A youtube channel on the web at smart watch ticks calm. I got a funbox here, it's so nice to see that China is recovering from the corona virus and starting to ship out new products yep. This is a brand new one, and not only do we have this really nice screen on this watch, but it's removable bands and it's packaged like this, so you get to put them on yourself, which we'll do in a little bit. First, I want to tell you how you can get it Aliexpress Run. Doings official store. Has the NY 17 available for you right now and they're opening up an amazon stored, here's their Amazon listing? They have it in a variety of colors and you could pick it up through Amazon as well. Of course, the prices I may have coupons for you so check both of them, okay and, if you're comfortable, and want to recommend doing it through the Amazon store, because this is the first. This is something new. A lot of the China companies are starting to look at broader distribution channels, and Amazon is a great one. What we've got in this is a bunch of stuff it's, a full touchscreen SmartWatch ip68 waterproof they're, calling it it's a basic fitness watch. Has your standard functions as we'll see, it does have a count up stopwatch and a countdown timer as well. It'S got the heart rate, tracking and it's in a variety of languages which they're actually showing each one here on their spec sheet.

Basic 240 by 240 screen there's no GPS in it, but it is a nice thin little thing, as you can see right here. Let'S pop it out look at that module now it's got the that design of having ECG on it, and you know the electrode plates and all that, but it doesn't actually support ECG from what I can tell it's got a little pull off cover it's got a Single button we press and hold – and it should say hello, hello, there Wow it took a long time, okay, hello and we are up and we have a variety of watch faces. You know what let's finish the unboxing and then I'm gon na run through it. For you, I've got the vans in here and look at this they're really unique slip on bands that are gon na slide through that little slot and lock in place Wow. So you won't be able to use standard bands so make sure the color you order. Has the band color that you want to go with your watch when we get deeper underneath here take off the cover we find a charger which is your standard, USB cable, docking, type of a charger and with the two spots lining up here, you simply put it In this comes right in here, press it and it locks in place with or without the bands, so you could use this as a little pocket watch. If you want to that's true, you could, with the bands of course, they'll just be lying flat on the side plug it in charge it up.

It has good battery life on. It should last quite a long time and you good to go. So you got the charger. You'Ve got a screen protector here. If you want to put a screen protector on it, yeah it doesn't, look like it has one yet I'm, not a big fan of screen protectors. I'Ve never really had a watch get scratched and banged up, but if you tend to be pretty wild and banging your stuff, you may want to put one on here's. The overall user's guide in multiple languages we'll run through the English portion for you and give you time to freeze frame it it's a well done manual with color pictures. You notice that it pairs with each band, which is one of our favorite ones, that's the one that will give you the female cycle, tracking and that's available on this swatch as well. You'Ve got sports mode, sleep monitoring on it. You saw it time. Oh you, didn't. I'M covering it, but it just timed out there you can adjust how long it's gon na be on when you actually activate it. You'Ve got select buttons directly on here for alarm, clocks and event reminders. It even has the stationary reminder for health really sophisticated little watch for everything it can do with a nice bright screen on it too. Ok and that's it and then we're in two different languages. So, instead of putting it together because it's kind of easier to work I'm, just gon na hold it and run it through its paces, for you, then we'll put the bands on at the very end.

This is one of the watch faces you slide to get to other ones. This is kind of a nice nighttime, a luring one here's another analog. One you've got the power level and whether your Bluetooth tethered to the H band app, this one is misleading. I was excited at first, I saw that and I thought oh, my gosh it's gon na show you your heart rate chart over 24 hours but it's simulated. This is just a watch face. You do get data in here in the data fields, but you really don't get a chart like that, which is not too bad. Then you've got that watch face to another analog one here's, that digital butterfly again get the same thing. When you go the other direction. As well in your back, okay, when you go to the left, you get into your app drawer when you go to the right, you get into a variety of functions, including your it's daily pedometer count, calories, burned, distance, traveled, here's last night's, sleep time, here's, the power Off button and the information you need to look for when your Bluetooth, tethering and now we're at the app drawer and then back again, so you see how both ways they are complete circles. So you can just go this way to get into the app drawer. Now, in terms of apps, you have sports section, you have all of these an outdoor run or walk indoor run or walk a basic walk.

You got stepper, I mean they're, really creative outdoor ride and indoor ride again, there's, no GPS. So your step count is going to be what determines your distance for walking and running you've got elliptical trainer and even a rowing machine on this one. So apparently it can detect detect all of that and when you're actually running an exercise, you get time. You get your heart rate if you're covering the sensors back here and you'll, get calories burned and it computes. Apparently, the calories burned, based on time, heart rate and whatever that particular workout would probably generate on average, so it's a rough estimate, but it gives you some guidance that you could try to keep up with, especially if you're going to do something. You want to monitor your heart rate to make sure you don't exceed a certain level or you're just going to do it against a certain amount of time. You have all that available. What I like, is you also have the day that the current time on these displays, which really helps if you want to just kind of keep on track it end. If you don't have enough information like over a couple of minutes, it doesn't record anything and then you're out of it so that's the whole sport area when you're tethered. You have to find your phone feature that will make your phone beep. You have heart rate, which again I'm covering the back diode here and another feature.

