Today i will review the samsung galaxy active watch 2 and i will show you how to use it and the tips on using it and a little back story of my purchase of the said watch last december, two weeks before christmas, the marketing department from my mobile Phone provider called me offering me about discounts and offers from the their company, and then he uh told me that their active watches are, i mean smart watches, as you call it are on sale. So i ask if it is compatible with android because i’m using huawei, p30 pro and then he’s. He assured me that it’s gon na work with android and there’s not gon na, be a problem because it works for him. I’Ve been thinking about a gift. For my other half and then i decided that why not get a couple watch, i bought two. So we didn’t open the gifts until christmas. We opened it on the 26th, which was um uh more than 14 days already from the date of arrival to us – and i was thinking anyway that i’m not going to return it since they said it’s going to be compatible with my phone fast forward to christmas Time we opened it, we tried to use it, but it doesn’t connect with my mobile plan. Considering i’ve got the unlimited data from both the watches, so i wasn’t able to connect it to my mobile plan. So i called this a provider and they said it will not work if you are not a samsung user, so i explained it with them.

What they told me when i bought it that it’s gon na work, but they said it’s not gon na work and if you are not the samsung user, so that’s, the first fault – and i said well, my other half is samsung user, but it will not work On his phone either, he asked me for his number, but then i said he is from a different provider, it’s not from your company and they said it’s not gon na work and if it’s, not from our company as well, since the watches is registered to them And i said i’m just gon na cancel it, but then i was already past the 14 days and if i can sell the contract, it’s gon na cost me approximately 250 each. We decided to keep it and then my other half decided to buy the s21, which was on my previous vlog. If you already watched it, yeah that’s the one and he told me that i can have his old samsung she made me. I have this phone and i’m using it for my watch. The watch came on in a box, it is 40 millimeter and it is lte enabled it has. Lte standalone connectivity connects with bluetooth, wi, fi and, of course, gps has an advanced, auto fitness tracker and run coaching and monitors health and heart yeah. It comes in rose, gold, color, and you can change just a strap as well. If you just push those buttons, okay, right and inside the box, we can find the warranty and the manual here and a charger inside.

This is the charger i don’t know. If it’s a channel, they don’t come with plugs, but i assume you can use any plugs as long as it has a usb thingy that you can connect into so the charger is like this. You just put the watch on like that and it’s like magnet back button. This is the power power button, so you have to download the galaxy wearable on your phone and then look for the galaxy watch too. So there my watch has been connected and it shows my mobile plans. There. You go that’s, my provider, you have the samsung pay there, you can add your card. Uh problem is uh there’s only few banks that has been approved to use the samsung pay. So mine doesn’t support that. So you can hover around the app and then whatever you choose on your notifications and settings it’s up to you. So after several days of uh using samsung galaxy watch active 2. There are a few things really. First of all, if you are a samsung user, which is totally my fault, but i depended on what they told me: don’t buy a samsung watch. If you want a samsung user and will we can avoid wasting money, effort, time, energy and yeah? Please consider the 14 days um return yeah, something like that, because you never know do you. You just have to make sure that everything works all right within the 14 days, so you still can return it if it’s not working off or if it doesn’t suit you without any cost battery, lasts for only two days.

It’S always in use like for walking exercising running and everything it continuously works the battery continuously drains as well. So if you think about it, it’s only maximum of two days that you can use if you use it like for running exercising, it will be less than two days watches anyway. That will last you for 14 days, as i’ve heard. If you want to buy a watch, go for the longest battery life as well. Consider it well always use the power saving mode, because, if you’re not really using it for notifications and everything like that, um just use the power saving mode, it will count how many steps you have in a day and like more than three days, you can use It if you only use the watch, i think that’s longer as well. Don’T forget to use the power saving mode and then you can use the night mode as well. You can mute the notifications if ever you’re using them, but for me i always use the power saving mode and night mode at night. You just use the night mode because it measures your sleep because in power saving mode, it doesn’t measure the stages of sleep.