Let’S get into 10 subscribers anyways guys let’s go on with the video Music. Hey guys welcome back to yet another video, which is tech and today’s video i’m going to be reviewing the samsung galaxy gear one. This is actually fun fact. This is one of um. The first smart watches that samsung has introduced it’s a really good watch, so keep watching and you’ll see a lot of cool features that it has. So here you can see all of the kind of clock, kind of uh settings and i’m gon na be showing you all of the clock faces. You have all these kind of black ones with like different chrome ones and also um. This screen. It has like a black thing where, wherever it has a black kind of brightness, it doesn’t like waste battery the black colors, but all the other colors obviously do with battery, but that’s a really really good feature about this watch. So if you have a black only one like this, it will actually um keep a lot of the battery and you can see all of these kind of settings like the volume display battery, and here you can see the battery, which is quite handy. Sometimes maybe you want to see what your battery is and you can see all these motions when you have it on your wrist and you kind of flick it up, i’ll be showing it later on in the video you got: privacy, lock, language, reset gear and gearing For your speed debuggers, so then you can connect it to your computer.

I’Ll! Be talking about that a bit more later on and here you can see how you flick it on and it will just turn on. So maybe, if you’re on a desk or you can just quickly, do um a flick and then it will just turn on. But the bad thing about it is that the thick metal part of like the bottom bit, gets in the way sometimes and anyways. You can see all the apps that i’ve downloaded. These are actually apk files that i’ve downloaded um via through a an application called wondershare it’s, really good. You can. You can see all of these android apps that are meant for android, but i got it for samsung galaxy gear. It was really really well no lag at all, as you guys can see. I’Ve got angry birds right here in stores. If you guys want a tutorial. Video make sure to tell me in the description down below, and i might do one and yeah you can see all these apps like angry birds, it’s a really really fun game, but don’t play too much of it as it can get. The watch really really hot and it’s not really good for the battery, but yeah you can see all of the app like kind of levels, there’s, a lot of levels, it’s, really really good. In my opinion and i’ll be showing you more apps later on uh, you can see different ones like deaf moto, sleep, sleep, monitor and a smart alarm.

It’S, really really good guys. You can see timer weather, pedometer settings gallery media controller camera. The camera is actually pretty good and it actually shoots the macro um. So macro is when you want to shoot things like closely. So maybe, if you’re having documents i’m just going to take a picture right now and show you so here it is, and also you swipe down from the screen, as you can see, to exit apps or different pages and i’ve got different apps here, like um. All the apps – i just showed you and i’m just gon na go gallery and show you all of the cool apps you can actually zoom in, but i haven’t showed it in this video. But if you just pinch and zoom, you can go even like even more into the image. It’S really really good. You can see macro picture in my opinion, it’s really really good for a watch just like how they say not bad. For a phone i’m, gon na say not bad for watch it’s, pretty pretty good, not gon na lie. You can have your um pedometers here, which is good as well, and also you can see all the other apps. Oh yeah. This is the mobile go when you download the application it automatically downloads onto your watch, it’s a really really good way to save some um cpu processors like you, can just make sure that nothing is running in the background and slowing down your um, your gear.

In this case, i’ve got it as it thinks it’s an android phone, but it really isn’t, but it still works wonders it’s. Really really good i’ve got a quick toggle here. So what you can do is put on, and then you just do that and it can show you a bunch of things really really handy as well, but don’t play games with it because it will start glitching out the screen. So you might want to toggle it off. I just use this in like um like work settings so that i can quickly access like the good apps you can see. If i click that little cycle button, it will clear some of the cpu processes and make the watch more like free, that’s. Even a word, you can see all of the other apps as you can see, it works perfectly. You click an app and it will take you right to it. You won’t have to go trying to find the app and everything is just there and it’s really really convenient and nice. In my opinion, i recommend this a lot. It’S really really good, as you guys can see. In my opinion, these apps are really good, say if you’re, really bored or like stuck in an elevator, i don’t, know i’m just making stuff up, and maybe you could just be like playing these games while waiting for something, maybe for a game to load. You can just quickly go to your apps and just play, or maybe you and also i have something called a sleep tracker.

It tracks my sleep, which is pretty handy as well, and you to double tap and it’s, going to bring up the battery and, if you hold with your two fingers on it, will bring up this screen. I’Ll show you right now: it shows this screen and it will show it’s just like a real android phone and you can just swipe all to delete all the apps that are running in the background to save some cpu processes preventing for some lag and i’m gon Na run this death motor game again, this has no lag. It’S like free and apps. Typically like are up to 20 megabytes to around up to like 90 around and yeah the 19 megabytes. One didn’t really work for me: didn’t work, but the 10 megabytes one did work, it’s really really good. I really like this. These apps it’s, really good. Okay, guys i’m gon na have to end it here. Thank you guys so much for watching my video make sure to subscribe for a shout out, comment down below that. You did and i’ll um shout out you out on the next video. Just like i did this video anyways. Thank you so much for watching and i’ll catch.