it's. A 5 megapixel element in here that's been up interpolated. It means it's, been expanded of sorts to an 8 megapixel picture size.

So indeed, the side camera is eight megapixels. Ok come back here. This is when I get to do my little cameo gosh. I didn't comb, my hair, anything, oh it's, a mess, hi everybody we're doing the front facing camera, see it's a square around it. So it knows, it's got a face, which is why face recognition works so well and so easy I'm gon na take my eyes smiling face. Well, wasn't smiling. I was talking there. I am hit the button again do details there. You go it's, indeed, eight megapixels. So what they're saying in their advertisement is correct. Both the cameras are eight megapixel cameras, that's really nice, to see that they're honest about what they're putting out there. We have seen others that have claimed to be eight and have been as low as 640 by 480. Believe it or not, I think, that's, the LEM 12 really crazy stuff, not anywhere near what they claim, but this is great. So what about pinch and zoom related to camera images? Well, let's. Take a look. This one does things differently a lot of times you can double tap to zoom double tap, to zoom, a little more double tap to return and then there's pinch and zoom watch this now here's some text here's a picture of that text taken with the side camera, Like this and I've got it here, I can DoubleTap whoops didn't. Do it the first one unlock the screen? It'S? Always that way you got ta kind of unlock it, and then you can double tap there.

We go. We zoomed in and there's the text very readable. There'S that photograph right there double tap again and it goes all the way back so it's one deep level of zoom. However, with two fingers thumbs, whatever you do have pinch and zoom capability, but it's a little sporadic it's a little challenging to do it. But you can get in there really really close because of the 8 megapixel capability, again, 5 megapixels up interpolate it. So you can kind of see the edging around the words you do. Have the ability to take a photograph of a large document and be able to call it up and read it? Okay, double tap and you go and get back again. This is the side facing camera. Here is the front facing camera same thing, double tap and I'm. In to me that looks a little bit clearer now it might just be. I held the watch more steady in this one, but there's that one and then there's that one a little bit fuzzier, I think but I'm pretty sure the cameras are identical, but that's the front facing camera held upside down and then feeling for the button to take The picture not an easy thing to do pinch and zoom. Even from this point, we can zoom in pretty darn close, so very impressive camera on this watch galleries. Where you see those pictures, you got a music player on board to play music. You install in the 32 gigabytes in here that's different than a remote music player that you can play music on your phone that comes later, where it's tethered a basic, sound recorder file manager is kind of where you navigate around inside the watch to see things clock Skin is a folder where you drop in third party watch face faces that you want to use on your watch it's in that clock, skin folder and got a bunch of other folders and things in here, and this is where you put your music or movies, and You can see we still have 25 gigabytes of space left a little over set.

Six, almost seven gigabytes is taken up by the operating system and apps and other things and that's all right here in final manager. You have a heart rate monitor now. This is interesting because you don't really see that big heart rate diode thing on the back it's been reduced to a little point right here now. Theoretically, you can get a heartbeat off of any part of your body, it's ideal if you wear it on your wrist, somewhat tight, not too loose, but not too tight to choke yourself, but you should be able to get it off your finger, which I'm doing right Now getting 7778 it logged in at 81, when it first came in and now it's settling down after it's getting multiple samples. So whenever you do your heart rate, give it about a 30 seconds or so to a minute to settle down so that you're getting a true accurate when not the very first thing that comes up heart rates, their fitness, which is the same thing when we slide All the way over here, these are your different fitness activities you can get to that from here as well, and you see the three dots at the top. This is a giveaway that this is the advanced version of the fitness app that allows you to see whatever records you have and to turn on GPS positioning, which will integrate GPS with the fitness app. So when you're doing outdoor runs or walks or cycling, you'll be getting accurate distance measurements from the GPS itself and of course you have all these other sports that are tokin and included in here anyway.

That'S, Fitness weather is where you can set up weather wherever you want voice search is the same as the okay trigger word, Google kind of thing. You can actually do a little bit more than just search, but what I recommend on these is you installed. The Google assistant set that whole thing up so that you can really use all of the features of the Google assistant there's the Play, Store and we're going to get into a little thing about the Play Store in actually the first installment of our new tips and Tricks thing you see here, it is, and you can't even see the icon over here later you're gon na find, if you try to log into the Play, Store, you're gon na get so far putting in your information, but you won't be able to hit the accept Button down at the bottom, so press and hold here tap that little circle come back out and it's gon na be inside a square. Now you see all the things you couldn't see before are here: okay, when you've done whatever you need to do reverse that and now it fills in the square. They skip that a lot, and that seems to be where everybody gets hung up. It'S not just on the Play Store, it happens in maps, it happens in a lot of them. This assistant is not the Google assistant. This is a folder for how you connect to the phone there's that QR code, that when you have the, why watch two app running and it's looking for with the window for you to scan something in that's.

The scanning thing that you use once you're connected. You have all these other things you can use to watch to remote capture, pictures on your phone music control, that's, the remote music control, where you use the watch to play, stop forward music, that's playing from your phone and one of the cool things you can do. If you use your phone at the same time is: have your earbuds tethered to your phone to receive and phone calls from your phone use the music control to play the music on your phone to hear it through your earbuds? Okay, when you're not using your phone tether, your earbuds to the watch take this out, use the other music control to play the music that you put on your watch into your earbuds lots of things you can do here. You can send files back and forth to your phone and, of course, you can find your phone when you're tethered to it we're not going to tether. Today, we've done many times in fact, there's a whole standalone review of the. Why watch app and that's all covered in a different video and just watch that if you need that in information system, optimization is a lot of the stuff we've already shown you in settings brought up to a surface level for things like that clean task that battery Saver thing that we were talking about that you want to go in here and turn off the third party apps that you need to to keep them running in the background screen, lock is here and your face unlock.

We saw those third party app adapters. This is something and it's deeper in the settings that allows things like in your browser for you to see some of the stuff that you don't see clearly it's, just a tweaks things a little bit the system work mode. Remember we talked about that. Keep it in normal don't go to performance unless you're running, something that requires it. App freeze is a way you can freeze some apps that are running in blah, blah, blah, okay and then a app store is a different type of a store than the Play Store. This has copies of Facebook and whatsapp, and those kind of apps that you can download directly. If you don't have a Google account or don't want to use one or aren't connected up. You know logged into the Google Play Store. You can still get some of the basic apps from the App Store and that's it for the stock apps. This is right out of the box. Folks I haven't set it up, like I usually do with a lot of other stuff we'll try to do that in a little bit later for you, I just wanted to show you a clean view of what the watch looks like so that's pretty much it. We will cover a whole lot more on this, including the waterproofing, the sim installation and and more, but for getting this out for getting you guys aware of it. We want to push this out the door right now, while Bang Goods got their insane sales stuff going on in June 2020, Chuck the shoutouts for the buying link for the roll me s08, a big shout out to roll me, the company themselves, who actually sent out This product directly to bang good for sponsoring and supporting us with this, and to you in particular, for watching these videos, giving us a thumbs up a like when you can subscribing.

If you can cuz that's what keeps the cycle going and that's what inspires me to do? What I love and let's review smart watches, we will see you again very soon. We'Ve got a lot more to show you about the s0 8, including comparisons with the genesis and the prime and the Thor 5 Pro, and all the other flagship watches Wow it's, going to be a great summer now, a little teaser. This, of course, is one of our rods faces, one of my favorites. It shows that we have active animation and it does work on this watch. We also have coming up in part two a deeper look at active touch buttons on watch faces, which actually work really well on.