I’Ve had this with me for the past um five months and in this video i’m going to be diving deep into what the classic world active 2 can do for you is this worth investing in in 2021, let’s find out all right guys. Welcome back in this video i’m going to be reviewing the galaxy watch active2, i will be talking about the design, the fitness tracking features. I will talk about the media and connectivity features. I will also talk about the notifications, the battery life and also, finally, the companion app of the active2, but before that, please, if you’re new to this channel, if you’ve not subscribed, click on the subscribe button, as well as on a notification bell. Next to it. To always get updates from me whenever i upload a video like this before we proceed, let’s take a look at the features of the active two. The active two year has a circular shape the case. Material is made of aluminium. The display size is 1.4 inches for the 44 mm size and 1.2 inches for the 40 mm size. In terms of steps tracking accuracy, the active 2 was consistent in terms of slip tracking accuracy. The active 2 again was consistent. It also did a decent job in tracking my heart rate, there is also ecg tracking on the active 2. It has blood pressure measurement. You will also get inbuilt gps on the active2 which allows you to track your outdoor activities.

This smartwatch features about 90 preset spot modes. You also get free fitness programs which can be accessed from the samsung else app. This smartwatch also features a stress, monitoring app, as well as a brilliant app that can guide you through a brilliant session. It is busby which is the voice assistant for the active 2. in terms of storage capacity. The active 2 has 4 gigabytes of storage capacity. You can store your personal music on the acti2, as well as adding your image to the smartwatch. The active2year allows you to sync your phone contacts, this smartwatch, which has both loudspeaker and microphone, allows you to make and receive calls. Although your phone must be nearby when i tested the battery life of the active 2, this smart watch lasted barely 2 days. Other features of the active 2 include the samsung pay, which allows you to make payments directly from the smartwatch. There is also the alarm app weather app, as well as the timer up on the active2, so guys these are basically what the active two year can offer to you. So let’s go ahead and talk about the design of this beautiful smartwatch. The active two year comes in two sizes, 44 mm and 40 mm, and each of these two sizes is available in bluetooth only and lte model. What i have here is the fault for mm size, and this is also the bluetooth model. The active 2, alongside the galaxy watch 3 run on the latest tizen os.

So these two smart watch have the most advanced features as far as samsung smartwatches are concerned. So when you talk about comfortability, the active two year has very well designed. This smartwatch is very lightweight and very compact. I mean this is very comfortable to wear all day long. It has a circular shape, and this is made of aluminium white. Strap is made of silicon. This can be i’m swapped if you don’t, like the strap. Although the lte model of the active 2 has a stainless steel case and is accompanied by a little strap when you talk about the display size, like i said initially, the active 2 has a 1.4 inches display size for the 1.40 44 mm size and a 1.2 Inches display size for the 40 mm size. Each of these is powered by amoled, which offers a very interactive and rich display, that’s very colorful, and easy to read both indoors and outers. When you talk about watch faces, the active two year allows you to install watch faces directly from the smartwatch. When you tap on. When you go to the galaxy store, you can easily install watch faces directly from the active 2 year. You can’t change, watch faces by tapping and holding on it and can swipe through my list of already installed watch faces the active2 for you to add workpieces. You can also do that from the galaxy wearable app. When you talk about the user interface, the active2 has two physical buttons.

This is the back button and this is the home button and it has a digital rotating bezel which makes it easy for you to navigate through the list of features. This is um very helpful. It also has touch screen support which allows you to swipe through the list of features as well talking about the user interface, the active tool like its order, like other samsung smartwatches, has a well designed user interface. When you swipe left, you can see the list of installed widgets like my sleeve heartbreak and many other widgets, and when you swipe right, you can see my notifications when you swipe down. You can see the free panel session, so this has a very easy and well designed um user interface. Let’S talk about the fitness tracking features of the active2. This smartwatch is equipped to track your steps, it’s equipped to track your heart rate, your sleep it has built in gps. It will also monitor your stress level. It has ecg blood pressure measurement as well as menstrual cycle tracking for women. You also get about 90 sport modes, as well as the fitness programs which can be accessed from the samsung health app it’s. Talking about the steps tracking accuracy, the active 2 was consistent in tracking my steps. When you talk about how, through its tracking accuracy when compared to the galaxy war 3, the versa 3, the active two year did a decent job. As far as tracking my heart rate is concerned, when you talk about sleep tracking accuracy, i have won this over time to sleep and compared it to other smart watches like the band 4 pro and the galaxy 3.

