The Smart Watch sticks were a YouTube channel on the web at SmartWatch, ultra thin body for under 20. We can put you into this little band right here. Wow there you go, I've got a manual, I've got the band and I've got a charging dock, and what is it that we're looking at it's from run doing this is their brand new kW 19. They claim women's SmartWatch, waterproof blood, oxygen, heart rate, monitor and men's. Sport watch as well: yep 20 bucks does a lot of fun stuff too it's totally waterproof. It has a step count tracker in it remote control, stuff. You can push messages, alarm, clock, all kinds of good stuff and more and more of the specs silica gel band 240 by 240 1.3 inch screen. What more you need to know here, we go let's, take a look at it wow. It is it's a soft rubberized, TPU, silicone kind of removable band and look how thin this puppy is. Very. Very nice got a little cover on the screen. Take that off and charging pins heart rate monitor and blood oxygen, and I think blood pressure to will check into that here's. The charging dock. Okay, it's, like a little makeup case, isn't that sweet there's, the pins one align the pins up, drop it inside. Oh look a little notch for the button as well snap it down and there you go nice smooth glass, surface, plug that into your USB charge.

It up when you're done press the button release it take it out, definitely designed with ease in mind there's, no magnetic coupling or strange clip on kind of thing that you guys watch the. What is it the band I've reviewed, the honor band 5 and the way that little thing charges? Oh all kinds of strange stuff out here anyway, um smart bracelet manual. Here we go there's a quick review of what's in the manual since usually these are not available for download or viewing online defit is the app that this one tethers to. We have extensive reviews of defit already and in the show notes. You'Ll see links to some of the other videos, we've done where we've dived into the duh fit app and suggest you take a look at those. If you want to learn a little bit about the app before you get started with this watch. That way, we can pretty much focus today on the watch itself. Ok ah keeps going on and on yeah look at that. We'Ve got blood pressure and blood oxygen. Several different sports modes it's got weather in it all for 20, nice very thin watch to which a lot of people are talking about now that they want a thinner watch to work with man. This whole thing is an English manual and it just keeps going okay here we are we're at the middle of the book, there's the warranty card, and then we go into the Chinese manual that's facing this way.

Okay time to charge it up, as we always do and come back and give you a run through, obviously with one button on the side, it makes it easy to press that button and turn it on. You wait. You wait there's a little vibration. It popped up. There you go and we've got our first screen, which is of course, our time date step count heart rate, oh come back here: where are we going? Oh, okay, we're pressing a button down at the bottom. I guess we'll cycle through all it Wow very colorful let's. Just turn through them and get back to that front page again, this is impressive. Almost like a kids watch, huh it's got really fancy graphics, okay, heart rate, their battery level. That I'm, not sure, probably a distance travel when you touch it you're getting your step count with the time on here, that's nice, you get that there. This time is on every screen. Last night's sleep time, here's, the heart rate monitor we'll check that when we put it on training, I imagine you press and hold to get into the different sports walking and running cycling, skipping rope, badminton, basketball, football and, back again so let's jump into running a lot Of people people do that we start it. You see the heart rate diodes started flashing. I guess it stopped because nothing's touching it oh cool yeah, you see that that's pretty cool it tell it, can tell if you're there and it'll register the heart rate, if you're actually on it.

So I'll put my finger on it. Oops don't don't pause. Don'T, stop come back here that long press takes us back out of there. Okay. So here we are we're doing a reading it's giving us our step count if we were walking wow and back out of it. Where are you, oh, my goodness, very sensitive, calories, burned and heart rate, so you get those four things and then it's flipping back to time and touching takes you back over to that page again got to try it out and make sure you know what which things Depress then, a long press here gets us into these modes and a long press will get us out of it. There we go and then we got a loop through all these to the back button press and hold to take us back, and that was the training. Then we've got blood pressure, blood oxygen text messages pushed from your phone. If you have any remote camera capability on every page, the battery level and the time remote music player other which, when we press, gives us a stopwatch, a mute that mutes the vibration there's. No speaker in here overall brightness, which there's fulbright that's, pretty decent whoa that's Lois bright, which is really low. Okay, it's, not the brightest light bulb in the box, but it's pretty decent. If I put it on highest brightness, you can see it's pretty much washed out here on the video. I don't know that you'd see it under bright Sun, but you'd see it under Shady Sun.

I would think outdoors and that low level is really really low reset. The whole thing powered down and, of course, coming back coming back. We take us one more step and we're back to the time press and hold here. You get the address information of how you're going to tether to the DA fit app and that's pretty much it. So we want to go into heart rate, press and hold so it'll get started, put it on my excessively sweaty arm right now, it's really hot here and uncle tix sweats easily. So a good waterproofing test, huh. Okay, where are we Wow we're all the way over? In training here, let's scoop this puppy back over to heart rate, there press and hold loading and testing. So we definitely have some fancy graphics on this watch. We like to test it out to see how long it takes for these functions to work, whether or not it'll just shut down or shut off and go back to black or to time or to what. So. I got one reading 78 79, all right, so it's still averaging out the heart rate right now, I'm feeling for a vibration that lets me know what's, completed and doing its single test and there it is okay, it locked in at 80, it looks like and it's Holding the screen for a moment and when you tap it again good we're right still there again now we'll skip past training.

We looked at that we're gon na go over here to blood pressure. And again, I give you my little talk on blood pressure that none of these have been proven, accurate that you should not rely on any of the blood pressure measurements from these watches without first double checking. You'Re calibrated blood pressure, reading system right if you're monitoring, blood pressure, you're doing it for a reason so check in with your doctor get the correct reading. That is the medical standard 120 over 80. Odd that I would come up with exactly that. Reading really folks check the numbers make sure that you're getting a decent result and not either bogus information, that's pulled out of thin air or simulated numbers, but that it's actually accurate to you. Okay, blood oxygen is the other thing. You also want to be careful of to make sure that you're getting a legitimate reading – it usually is pretty fast. It should be between 95 and 100 there's, all sorts of things associated with that that could make it lower. There could be a medical issue that you'd want to look into just because you may be getting readings between 95 and 100. Doesn'T necessarily mean you're, healthy don't, believe these numbers are accurate, okay, but use them as a guideline in cooperation with your regular medical practice, messages again would be pushed here from the Duff fit app and, of course, the camera shutter and everything else so we've seen all Of those we're back to the time frame window and that's what it looks like line.

This is the black one, one single button on the side, good size for men or women and available right now from run doing again, it is the kW 1920 bucks. If I got a coupon discount for you it's available, I think there's what 2 went off right here right now so head on over using the link in the show, notes and pick it up if you're interested you've been watching. Smart watch ticks thanks for being here again check the show notes for the link to videos that go into detail on the tethering app the Duff it tethering app. If you want to see how everything looks on the app and, of course, the watch will transfer all of the different data that it picks up for you to that app whenever you tether it and sync it so a lot more to this than just meets the Eye you've got the full on capability to archive your data as well.