This has the NY 0 6 in it. Wow this thing is cool. Oh yeah, smart watch ticks calm. That'S our web address gets you right here to the YouTube channel gon na unbox this and show you that run doing has outdone themselves again this about 20 25 bucks somewhere in that range is a really sweet band I'm. Not kidding I've had a chance to play with this and I'm gon na show you some things about it too. Let'S talk a moment about it, it's available through the Aliexpress storefront for run, doing their corporate presence and, like I said about 22 in on sale right now, check the show notes for the updated price, and if I have a buying coupon for you, you can pick It up there inside this thing. It looks kind of simple but it's, actually really sophisticated, in particular, because it's using the H band H, fan to actually tethering app. What you're gon na see it's fully waterproof ip68 it's a gorgeous display, it's, doing blood pressure, continuous blood pressure, continuous heart rate, sleep, tracking, push messaging it's even got the birds excited outside you here: life waterproof! Well, you know that life. Waterproof is a funny kind of name, but if it's ip68 you should be able to get it in water without any problem got some pictures of the actual screen on here. The different watch faces that you can get on display, so let's dig deeper into the box.

Show you that we've got a tea bag with a charging cable in it and it's a standard USB 2 2 pin magnetic coupling that hey got it right attaches right on the back easily holds the watch very nice. In fact, you could have this thing on with the charger have this going up your long sleeve in the winter right and into your pocket or your belt plugged into a charging thing and keep the thing live fully charged for months. It does have a decent battery life in and of itself after you charge it up. I haven't been able to run it out, of course, but I've run it for a couple of days and I haven't even seen any drop in the battery so really really nice. For that, underneath we have the actual manual which we will page through briefly for you, the user's guide in English requirements are shown here. Then we've got your charging and your tethering and once again it's using the H band app, and we have many many reviews of that. App also check in the show notes. I'M gon na have a link directly to the Google Play Store where you can download that app and a link over to other videos where we've gone in detail on that particular app and and really dived into it. I'M gon na highlight the app in today's video and not spend a lot of time, but show you some things that are really significant that you want to know.

I can't believe the prices on these things are getting down to 20 bucks for an amazing device. That does lots of health and fitness functions here. We have some additional things that you're seeing on the screen that didn't come with the band, but they are edible through the app. So it really is important that you understand the app and you're able to tether your phone to your watch so that you can get access to all of this stuff, as well as transferring your data over okay, now we're getting into multiple languages, let's, clear everything off And get going it's got a really nice light, very flexible, TPU band heart rate sensors in here the bands are not removed. Mind you, a very striking bright, highlight rectangular bezel around a nice face charging ports and one button which is on the bottom. Forget it the right way and we press and hold and that will vibrate and start the device. Now I have the brightness up nice and bright on here, so you can see it. This is how it will be outside and it's pretty close to easily readable. Outdoors. Definitely in the shade – and you can actually make out the time in the in the sunlight as well: let's walk through the pages, real, quick habit. We get into a section, I'll come back to after we've looped through where you can go into your actual exercise. Routines. Here you have your daily step.

Count I've, worn it a little bit this morning, it's kind of washed out, because the brightness is so high. Your kilometers walked from that pedometer and your calories burnt those three screens and look how big the display is very nice on this mode, you're getting the heart rate sensor thing kicking in and doing blood pressure oops. Let it time out if it's on my arm. It would hold in that mode and calculate your systolic diastolic pressure, your heart rate or beats per minute of your pulse is right. There I got a talk, faster and keep moving. Then you get into last night's sleep time and be shown on this screen. Now the find your phone feature has been added as well as a stopwatch as well as a countdown timer. All of those features are available, but not initially installed in the device, and then you can power it off again. Okay, so we've looped around now wanted to come back here and press to enter and whoa didn't press long enough. Wow I've got a lot of things on this there we go press and hold and hold there okay, so it went into this routine. Now, where you're going to get time, you're gon na get your heart rate, your calories burned in your step, count so it's an exercise program and when you're finished with it, you can press and hold that should take you back to uh, just press there. You have it on pause there, you have it on return and there's back to the display again.

So you composite, if you want to when you press long, you get here and you can either return or continue playing, follow how all that works. Okay, so press and hold and press and hold on this one and then I'm done and that takes them back to the overall watch. All right, I'm gon na bring the app in right now, we're gon na talk a little bit about the connections to it. It'S called the H band h van 2.0 app here. It is in the google play store when you open it boom. You see all that stuff show up. Let me brighten it up just a little bit here and we're on this home screen, I've already tethered and all that kind of stuff and again I'm. Just gon na highlight what you get in here. You get an edger page. That shows you your step count, and here it is broken down by our in a bar chart. Here you got last night's sleep data. This is the fun part. Now you've got the continuous heart rate if you're wearing this thing, it's gon na give you like every 10 minutes, your heart rate and your blood pressure you go into any of these and it's gon na show you the actual values. Okay, all right, in this case it's every half hour, it's set up for and that time that you're in the different zones is shown here as well. When you go in on the blood pressure.

