У нас здесь он работает на двойных чипсетах, предоставляя вам две операционные системы, так что состоит из версии андроид 9.1. Но у вас также есть очень полезный вторичный свет спортивной ОС., что даст вам эту расширенную производительность батареи. Кроме того, у вас есть две камеры, так что один сверху и один спереди, along with multiple health, датчики, so heart rate and sbo2 monitoring, Сон, мониторинг, pedometer and lots more, and this smartwatch can also take a 4g lte sim, turning it into a full android smartphone. На запястье, first of all inside the box, you will find your paperwork quick, Руководство по запуску, Вы, getting a small sim, eject tool and a magnetic usb charger. Now watch itself is actually made from a complete plastic body sides and back made from plastic finished in black. But you got a very nice looking ceramic bezel. It is no doubt quite chunky in design 54 миллиметров в диаметре и 16.7 миллиметров в толщину, и он весит 68.8 граммов. Now you have a 1.6 дюймовый ips дисплей с разрешением экрана 400 от 400, and this watch does have dual cameras. So a 5 мегапиксельная фронтальная камера, especially for video calls, but you also have an 8 мегапиксельная камера спереди. Теперь, usually you have a side camera and it becomes quite awkward to take pictures on the side. Cosplay has to be the first smartwatch brand thats. в заключение, given us the camera on the front, it makes perfect sense to take pictures like this, and here are a few samples of that front.

Camera eight megapixels, Прежде всего, Музыка, Музыка, so Music and here are a few samples of the top 5 megapixel camera Music. Музыка, Кроме того, this smart watch features dual chipsets, so you have a quad core chip which powers your android mode, and you can see how smooth and fast everything is. There is also a secondary chip that is used for your sports and health tracking modes. Now this smart watch also features bluetooth, but its version four, unfortunately not version five. You also have a triple satellite gps, single band, wi fi and an easy to access 4g. Nano sim slot on the side, and this does support global 4g and its also unlocked to all networks. So youre sticking the sim from any network, and this watch will then turn into a full featured smartphone on your wrist youll then be able to make and receive phone calls and messages directly from the watch. Now this watch is running full android version 9, with access to the google play store, so you can install full android games and apps like whatsapp and skype, enabling video calls directly on the watch. Кроме того, this watch claims to have ip67 certification, but also states at the same time, not for swimming. So i guess its only going to be splash proof, but to be on the safe side. I would stay away from water when wearing this watch now straps are made from silicon finished in black and they are quite easy to remove and replace with your own 22 миллиметровая полоса, и вот как часы выглядят на моем запястье.

Так, да, quite a big watch, you can certainly feel the bulk and weight to it and, in case youre wondering i have a wrist circumference of seven inches. To give you a better idea of the size, i will bring in the samsung galaxy watch for so quick side by side. Галактические часы 44.4 миллиметров в диаметре, с 1.4 дюймовый, amoled display its 9.8 millimeters thick and it weighs only 53.5 граммов. So very quick side by side to give you an idea of the size. Now on the side, we have two buttons one for back one for power and on the other side, there is a 4g nano sim tray at the bottom of the watch at the top. You will see your speaker, grille health, sensors and charger pins ill quickly. Покажите вам зарядное устройство в действии, so its a magnetic usb charger plug that into any 5 ватт USB источник, и это занимает вокруг 2 часов для полной зарядки 1050 миллиампер-часовой аккумулятор. And realistically you can expect around one day of battery life with medium to light usage and with heavy usage. So watching lots of youtube videos or playing games is going to drain that battery even faster. Now closer look at the watch faces. Так, да, you do have lots of built in watch faces to change. Keep the center press for a few seconds youre not going to feel any haptic feedback, but you will be able to select from a whole bunch of different watch faces when you get to the end.

