My friends cheeks here welcome to product patrol big fun product reviews. Today we are testing out a smart watch from tenski ios and android smartwatch on the back of the watch. Are some precision sensors just checking out the box here, and it is a usb charger and its a magnetic one, so its very cool its just the magnet boom bang on there can tell already, because i already changed the screen to a photo of a chipmunk. That was outside, we took a picture of. It comes with a download, very fit app lets go through the options on this phone. Хорошо, just going through the functions here, you can change these with your own photo upload or one of the built in and cloud faces on here that you want and you just go through the options of, is your sliding heart rate. Its measuring my stress. It has your sports modes that you have. This tenskey smartwatch has alexa built in tap on alexa. What movies are playing in cineplex in barry here are the movies playing at cineplex cinemas, north berry. Cегодня, thor love and thunder thor. I havent seen that movie. Yet you can make calls and receive calls with the 10c smartwatch theres a built in dialer lets make a call. Now the weather is great down here and getting a call from anthony Music anthony hows it going. Как ваши дела? The watch is great weather on here. As well theres your health data, the important thing in hereyou have your steps.

You can monitor your steps as you go. A lot of people are counting their steps. В эти дни, you know they have the 10 000 steps daily in. There is your goal. Он имеет. It in here once you start looking and keeping an eye on it about your steps, youre going to be more aware of checking your steps with the smart watch measuring your blood oxygen level. You can control your music on a device thats connected here. Theres your other functions on here alarm, stopwatch timer world clock this you can check noise that uh, so if youre at a concert or checking noise levels whatever this is very handy function isnt that another cool function in here – О 73., im so loud in here it Does have a flashlight function as well now the phone will receive sms messages and notifications like this. This is a a regular text message. Also you can get your whatsapp messages as well and all your other social media. It also has a sleep pattern monitor on it. Как хорошо, i tried it one night and it told me when i was sleeping when i got my rem sleep. I got my deep sleep and a light sleep, so thats very cool. If you want to check that function, if you want to shower with your watch, you know the convenience of taking it off. Так и есть 5 Банкомат, so you can wear it in a pool. You can wear it when youre swimming and you can wear it in your shower ive tested in the shower its still working and you got to see this clip were at the beach tested.

It out see what happened here. We have im just gon na throw it in daniels in shock daniels in shock. I couldnt find the watch i just found in the water its so murky. I should have kept a better eye on it. I found it uh dont, throw too far murky water. You might not find it, we almost lost the watch for the test here, lost your phone or its somewhere close to you lets say, but you just want to locate it quickly, найти свой телефон. You just tap this its finding. My phone and my phone is ringing right now. Хорошо, i found it Laughter. You know little things of this smart watch, you just start finding that you never would use, но как только вы привыкете к этому, its addictive and its fun check out the smart watch from tenski. Thanks for watching the video dont forget to comment like and subscribe.