Look at this every 10 minutes as I had it in the blood pressure reading mode and it's, taking a separate blood pressure. Reading every 10 minutes, we've looked for continuous blood pressure for a long time. Now again the caveat we got a point on all of them. How accurate is the value that's something you're gon na have to determine on your own cuz one everybody's, individual and unique to you got to check to see how well the data from the device matches up with what you're known blood pressure is and that's important, because In the settings on this, there is a way that you can set up your blood pressure in here somewhere to match your actual blood pressure. If you have hypertension, typically you're gon na put in the debt that values that you normally get with your reading with a cuff, you know that the scientific way of doing it and it will work off of that to predict your deviation from your normal blood pressure. Otherwise, it's just gon na use a static blood pressure. Well, while we're here I like to change to Imperial because I'm in the u.s., you can change all kinds of different themes on here. That'S, just the background looks like there's. Only one available your sport goal, here's, where you actually get into the band here we go. This is what I'm talking about blood pressure, private mode let's say that you're normally a hundred and thirty five over eighty five.

You save that and have this thing turned on and now, when it does the blood pressure readings it's, going to use that baseline and then measure the changes from that with your a little higher or a little lower than that default, because you're not wearing a cuff. To do this using the optical diode type technology can show you a deviation from a norm. It'S not actually measuring the full blood pressure itself. So you want to make sure you set that whole thing up turn your with risk to see the time is on you. Can do sedentary settings as well have a heart rate alarm available for you. If you want to it's great, you got to read up about this and watch the videos on it to get more information, but in general, if I want to, I can go into this mode here, which is what I was doing, which is how I got that Continuous blood pressure you got to have the thing on and of course you have to have it on. I make it nice and snug and make it above that little bump on you wrists, sorry with the brightness here it blooms the camera out. So the proper position is above the little bump here, relatively tight. That might be a little too tight, but I'm gon na leave it there anyway, I'm, not doing anything with the band because I'm gon na activate this get the brightness a little bit better right here.

So I press that button now watch here. This is actually going to now start to acquire the signal coming back. You know how this thing works right: the diodes flash, the the green light into my body, and it reflects off of the blood moving through my capillaries, and you get this heart wave type of a thing going on it. Doesn'T need the screen on its operating in the background, if you're working with the app and there it gave me my blood pressure, remember I put in my default 135 over 85 it's calculated the deviation from that and I'm gon na say. Okay, now it looks like it's all stopped here at this point, but it is actually gon na do that test over and over again, every 10 minutes. I believe, while I'm in this mode. It might just be doing it in general. I can activate it again, which I'm going to, because I want to show you something let's, let it get started. Let it finally figure out the the signal and now I'm gon na mess around with it a little bit I'm gon na like move it and change it and verify that we're actually taking real data in you see that that's a good test for you to do On anything that you you get, can you get a heartbeat or blood pressure from a potato there's, a video up of that somewhere on the web of a device giving a really good blood pressure from a potato? So you want to confirm that you're getting accurate data same thing happens here now on heart rate, you've got all of the half hour readings in, but if you want to take a specific one, you can do this and you can do that and guess what gain That'S continuous, this will not stop as long as you have battery in here and battery in there and the two within a range of each other, you're gon na get a consistent and regular heartbeat reading on here.

I forgot to stop it. I was over at the computer, answering comments and preparing another video for upload and I came back an hour later with this thing on and I had exact same thing. I had readings happening right there now they're not showing on the screen, because it's tied to the app, but I think we can put it into that heart rate mode over here and let's see what happens. I haven't done this before there it's taking the reading, looks like it paused this and it's, sending it over here now so now we're getting the heart rate reading from here. If I start it up, there are they matching. Wow looks like so far they're, both holding at 69. There you see them both switch there, you go so really a cool device. This thing, I'm very, very impressed, especially at its price point, with all the things that you can do, press and hold will do the vibration thing call your phone, oh my gosh, that did find me good, good attention. Getter, like I said there are ways in the overall setup here that you can get into the band itself and turn on and off these different kind of functions. That will add things like a timer on it or a countdown timer, and you specify what amount of time you want it to count in the app over here and it'll. Do that I've got it like set for 10 minutes and at 10 minutes it's supposed to vibrate, you don't set all that up in the watch while you set it up in the app and it'll take it from there and it's doing it on its own.

In the background, how about the watch faces sure they're changed from within the app and they're called different styles here's, an analogue SmartWatch, its style to style one I skipped over that I was on default. Is this one different coloured large, digits style? Three Wow looks like that: that's fun, here's another one with a butterfly. You got this one very creative colorful design, so you've got quite a bit of data. If you really want a lot of data on your watch style, seven looks like this: eight mm, hmm, nine and ten and again the default. What else can I tell you, nice, waterproof yep, see it's still running, press the power off and you can save battery. It is the third, ah, the ny0, 6 and it's from run doing and they keep giving us some really incredible products I'm very impressed with this company. They got a Aliexpress, storefront and dial. You can order it today, right now, as a matter of fact, check the show notes below the video click on the link to take you over there. We really appreciate it when you use our links cuz, they track all that to see that the sales are coming because you watch the video and that helps us get more watches like this to review. For you all right, gang you've been watching.