This is bigfoot and welcome back to another short video. This time, we’re gon na be taking a look at the samsung galaxy watch 3, which i’ve been using it for over six months. Now i mean i use it mostly because i use it more than all the other smart watches that i have here. I have apple watch, galaxy watch, the gear s3 and other normal watches, but i use this one more than all those other watches and the reason is because the galaxy wars 3 is very lightweight. It has a very nice elegant design. I love the fact that it comes with a leather band. It feels so good on the wrist like when you put it on man, it’s so light that you can wear this thing all day or night, without even thinking that you have something barking on your wrist. So i really love the watch, but even though i really love it, there are some things that i dislike about it so in this video i’m going to tell you guys all the things i like about it and the things i dislike about this galaxy war story. I’M gon na keep this video shot. So i’ll just go straight to the point by telling you guys everything about this watch. Please stay tuned to the end and if you’re new to the channel, please encourage your channel by subscribing by giving a thumbs up to this video. So you can encourage the channel to keep growing please.

As i mentioned earlier, i use the galaxy wars 3. More than all my other smart watches and other watches that i have here and the reason is because it is very light. The build quality. The design is amazing, i mean it’s so light. You can wear this thing all day or night. I just love the elegant. Look, i love the fact that it looks like a traditional watch, as you can see right here, much slimmer, much lighter! So when you have this thing on, it feels like you’re wearing a classic, elegant watch, which is one thing i like about it and, as you can see right here, it is very thin. I mean this is the most thinnest watch. Samsung has made ever like, comparing it with my gear s3, the original galaxy watch. This is so thin so light, but the thinness and the lightness comes with a disadvantage because it reduced the battery life, which we’re going to talk about later in the video. But the fact that it is so comfortable on the wrist just makes me to like it. So much to use it all. The time like i mean like most of the time when i have it on, and i also like the fact that it comes with two buttons right here which around like a traditional watch and the always on display is amazing. So it has a very beautiful display, we’re going to talk about a display later in the video, but when i have it on people really think that it’s it’s a traditional watch.

A lot of people are thinking, it’s, a classic traditional watch without knowing that it is a smart watch and that’s one thing i love about it, so i really like this watch and i love the fact that it’s so thin, so lightweight feels so good on the Wrist and easy to wear it all day, all night. I also like the fact that the galaxy was three comes with a leather band, a genuine leather band and i’ve been using it for over six months. Now, as you guys can see right here, the band still looks good. It still look new, like it’s, really good, like check it out. This is a watch of six months and i’ve been using mostly this leather band. I use the silicon band because i have a silicon band here, which i use it, mostly when i’m going to the gym, when i’m going to the gym. When i have to take the wash to the gym, i use the silicone band, but going out to work or going out to meetings, restaurants, just going out on a casual days. I use this genuine leather band right here that comes with it, as you can, as you guys can see, it still look good. I like the fact that it comes with it because, when you put it on, it, looks like a classy elegant watch, not a smartwatch. The galaxy watch 3 has one of the best i mean, if not the best display on all smart watches out there i mean we all know samsung make the best display on their smartphones tv, smart, watches, computer.

Everything samsung is the number one producer of great uh uh super amoled display, and this one is no different vivid, as you can see right here, like it just looks so good and right now it is uh. My display is on mark the maximum brightness. Oh no it’s on nine, so put right to ten, i like to put the display on maximum brightness. It runs down the battery, but who cares? I mean that’s? The reason why i bought it because it has a beautiful display and the os on display is amazing, especially this watch face. This is my favorite watch face for the galaxy watch. I use this watch face all the time, if i’m, not using this one, then i’m, also using this one, which is also very good and if i’m, not using this one, then i’m using uh this one. Oh, this just looks so elegant, i’ve, also downloaded some other watch faces. Let me show you guys. Some of the watch faces are downloaded um like oh this one. Oh i love this one. This one is downloaded. I think the name of it uh, i don’t know. Maybe i might drop the link in the description below if you want to know about this watch face right here. If you want to download it. Let me know down in the comment section i’ll, let you know what’s the name of it, and i also like this one. Let me see this this one right here this one.

I like this one, as you can see right in the inside, it seems like it looks like an automatic watch with the mechanism that you can see through. Like those uh richard miller, you know how you can see all the mechanism in a richard mille watch. This is what this white tree looks like so good yeah. Just let me know down in the comment section if you want to know the name of all these watch faces or let you guys know about it and how you can download them, and talking about the watch faces. I dislike the fact that samsung never make new watch faces whenever they update the watch, and even the older watch faces from the previous galaxy watch. The previous gear s3, the older watch faces, are never brought on to the newer watch like this world has its own watch faces, but the previous watches over watch faces that i had on my galaxy watch too i’m, not on this one. I just wish samsung could let us use all the older watch faces on this one. I mean you can download them. You can download those watches, but you cannot customize them like this one right here i can customize it. I can change the colors and all those things on my older galaxy watch, the original galaxy watch and the gs3 there are some beautiful watch faces on it that i wish to use them on this. Uh galaxy wars 3, but i cannot have it it’s not available here and even if i can download it from the galaxy app store, it’s not going to be customizable.

