So first we’ll look inside the box um. Usually this is where it is um you get the um the watch and then you get the charger. We’Ll talk about the charger. Later um, and if you open this box right here, you get the starters guide and i’m gon na open it up to the page, and you guys can look at it just pause the video if you need to, and next page, okay, okay, now let’s talk about The charger um so here’s, the charger here’s the charger um – and this is the charger um. It charges your 159 milliamp battery. This battery can can work up if you’re using it for a daily use. You can use this watch for two weeks, that’s what it said. So you clip it on like this and take it off like that, like this, okay and they don’t give you a charger. Brick, sorry, so they don’t give you a charger brick. So what you have to do is go to your local shop and buy some brick for it or you can just use your phones or your phone brick to charge it up. I bought this for 98 cents in eb, gaines, really good steel in canada, one volt. So it’s kind of slow now let’s talk about the watch, oops, so here’s the watch. You can see the time the date the this um, the battery, the the weather in toronto, canada, your heartbeat and your steps.

If you slide over it will tell you the steps. Your heartbeat, how much time you sleep, slept, um, your distance that you have walked and the your minimum to max bpm talks about this is about the steps. I’Ve walked, one four point: three two kilometer and burnt 194 calories met. This is where you measure your bpm um weather in toronto. By the way, if you want all of these information has to be connected to the phone and it’ll update every one hour, the weather um a walking, and you can do lots of stuff for justice yeah. You can do walking and more stuff like that um, you sleeping it tells you what time you slept from to this um. This is like your water calculator. So if you drink a water cup, just like put it up and then just press the plus arrow on done and then it’ll send the information to your phone and you’ll get notifications at the end of the day. Um your calendar – and this is where it measures your threat, stress and it measures how much stress you have um and then we have our stopwatch our alarm and you can get.