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You read the title right, beyond the edge. You know how those Samsung phones have a screen that warps around the side? Well here comes a smartwatch that simulates that effect with a careful bezel design topped with a raised, angle-cut glass cover. The effect generated offers an illusion that the screen extends beyond the bezel. It’s just plain fun to watch!

Overall this is a great Android 7.1.1 smartwatch with all the typical apps and features we’ve seen on many others, but with a lower 320×320 pixel LTPS screen. It has a small “flat tyre” at the bottom which may annoy some folks.(no always time display feature either). It also lacks integration of GPS with the fitness functions, something that is starting to emerge on Android 7.1.1 watches either out of the box or through OTA updates. Hopefully we’ll see that added to this one soon. As for 4G connectivity, I have not had a chance to test this watch in this one location with one carrier, but it should work fine, especially in other areas of the world using GSM networks. Finally, the R360 has athat new style of strap or band. It’s a hybrid combination of skin-friendly silicon on the underside and leather on top.

This watch is very similar to the ZEBLAZE Thor 4 Pro, and you can watch that review for additional information here:

Here’s how to order:

First log into your AliExpress account. Then go to the coupon page:

Click on Get Coupon Now, then click on the link to the R360 smartwatch from their store:

Click Add to Shopping Cart and then View Shopping Cart.

Click “Buy from this Seller” and you’ll get a page to finalize you sale. In the bottom right there should be your $10 coupon listed.

Click Confirm and Pay when you have provided all your purchasing information, and the watch is yours for $10 off! Enjoy!

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