Youll see a plus sign tap it. You will then be able to download from a large choice of free watch faces and they do not take long to download so just tap the download button and its installed and thats the watch face. We just downloaded so ill. Now give you a few examples of the selection of watch faces available on this watch: Музыка. Музыка, all right so time to check out the watch features if you swipe down from the top youve got some connection, information for bluetooth and sim card along with battery, and you even got the time and date. Если вы проведите пальцем влево, youve got some quick toggles for brightness aeroplane mode, Wi, Fi, Bluetooth, и т.д. Если прокрутив еще раз, youve got your os switcher, so you can switch between android mode and sports mode, so we are currently in android mode. If i tap the center, it will ask me: do you want to switch to sports mode, and i want to show you how quickly it switches you can see. We are now in sports mode um. It now extends the battery up to five days in this mode. Theres no android features theres, no wi, fi and theres, нет gps. A lot of the apps are removed. It just gives you a basic sports tracker lets quickly, walk through so swipe down. Youve got exactly the same connection screen swipe left youve got the system mode changer. Если прокрутив еще раз, youve even got the memory cleaner, so all of that is more or less the same.

If you swipe up from the bottom youve got the same health tiles youve got the same music player, but no weather, because weather requires the internet, so the local weather tab is gone now. Lets just go back swipe towards the left is supposed to be notifications and notifications is still there, so it looks like you can still receive your notifications whilst in this mode now, if we swipe towards the left, youve got your apps now the apps are slightly different. There are a lot of apps removed, especially the ones related to phone calls and internet. They will not be there. So this is what you get in sports mode. You get heart rate blood oxygen, weve got sleep, Отслеживания, дышать, Обучение, Календарь, Будильник, Часы, музыка, фитнес-ассистент и Bluetooth. So those are all your apps. Если прокрутив еще раз, youve still got the same sports modes there as well so thats. What you can expect in sports mode and also once youre in sports mode? If someone calls you and you havent got a sim card inserted, you will get a alert for the phone call, but you cant take the phone call directly on the watch again. Bluetooth calls are not supported in either mode, so lets go back to android and again it doesnt restart the phone. It switches almost immediately. Так, в 10 seconds you can switch between android and sports lets swipe again, youve got quick clean, so you just tap it and it will clean the memory.

If we now swipe up from the bottom youve got some quick health tiles. It gives you step counter distance and calories if we swipe again. Youve got music controls and there are 32 gigs of internal storage copy over your music and youll be able to play it from these music controls, and not only that you can connect your favorite bluetooth. Earbuds or headphones, and you can listen to your music on the go and if we swipe again, youve got your local weather and it gives you a seven day forecast as well, which is quite nice now, Если прокрутив пальцем вправо, У вас есть уведомления. So all notifications pushed from your smartphone will end up in this area. Youll be able to read them and respond to them directly from the watch im actually connected with iphone at the moment, but you can connect with android as well, so no compatibility issues. This watch works with both android and ios. Equally, если вы проведите пальцем влево, youve got your apps and ill quickly go through them with you. У вас есть телефонные контакты, Настройки SMS, частота сердечных сокращений, кислорода в крови, мониторинг сна, дышать, Обучение, a web browser, фотогалерея камеры, будильник календаря, Часы, музыка, Диктофон, файл, управляющий, погодный фитнес, настройки рабочего стола. Google youve got the google play store, youve got google maps, youve got optimization, смотреть лицо, store so thats to download more watch faces. You have a secondary, свободно, магазин приложений. You got assistant, Лицо, unlock and calculate later.

Если мы прокручиваем еще раз, you got all your sports modes and exercises so outdoor run. Outdoor walk, крытый перспективе, Ездить, Велосипед, баскетбол, Футбол. You got ping pong badminton rope skipping. So those are all your sports modes now theres, no sim card in this watch at the moment, um and bluetooth phone calls are not supported. So if you do receive a phone call, youre only gon na have the option to drop the call. If you insert a sim card, then you get your phone call features just want to quickly show you the web browser in action, so the official cost bit website has been loaded up and that looks pretty good to me. So full featured web browser um doesnt lag at all um. You can browse any website. You like were gon na see. If this watch has a gyroscope built in here, we go so gyroscope controls yep have been detected and works fine, so this watch does have a working gyro. I want to quickly show you the smartphone app its called gao fitness. When you first open the app it will give you your device information with battery and connection status, and just underneath you have your heart rate, Шаги, Вес, sleep and spo2. It automatically checks your heart rate throughout the day and same with sp02, but it checks it every hour, but you can change things up from settings. If you tap on your device, it will give you a bit more information, and then it will give you all your settings and options.

