This unboxing is a follow up to my unboxing of the samsung galaxy s20 link that video in the cards right here so make sure you guys go and check out that video, if you haven’t already now, this is an accessory. That goes very well with the samsung s20, as you guys have seen you know by the title and thumbnail, it is a samsung fitness watch. I’Ll show you guys the exact model once i unbox this package like comment subscribe and hit that ring bell, so you get notified when i upload a new video without further ado let’s get right into the video. I once again, don’t have an unboxing knife with me. So i’m, just going to unbox it with my bare hands. I really should get a unboxing knife for all these unboxing videos, but it’s mainly, i just happen to be ordering a lot of stuff right now. I normally don’t these aren’t like christmas, presents or anything. I just ordered these now. There’S actually might be two items in here that came with the phone i’m. Only gon na be making a video on one of these items. The other item is boring and doesn’t really need a video on, but i may as well show you guys the other item. It looks like that. Other item actually is in this packaging. I’M, not gon na pop it this time, but we got the bubble wrap and every single one is still in contact.

Oh take that back, not this one, some of you guys might be interested in this. Actually, this is just a controller it’s, an xbox controller, but it attaches to your phone. You might be able to use it on your xbox as well. I don’t know you guys, can research it. This came free with my phone. It also came with three months of xbox live but i’m gon na unbox this by myself. Next item here’s the item that you have been waiting for, the soundsome galaxy fit too. This is a little active watch that goes along with the phone it’s kind of like a fitbit. These two items have both came free with the phone, no extra charge, which is just absolutely insane. I think this deal is over now. Here we go first off i’m. Just gon na note, i like how this is reflective same on the fit two part. Then we have another sticker right here. This one’s definitely harder to get off. My ocd is kicking in what the heck all right. Okay, it looks like we have. A pull. Tab seems to come right out, looks like i flipped it over, and the watch already came out. I’Ll put the watch to the side and check what else is in this packaging. I’M gon na pull this out let’s see what we have in here. We got your usual books, we got a quick start guide and then terms and conditions pluck them and file them.

You guys know where i’m getting that from your legend, another youtuber okay. So this looks to be the charger for the watch. I know what it looks like the fitbits have so i’ve got your regular usb to your galaxy, fit 2 charger. Let’S. Look at the actual watch itself. Here is the watch i’m. Really digging this design right off the bat. I can feel it’s a lightweight watch, which is nice it’s, not gon na be too heavy on your wrist. You might even forget it’s there it’s simple and low profile and it’s clean it’s, all black it’s, like a matte black. The watch is unbuckled that’s. What it’s gon na look like here are some sensors on the watch. Honestly, i do not know how i’m gon na turn this on. I might have to look at the instructions. Oh looks like there’s a button there’s, definitely a little icon there. I do not know exactly what that is, for i am back i just plugged in the watch and i got it started and it asked me immediately to connect the watch to my phone so that’s. What i just did and now i’m gon na look over the features with you guys. It says the time and it says the day of the week so as you guys can see i’m recording this on wednesday, the 23rd. This video will be up in a couple days, possibly after christmas, so the watch is all buckled up so here’s my phone and here’s the watch.

The app is called galaxy. Where, and here we go, the app is open. It says swipe left for widgets and write for notifications. Okay, so i think it actually means to swipe on my watch so turn it on and then swipe. Okay here we have a pedometer, your heart rate and then your sleeping mode. Next, we have a workout section. Next, we have a stress thing: wow tell me how stressed i am that’s actually super useful and then i can add my current location. I don’t think i’m gon na do that, but maybe that’s a safety feature. I do not know, then it looks like we have a timer and a stopwatch so i’m going to check out this app with you guys that says my watch is battery, so the battery is at 48 and it’s connected via bluetooth. These are all the different widgets that i probably just went over here at samsung health. So i can set up my health data. Then we have the health settings. We’Ve got an alarm, we’ve got the weather, we’ve got your hand wash. Then we have a notification. If i want to allow notifications and then we have widgets, i can choose the vibration of the watch, the brightness and the screen timeout i’m – actually going to change screen timeout now, because it was timing out too soon, but set on four seconds i’m going to set It on seven seconds we then have advanced, and it says it has wake up gestures and do not disturb.

Then we have some quick responses find my band, so this would be kind of like find your iphone if you’re on ios and then band would be the watch. You have an account backup a software update tips and user manual and about band all right. I am back now and i took the watch off of my wrist to let it update, and now i can show you guys all of the features easier. So first off i’m gon na go with the first tab. So i’m gon na set up samsung health. All right and here’s the app itself we’ve got all these different settings, your exercise and you can choose the type. Obviously, food intake, your sleep, your weight, your water, then you can manage the items. Okay, the next main thing that i want to look at is widgets. Here we go now we have our different widgets and these are the widgets. I can add, i can add a calendar, a heart rate. Music music is one. I definitely want to add so. I’M gon na add that right now, another one is steps all right. I’M, gon na add that okay, here we go here’s our music thing. We can change the volume of the music, we can skip tracks or go backwards. We can play the song okay, now, i’m. Gon na go and change the display of the watch, so that would be in watch faces. Okay, it is now these are all the different faces, so all right so there’s, a couple of new features that i found with this device that i want to go over.

You don’t have to just swipe to the side. You can swipe downwards and this will bring up a little quick notification screen. I can change the brightness of the screen, so once i’m in this area, it’ll show my battery percentage if i’m connected to bluetooth and so on. Now, if i swipe again take me to this, this is a water setting. So if i’m in the water, the screen won’t accidentally misfunction and then this is a find, my phone icon. So if i click this it’ll actually make my phone play a sound, so i can find it. And lastly, we have a do not disturb mode and we have like some reset modes. So one last feature that i find really nice is that i can choose quick responses for when i get a text message. I have 10 different responses for how i would respond to the text and i can actually press these on the watch and send them from the watch. If i get a text, so i don’t have to go to my phone and actually text it and also, if there’s, a response that i commonly use that’s not on this already. I can actually make my own. So if i click plus, i can then choose my own tech, so those are some really cool features of this watch. I really enjoy it, especially since i got it for free and i’m going to be using it in the future, and you’ll probably see it in some future videos all right guys.

That is it for me from today’s youtube video i’m editing the video right behind me. As the usual make sure you guys like comment and subscribe and share this video with your friends turn your post notifications on. I have some better content coming in a little bit over a week from now, but from now till then i’ll post, one to two more videos and then the content’s gon na up anyways. I hope you guys enjoyed today’s video. I thought that said it done.