Вы должны купить его, даже если у вас нет денег, потому что это так хорошо. Это новые часы от FIREBOLTT под названием RING PRO. Это третьи часы от FIREBOLTT, которые внешне похожи на apple watch, но это не работает, как это, ребята. This is KAIF from NOIS TECH and in this video I will be sharing my experience of using this watch, starting with the unboxing. The box itself is of new design different than the previous models. You can see the branding on the front. внутри коробки. You get your smartwatch a USB charger and cards such as warranty cards, user manuals, и т.д. The design of this is similar to FIREBOLTT, RING1 and RING2.. Like the apple watch. It comes with a single button. It changes the watch face just like previous watches. The original apple watch does change watch faces with the button, but with the UI. This watch face is also copied from the APPLE watch. In my view, FIREBOLTT is trying to give an affordable version of the apple watch, or else there may be some conspiracy. The build quality is good, as the framing is made up of metal and the back is plastic made. There is no RED light sensor, just like in the previous models. I dont get this thing its. The third watch from the RING seriesand it still does nothas the RED light sensor, while there are many watches from FIREBOLTT which have a red light sensor and it is not even cheap its for 3800 Рупий.

. На мой взгляд,, it should have a red light sensor. Without it, the SPO2 is unreliable. Дисплей 1.75 дюймов, the ring2 had a 1.69 дюймов дисплей. The display is bigger this time and you also get to see a bit of chin. Основном, it jumped from IP67. In RING2 to IP68 IN RING3 with larger display size, but then they have compromised in terms of sensor. You get a speaker on the side and a mic below the control button. You might be thinking that. Why am I saying all negative about the product? The thing is that in this price bracket, there are watches with accurate sensors. The straps are also inspired by the apple watch. The difference is that it doesnt get locked. Так, в принципе, you have to use apple watch straps with this watch. you dont have to get those 18 20mm straps.. If you want to know the real truth about more such watches, please subscribe and tell us in the comment section what you think of our new presentation pattern. Fireboltt has definitely worked on the UI. I think the UI is very responsive and smooth. You will notice the difference in the smoothness. Как вы можете видеть, the UI is pretty amazing, which is generally not a problem with FIREBOLTT. They have just tuned up the UI and changed it a bit. You can connect to the DAFIT app to change the watch faces. You are expected to get 2 days of battery life with calling the Bluetooth calling feature is also decent.

Just as you get with every FIREBOLTT watch, they did not improve nor degrade the calling quality. you wont face any issues. One of the major changes in RING PRO is that you can put a PIN lock, you can set the passcode by going to the menu and then to the modify lock option. Таким образом, в основном, Есть 3 differences, the display size, ipx68 and the pin lock so guys. This watch is for 3800 rupees and I have made a mini review because I had no interest in reviewing this product, as I had nothing new to tell you guys about. Основном, they are marketing it as a small apple watch, and even some YouTubers are also promoting. It but it lacks actual sensors and new features. а также, быть честным, I think its not worth 3800 Рупий. If you want to buy this product, the links are in the description box below that is it for this video.