Галактика Смотреть 5 и смотреть 5 профессионал: Bye Bye Bezel

Now like the watch 4 and watch for classic that were released last year, these new watches feature a very similar design. They have a round screen as well as two buttons for navigation. They come with new sapphire crystal glass to make them supposedly more scratch resistant and a redesigned back panel to make […]

Samsung Галактика часы 5 vs Pro | 40, 44 or 45mm, which is best for you?

ive had them on my spindly wii wrists and the first impressions are theyre a bit good. Youve got two flavors to choose from here. The regular galaxy watch 5, which also happens to come in two different sizes, or you can upgrade to the galaxy watch 5 pro with its bigger battery and more […]

Амазфит Бэнд 7 Обзор | Фитнес Смарт-часы Обзор 2022

So the biggest thing with this band is its about 50 bucks on sale, every so often around 45 dollars and its coming in with a 1.47 inch amoled touchscreen display it is always on as well. Конечно, if you do want to use the always on functionality, it will cut down on your […]

Лучшие Smartwatch под 4000 – Noise Vision Buzz – Распаковка & Обзор | смарт-часы под 4000 | Часы

75, 2335 SMS FD, 1.75. Amazing 9Apps, Удивительно, 9000, YouTube twitter, 98, 98, 1857, 200, 91, 2, 24, 200, 5000. HTTPS://www.YouTube.com/Watch?v=o8eHh1FhAuQ

The Best Smartwatch Under ₹5,000!

The redmi watch to light both matrix smartwatch diesel watch r firebolt ring 2 amaze fit bpu pro pebble, cosmos lux real me watch 2 pro and the noise color fit ultra buzz. All of these watches are under 5 000 Рупий. Now we have tested all of the aspects of a smart watch, Быть […]

A Montblanc Smartwatch (Not A Google One): Носите ОС 3 on the Summit 3

After launching nearly a year ago, with a heavily modified look and feel on the galaxy watch, we finally get to see what googles wear. Teh 3 looks like without all that samsung software skin and we get to see it on a time piece from one of the worlds: top luxury brands im michael […]

Tensky Smart Watch Review IOS/Android

My friends cheeks here welcome to product patrol big fun product reviews. Today we are testing out a smart watch from tenski ios and android smartwatch on the back of the watch. Are some precision sensors just checking out the box here, and it is a usb charger and its a magnetic one, так что его […]


Какие 3 y tena muchas ganas de tenerlo por aqu acaba de salir al mercado, por tres razones la primera de ellas, Потому что, no es nada comn que un dispositivo de menos de 70 euros sale; a un precio oficial de 69, С 90 pero como suele ser habitual En este tipo de marcas pronto […]

Review smartwatch siêu bền có 15 CHỨNG CHỈ QUÂN ĐỘI: Амазфит Ти-Рекс 2

I trn sd810 g 2014 v vi: tui ny th m bo l, cc bn c th hot ng, cho nhng, Ме, Синица, Хк, nghit, nht c th, Я не знаю., го, Горячий Нг, в ци, nhit, т м 40, для n 70 C y Chc, Chn, L, Но, Ке, Iu kin m thc s, L […]

Huawei Watch GT3 Pro Review From A Galaxy Watch Owner

The huawei watch gt3 pro when they reached out asking for my honest review. I had to say yes, because of how good this thing looks just look at how beautiful this watch is, but yeah heres what i really think of it. First off this comes in two versions: a 46 millimeter titanium model […]

Amazfit T-REX 2 Обзор // Smartwatch que aguenta tudo!

Do ar se voc curte esse design aqui que procuram por um smartwatch que a fase de praticamente tudo bateria de dez dias eu assistiria o review do algumas fittitweet dois at o final eu testei ele correndo pedalando caminhando os anjos do dia a dia e eu te Conto aqui alm das coisas que […]

Зеплайз Стратос 2 Обзор – Smartwatch Фитнес – AMOLED – 5БАНКОМАТ НА ТЕРРИТОРИИ ОТЕЛЯ – Любой хороший?

So here we have an affordable rugged. Smart fitness watch with a premium amoled display good battery life all day, датчик сердечного приступа, youve got sb02 sleep, Отслеживания, Стресс, tracking and guess what you even got built in gps. Now the watch itself is made from a plastic watch case finished in mostly black, но […]