I like you've heard me go over this before it's really good, especially for outdoor use, when your data is white against a black background and the bigger the digits the better. This is not that big it's doable, you could see this outside. You can see it right now right, but it's not huge. I really would like to have the heart smaller with the animation and have the display, for heart rate, really big, but most of the folks have not realized that yet because they don't actually use these things. Here'S blood pressure, same kind of situation, we've got an animated graphic. Going does tell you. It'S blood pressure shows you the current time 1224 hour that should be switchable through the app but we're, not gon, na tether this one. Today I want to get this out for you again you. We got a lot of different reviews on the H band app and you can look at any of those against the watches that I'm tethering them with to learn more and deeper about how the app works – and I was bouncing around and talking too much. But you can see the size of the digits here. This would be systolic and diastolic. I don't imagine that the blood pressure is highly accurate, we're using the regular diodes and processes you can get a number and then compare that with what your actual blood pressure is and then check it when your blood pressure is higher and you get the reading here Is it also higher by the same amount, if you're seeing that, then you can use this just adjust it to your actual blood pressure here's the stopwatch that counts up again, medium sized digits, but you are getting time down to the hundredths of a second reset out Of here there's your countdown timer now this is why they all should be really nice large, digits, I'm gon na give it a couple of seconds three seconds and start it to one, and it just vibrated shows you your your zero that you've you've ended time.

It gave me three vibrations and we're out of there. You got overall information pushed from your phone that's where you'd see your notifications and, if you're registered in the H band app as a female, and you set up your cycle information there, you're gon na get where you are in your tracking displayed right here on the Watch if you're male that's gon na all go away and here's our settings, you have your information settings where you can select to receive a notice that there's an incoming call. You can't talk to the person on this watch, but you can reject the call. If you want to and know who called here's push information, you have WeChat and QQ. Most of this is for China all of these available Facebook, Twitter, and course you have to have that on your phone, and you have to have activated the notifications in your phone to be pushed to your watch so there's a lot of setup on this, but they Have broken down LinkedIn whatsapp? All of these are aligned Instagram, snapchat and Skype. All of these are listed here, including email, if you're, armed, Gmail and other catches, everything else so selective leaf right from the watch you can choose to include or exclude certain notifications, that's. Really nice notice, I haven't even been on full brightness there. We are full bright. I want to show you on watch face hello where's. My watch faces there. We go that dim one that we had there: okay, that's what it looks like at full brightness.

I know if you can see there's some little ripples behind here. It still looks pretty soft to me there's that one here's one that's got quite a bit of brightness, so let's go over to information in settings, brightness control and crank it all the way down way down there. So that's your nighttime, glow and that's. What it would look like for you at night now, of course, we can't continue doing the review at that low of a level so we're gon na bring it back up a bit brightness and a little over halfway. It was a good setting. So beyond that, then you've got screen lock up length that's the time it takes and I've got it set to thirty seconds, which is the maximum cuz. As far as I'm concerned, it's got great battery life, even if I have all these settings all the way up. Full brightness full time everything. No, I haven't tested exactly how long it is because I pretty much just got it but it's it's professed to have really good several days battery life and then you've got your cut your onoff settings. You can turn on or off alarms your Bluetooth disconnect if you're not going to need to tether it to bluetooth. You can actually turn it off on this one, so it's not always powering Bluetooth, sedentary reminder on or off, and you twist your wrist to see the time is right there as well. You can monitor your blood pressure regularly in increments that will be transferred to the app you can do our heart rate monitoring notice, how sensitive it is, and you have heart rate abnormality monitoring with this watch as well.

So all of these three measurements – bio measurements – are available to be done in the background, while you're wearing it on your arm or if you don't need that you can turn them off to get even longer battery life and that's the onoff settings and that's everything here In settings, and then you have a music player that if you're tethered to your phone will play the music on your phone and you can skip forward or backward. I don't believe you can adjust the volume, but you can pause it or move it forward or backward, and that folks is pretty much it turn it off. I think it's, a long press or you can press here and hold that's the easiest thing for me. Bye and you got it off so as far as putting these on, you always want to have the clasp part toward the top of the watch, and the buttons are normally to the right for a right, left, wristed wearing right handed person. The button will be on the right, so you want to make sure the buckle is down, and you want to slide it through here right in the middle there and it clicks in place. We want to do the same thing on this. One notice that the silver was pointed downward, there's, no easy way to tell which is up and down on this, but the silver part was down. So we slide that into place and we've got it locked.

We wrap it around notice how thin it is. That'S, a nice feature of watches that do not have GPS, so there's a trade off on thickness and overall accuracy on Fitness. So if you're not a hyper fitness, buff and you're just doing okay with what you got and it slides in here, like so long press on the side, you don't really need GPS. If you don't really need the accuracy of the fitness it's a long time for it to boot up, but there we go and we've got it and you're good to go. Now. It comes in pink for ladies it's, a good size to work for, ladies or for guys it's kind of right in that middle area, and where can we get it who's putting it out run doing yep from their Aliexpress store. Look for the NY 17! I have links directly to it and if I got a discount coupon, it will be listed there tell you how to use it so apply the discount coupon right now, it's on a discounted coupon at 31 bucks already. So I probably won't have a discount coupon better than that. You should just buy it at that price, most likely, but the normal price is 35 and I probably can meet that or maybe beat it later, depending on how generous they are with us. It is also going to be in Amazon it's a bit more money in Amazon listed right now, but if there's a coupon there look for that as well.

We'Ll try to get that for you to apply if you feel more comfortable buying from Amazon, because you've already got that all set up. You do have the option to doing that and you have pink or I believe, the black gray combination as well and that's. It it's a sweet, little watch, basic functions, nice and thin good and bright. Pretty much does everything you saw well. You'Ve been watching. Smart Watch ticks. We appreciate you being here. Your subscription and we're really happy to see the china watch is starting to ship again. So we'll have a lot more for you.