We will see what we have in the box. What we have in the software. We will run some tests and see how this watch will work and we will try. The calls receive calls make phone calls, music control, etc. We will see if it works with bluetooth and this watch in the next video. We will show you how to connect with android and ios, so let’s go ahead immediately. Start the unboxing Music. The package of s17 is a little bit larger than the others. We have a 1.3 inch screen and the s17 you can see. We have here. Quite a few options that this watch have we have waterproof and dustproof. You can wear this bracelet in the rain it’s, not only waterproof, but also dustproof. As we mentioned, you can see the box. We have the user manual the wash itself and a box for accessories, which in this case is the charger itself. As i said in the previous videos, uh today’s smartwatches are again making larger chargers i’m, not sure why? But i think that is a little bit annoying. As you can see, i can’t take it off. The charger is very large and not necessary to be this big. I don’t think it’s necessary. So this is the charger and the things that we have in the s17 box. Let’S build the protection off and let’s store the s17c. What we have here in the software, you can see very good display, as we mentioned 1.

3 inch in the taskbar. We have quite a few options here for on shortcuts press and hold to change the faces. We can do this in the in the app as well, but here it works perfectly. We have here find phone to disturb alarm, clock, information and time and date percentage of battery as well. In the toss board down, we saw we have the music control where we can listen from the watch or the phone or even we can connect to the earphones and listen to it and the right. We have blood pressure, heart rate, sleep steps and that’s it. If you press the button, you enter the menu where we can find sports steps, sleep, hard rate, blood pressure, calls contacts and call logs. We will try. All of these later. We have notification, alarm, clock, stop, watch, calm down, music, fine phone, female photograph and the settings. So in the s17 also, we have the female option for the latest, so back at the menu let’s go to the first option, which was the sport and let’s see what type of sports do we have here, starting from outdoor run, outdoor walk, indoor, walk, hiking, stereo Steps, cycling, elliptical, lower machine, etc. Let’S try outdoor run where you can see. It starts the seconds immediately. We have calories and heart rate in the first page. In the second page, we have step space and distance in the right. We can end the session in the left.

We have the music control to change it while we are walking or running whatever we’re doing. Next, we have the heart rate. As you can see, we have highest and lowest, and some statistic here as well. As i always say, all these data will be saved in the app for us data to check out what we did you can see. This is how the result will look like when you shut down. It restarts the measurement from the beginning. Next we have the blood pressure you can see. We have the percentage of blood pressure when it goes to on 100. It gives you one result. You can see the result will look like this. You can repeat the process and this pro this one will be saved in the app as we mentioned before, back at the menu. We have the calls to make phone calls. You have to be connected with your phone, so, as you can see right now, i’m dialing a number but it’s not connected it, says connecting and call ended. We have the contacts where we can add them in the app. We will see that in the how to connect video with android and ios. You can see right here as well. You go to the bluetooth press new device and you can see we have s17 and the bluetooth after you press it press pair and it will shut said it should say, say here paired in a minute. You can see now it’s paired, we can go ahead and make phone calls let’s go back to the menu where, where we can make phone calls, as you can see at the context, we have our contact here, as you can see immediately when you press it says: Dialing and it dials in the phone as well, so this is a very good option and it works perfectly also not to forget to mention that the speaker and the watch is a very good speaker.

It works and you can actually hear very clear from it. So this is the call option and the s17 other than that. We have here a couple of other notifica options that we can try. We saw the music control we can lower and raise the volume and do multiple things here as well. We saw all these in the beginning, so these are just a few other things to watch and to use other than that we have the female option that we mentioned before for the ladies, who buys this device it’s a very good option to have also we have The brightness, auto, lock, switch and other things and the settings, so basically, this is all that we have in this watch. This is all that we have for today’s video. Thank you very much for your time and support.