The active 2 was also consistent in tracking my sleep, with inbuilt gps on the galaxy watch active 2. This smartwatch allows you to track your outdoor activities like your routes, your locations on your pace and other related metrics. You can view that directly from the samsung health app on this watch. When you go to um activities, you can see down here, okay, um – we have down here. We have this and go to the running activity here that was tracked with the smartwatch. You can see that this shows my total distance. It shows the average pace. It shows my heart rate zones as well as the time spent in each of the zones. You also get advanced running metrics, like symmetry content, time, flight time, regularity, vertical and stiffness. It also calculates your vo2 mass. This comes handy for pro runners and we go further. You can see the workout duration, the average pace, the average speed, the average cadence the average heart rate. It will also show the tracked route, as you can see down here. So the active two year is a decent choice. As far as outdoor activity tracking is concerned, this smart, forge, like i mentioned initially, can also monitor your stress level. There is this stress up with the stress up on the active two, the active two year with one total stress level, 24 7, and when it detects that you’re stressed the breathing up here will guide you through a breathing session, and this can help you return back To calm, when you air stress going further, there is the ecg uh feature on the active2 with ecg on the smartwatch.

You can take ecg directly from the active2year going further. There is the blood pressure measurement feature on the active 2 with blood pressure on the smart watch. You can measure your blood pressure directly from the active 2 year, although you will have to calibrate this with a traditional curve once you’ve done, that you most likely will get a more accurate result. So the active two year has blood pressure monetary. There is also the menstrual cycle tracking for women. Like i said initially, it comes handy in helping keep you aware of when the next period is going to start so going for that you have um 90 sport modes on the active two. When you go to exercises and you go to work out, you can see the runner, coach, they’re, working, they’re running and a whole bunch of different activities on the active two. So, whatever activity you like to engage in you’re sure likely to get that particular activity with the galaxy watch active two, like i said initially, you can get free fitness programs from the samsung health app from samsung earth app. You can choose a fitness program of your choice. This was um recently added to the active 2 and glassy war 3. With some recent updates to any of the fitness programs selected. The active two year will allow you to track the progress of that particular fitness and program. So let’s talk about the media and connectivity feature of the galaxy watch active two.

The galaxy watch active two year has a giga um other storage capacity of four gigabytes, and this allows you to store your personal music on the smartwatch. You can add your personal music to the smartwatch here and when you open up the app as you can see, i have added some tracks to the active2 two year. It also has a microphone and loudspeaker with loudspeaker on the active2. You can actually play your tracks out loud, but for you to get the best experience as far as enjoying music with the smartwatch is consigned, you will need to connect this to a bluetooth headphone. This is very easy. I have already paired my tws7 bluetooth headphone, and this allows me to get the best experience. As far as enjoying music on the smartwatch is consigned. You can make and receive call from the active2. There is the there is the content app that allows you to sync the phone contacts to this smartwatch. You can make and receive calls. However, your smartphone must be nearby to the active2. If you want a more standalone experience, then of course you will have to go for the lte model of the active 2.. The voice assistant on the attic 2, just like other smart smart watches from samsung, is bisbee i’m, not really a fan of b. I think it’s it is far behind um alexa and even google assistant going forward. Let’S talk about the notification management features of the active 2.

The active 2 year allows you to manage notifications, effortless effortlessly. You can actually reply to notifications with your voice with emojis, or you can type the reply directly from here. Okay, this smartphone is not connected to my phone right now, so you can see that there are a whole bunch of preset quick replies at the bottom here. This can be customized from the samsung galaxy wearable app. So as far as managing your notification is concerned, the active two year gives you a whole bunch of options. Furthermore, let’s talk about the battery life of the galaxy world active 2. This smart watch when i tested the battery life lasted barely two days. The good thing, though, is that you get the battery saver modes with batteries for modes on the active 2. You can get a little longer battery life. This can be accessed from the settings up when scroll down to the battery station. Here you can see the power mode and you can also optimize the battery of the active 2 like turning reducing the brightness screen, timeout and even um. Turning off always on display wi, fi and other recommendations, so the active two year, although doesn’t, have a very long battery life, you can actually use the power modes here to get a little longer battery life. When you talk about the type of charging, this smart watch has a magnetic charger and it also supports fast charging. It takes me barely one hour to fully charge the active two.

So talking about the companion app of the active two, the galaxy wearable app is the component of of the active two from the glassy wearable app. You can manage notifications, you can transfer contents to the active2. You can um update the smartwatch. You can um um set up, um do not disturb and a whole bunch of other functions from the galaxy wearable app. However, if you want to view tracked metrics, like your heart rate, like your sleep, you want to view more um stats about track. Metrics, then, you will have to access the samsung else, app from the samsung health app. You can view your track. Metrics, like your sleep, your heart rate and other related metrics as well. Overall, both component apps are well designed very intuitive and easy for you to find those informations that matters most to you so guys. This up, what’s the galaxy world active two year has to offer. Is this a worldwide investment even in 2021? Yes, i would say, in my honest opinion, i would say yes, because this runs on the latest version of tizen and, of course, honestly result. It gets the most advanced features, just like the galaxy war 3. So the active two year, which is well designed, it’s, very comfort and lightweight and as well, has a whole bunch of fitness. Tracking uh features is a decent choice: it’s a worldwide investment even in 2021, so guys. This is where i draw the cutting for this video.