Youve got auto monitoring every hour, spo2 and every five minutes. Heart rate switch automatic monitoring off for a longer battery life. На данный момент, youve got store and thats going to be. The watch face store and you can see some watch faces have appeared. If you go to popular, you get a lot more choices here, so you can immediately download any of these watch faces. Так, Например, я, like the look of this one so download and install it, говорит, switching and there you go. How quick was that beautiful, um theres, a nice digital one? You have here less than half a megabyte, download and install its going to be more or less instant. I guess downloaded and transferred all right so im wearing the watch on my wrist. I want to do a heart rate test. First of all and im going to compare it to the o2 ring, which is my medical grade: oxymeter, it tests my heart rate and spo2 at the same time, with accurate medical grade results. So first of all were going to test the heart rate. I am in android mode im, not sure if thats going to make any difference at all, the watch is on nice and tight. Its currently measuring my heart rate, so lets see what we get you can see. The live reading on the o2 ring its currently at 88 бьет в минуту 87 and were getting 84 на часы. 89 84.

90 thats gone to 85, 90, 84, 88, 84 и, наконец,, 88. So so thats. What you can expect from the heart rate? Certainly not medical grade standards now. в заключение, кислорода в крови: here we go so the o2 ring is giving us a 97 Крови. Oxygen were waiting for the watch to give us a reading and, как и ожидалось, its giving us 99 hang on a sec so started at 99. Its dropped down to about 96 and its giving us a reading in real time its changing between 96 а также 97.. If you look at the o2 ring its on 97, 97, 96 95 lets see what it settles on 93 thats too low. The o2 rings its consistently 97.. This has gone down to 93 and it stopped on 95 percent um and really it should be close to 97, as you can see from the medical grade sensor. So that means the heart rate sensor and the blood oxygen monitoring is not on par with a medical grade sensor. I also found the step counter to not be as reliable as i would have liked it to be 1 932 steps is not accurate, so this is my step counter of just this morning. 1932 is definitely not accurate. I havent done any walking today. Ive literally gone up and down the stairs to make myself a cup of coffee 1932 Шаги. 1.2 kilometers is definitely wrong, so not much accuracy there in terms of overall health tracking.

Так что у вас есть это, ребята. That was the cospit prime s. Now a lot of things i do like about this watch youve got the full android side, which is so useful. It means i can check out my rear link or arlo camera security systems directly from my watch, along with youtube videos. I also love doing video calls from this with whatsapp and skype and having full android means. You can run all your favorite apks with no issues and you can also quite easily insert a 4g nano sim card, and then this becomes a proper smartphone watch, but its a shame that they did not include better health tracking sensors. Then you would have got the complete package now. I am still to come across a full android smartwatch, with close to accurate health tracking nobodys done that yet. But if any brand can do this, i think hospit has what it takes so definitely interested in what cost bit does next. Это, как говорится, you do get a decent overall performance, no matter which mode im in i have not experienced any lag whatsoever. Также, decent cameras, fast wifi and 4g speeds. Gps is also accurate. Battery life does depend on usage, medium to heavy usage playing games, watching videos or taking photos. The battery will last genuinely four to six hours, medium to light usage. It can last all day, and it does take a good two hours to fully charge that battery. Now i do like the big screen display, although the watch is slightly thick for my wrist, but the weight is not bad.

This is only 68 граммов, so compared to previous full android, смарт-часы, which were all 100 grams plus 68 граммов, does not seem that bad, so bottom line. This watch is suited for those who want full android on their wrist. No doubt the battery life is not enough to replace your smartphone and if you want accurate health tracking, then this watch is not for you. So any questions you guys know exactly what to do.