At the last, smart watch ticks calm. You guys know that by now, we're fit 2.0 is the tethering app. You can get it with the QR code when you scan it or use the link in the show notes of the review of the brand new run. Doing t4 it's a neat fun thin thing thin, as in you know, and it's. Supposedly, a really bright screen and bright is right, run doing tea for women men both pretty much a little over 20 bucks might get it even down to 20 bucks with the coupon we'll have to see what's it got. It'S got a pass summit. Err! Yes, that's! Your step count things sleep tracking message reminders. Basically, remote control push messages, all the tethering stuff. You get basically connected with your phone alarm, clocks, heart rate tracker. We also have blood pressure blood oxygen with this bright little puppy. All these different languages are supported. We'Ve got a good sized battery for about seven days, continuous use they say, and maybe up to a month and standby and fully waterproof ip68 240 by 204 screen let's. Look at it. It comes inside this nice colored box, where the white background and a little screen protector over it that we can peel off to reveal the nice shiny front surface screen. It is a very thin thing. It'S got a really nice TPU band, with lots of holes, gon na fit all kinds of arms, so definitely male or female heart rate diode, charging port right there, ten and a half millimeters thick, really really nice.

In the box itself, we have the charging contraption it's. Another one of these, like a compact that women would carry around in their purses right and you put that thing in there and you slap that down there and you go easy to charge actually easy to use. So, if you're familiar with what we we did, one of these that had the same kind of a connection. This is a different doc, that's self contained and fully enclosed. So you can't accidentally hit it on funny and and miss charging it overnight. We'Ve got a manual and that manual is in Chinese on that side and, yes, English on this side, take a look at it gives you, your basic operation, information, not a very long manual, Wow, really tiny writing. Hopefully, you guys can zoom in on that watch it on your HDTV right and a little bit more, but most of this we're gon na cover on the watch itself, which once we charge it up, will turn it on and let you take a look at it Now, with no buttons on either side, there must be a button in the bottom right, so we're gon na press and hold on the front of the watch and boom it vibrates and gives us our time our date and the opportunity to not do any of the Swiping because it's only be caught what button betcha right down here at the bottom tap that's, how we get around you got your step count page that'll show you, of course, your steps, distance, traveled and calories burn here's.

Last night's, sleep time. If you wear it to bed, and you could because it's really thin tap it again, we get into measuring of the heart rate, really soft, diode wow. I haven't seen one that that's soft and actually I don't know how many of you guys sleep with these watches. But if you do and you don't wear them really tight on your wrist, which you're not supposed to and it's got dual bright green diodes. When you move your arm around it flashes in your eyes, you wonder if a spaceship is landed, but this one's getting a good heart rate. It looks like that's about right in the 70s. I would say right now using that tiny little oh it's got bright. Oh look at that it gets brighter when it senses that you're there oh that's sweet. That means it's really working, oh and it goes to zero. If it's, not I like that, not reading thin air. Now we get to blood press sure eating, looks like same kind of thing: I'm gon na go ahead and run it through. So you can see, as we always talk about blood pressure – is a nebulous thing, it's really hard to do with a green diode, and so we advise you to just use this, for entertainment purposes, rely on blood pressure from a calibrated, coffee or doctors office. That kind of stuff you can check this one against that one and see if it matches up pretty well or not and if it's off by a little bit or a lot and it's in one direction or the other and it's consistent that's.

The big word, then, you could probably give an idea of how far one way or the other is going and if there's anything to be aware of you could go and get your heart rate. Blood pressure, checked, it's, still beaten, it's still changing it. Hasn'T settled down and finished, but it's close it's, giving me 122 over 74 just vibrated and finished that's its final value and that's reasonable. Then blood oxygen again that same thing and we don't have to press the screen to activate it. Just touch the bottom. Now, blood oxygen saturation, I don't know a whole lot about it: cuz I'm, not a full on fitness guy, but I understand that like. If you get down pretty low in your blood oxygen saturation, you could be needing to take a rest from your workout you're. Probably not working it optimal and the good range is somewhere between 96 and a hundred is that right guys, I don't know if anybody's ever hit a hundred. I thought usually about ninety seven. Eight, nine is what I see taking a long time to measure this one, but there it is 99. It says, probably because I'm circular breathing as I'm talking right getting a lot of oxygen, oh they're at all at 97 and back to 99, so it's. Taking several readings and showing you what it's doing while it's going along and then it appears it vibrates yep it just did and it locks in on its final value.

All of these, I would imagine, can be transferred over to the tethering app long press to get into the sport mode. Whoa there we go and we have cycling, you see the symbol in their football or soccer. That was a different kind of football and returned back again, and this is running so, if I press it, it's gon na begin the event, and there we go timing. It step count, heart rate, calories, burned and distance traveled and those are typically what you see on these basic fitness watches: there's no GPS and this not for 20 bucks and that reset it and I think another long press should get us out of it. Now. Let'S started it up again: okay, sometimes it defies logic. There we go. We got a cycle through all of the options at this level and then hit the button for return. One button wizards usually rely on just a tap or a long tap, sometimes a double tap. We have a setting section we go into here and you've got the find your phone if you're tethered a music control that will let you control the music, of course, on your phone messages, pushed from your phone and there's the version number t4 that you'd use for Tethering and a long press on this symbol to shut it down and, of course, come back and did that run us through everything it did and now we're back to time. If I long press on here, do we get anywhere one two yeah? We do good, okay, there's, a different screen, display press them long again and I've got this.

One here notice the band at the bottom, so it does have a flat tire, but I didn't even notice that until it came to this watch face so the way it's done its data and its faces. It doesn't give away the fact that there's nothing down at the bottom. That is a quick look at how it operates and once again it's available to you from run doing check. The show notes will have a buying link for you. You'Ve been watching. Smart Watch ticks.