You can calculate and track your step count daily. Your distance, traveled and calories burn. You also have blood pressure capability on this device to get your systolic diastolic. Reading your pulse or heart rate is captured, and you have last night's sleep time if you take it to bed with you. Some features that you can add through the app include tethering to your phone, so you can find your phone. You have a stopwatch feature built into it and you can set up a countdown timer from the phone specifying how much time you'd like to turn on and count down. You have a power off function and a variety of different watch faces when you're. Here again, you press the enter and it'll start a stopwatch. It'Ll time your workout and give you step count, calories burned and your heart rate, all in all it's a very nice sophisticated device that has continuous heartrate and continuous blood pressure on the app tethered to the phone check it out.