You just have just one color, no customization, nothing samsung need to copy the style of apple. On the apple watch the older watch faces, i mean watch faces. Things from the apple watch. 3 are available on my apple watch 5 and the apple watch 6 and which are all the same customizable the same color change the same. Everything is the same, so i just wish samsung can do the same thing with their smart watches, letting us use all the older watch faces. The battery life is one of the main thing i dislike about this watch i mean i know, i understand why, because samsung reduced the size of the watch, reduce the bezel, make it much lighter and the battery has been slimmed down has been reduced down like uh. The original galaxy watch can last up to four days on a single charge, but the galaxy wars – 3 – just two this and what i mean to this, is when you’re you know you have no always on this way on or you’re using the brightness on maximum. Like 50 percent but mine, the brightness is always at a hundred percent. I have my always on display on all the time, so you run down the battery sometime. I can have like one and a half day and that’s all at some time. One day, if i’m receiving so much notification, making a lot of calls from the watch maximum is one day so the battery life.

On this thing, oh man, it’s it’s, disappointing, but i understand because we got to sacrifice something to gain something so on this watch we’re. Having lightweight slimmer and comfortable watch but less battery life, so i don’t know: if you guys are more into smart watches with much battery life, then you should go with the original galaxy watch and i also like the fact that the galaxy wars 3 is great for Making calls and sending and receiving notifications like wow making calls on this thing is incredible. Like the speakers are so loud, i mean even in noisy environment. You can pick up calls from the watch talk to the watch, the person who received the call so well, you receive the voice of the person so good. The speakers are so loud. Even the microphone is so good. I mean i’ve never had anybody who complained about me whenever i’m, using the words to talk to them, they receive it very well. They receive my voice so clear. I mean, thanks to the great speakers, the great microphone on this watch even to receive notification. Now, when you receive a notification on this watch, you can reply it so good, and i love the fact that it’s not different, like check it out right here when you receive notification, it comes in this beautiful text like in the box. It is now a square manner which is easy to read notifications on it, and if you want to reply, it it’s also great.

You have shortcuts right here, which you can either tap on. Okay, great agree: nice letter. These are some short messages that you can send to somebody or you can respond, and you can also create your own notes right there with typing on it by simply drawing it recognizes your handwriting, so good so easily, as you can see right here, like you recognize, Is so good you tap and done and you send it so it’s very good to receive notifications reply notification from the watch like most of the time when i have it on. I pick most of my cars from the watch. I reply notifications still from the watch. The galaxy watch 3 comes with a lot of great applications and you can download more from the galaxy app store, but i dislike the fact that samsung made a promise of releasing better and more important applications for this watch and they’re still not available here. A good example is the ecg, the blood oxidant features. All those things were promised to be released for the galaxy wars, 3 and they’re still not available it’s crazy. How these companies release a gadget promised to bring out more important features more great apps, but it takes long like my apple watch series 5. It took almost one year for apple to release the ecg on my apple watch series 5. I mean like almost one year, but the galaxy was 3 is the same thing still not available so it’s crazy.

I also dislike the price of the galaxy wars. 3.. When this watch was released, the price was ‘9 us dollars for the 41 millimeter version and 430. Us dollars for the 45 millimeter version, which is only i’m having right here. This is a 45 millimeter. The price was too expensive. I mean this is the most expensive smartwatch ever from samsung, ‘9 and 430. Us dollars is the most expensive price samsung i’ve ever put on any of the smart watches. I don’t know why? Maybe because it comes with a leather band or because it’s very slim now or because it looks elegant or because it looks like a classy watch, i don’t know why. But i dislike it and because of that reason a lot of people didn’t want to buy. This watch a lot of people are preferring to go back to the original galaxy watch, which has a better battery life. The display there is good, even though it’s chunky, but it is still a great smart watch even in 2021, and something that i love so much with the galaxy watch. Three is the performance and the software i’ve never had any lag on this smartwatch like it’s, so fast, it’s, quick, it’s, incredible. It comes with 1 gigabyte of ram and 8 gigabytes of internal storage, which i think the 8 gigabyte is so much because i don’t store any music on this thing. I don’t store anything on it. I stream music, either from spotify or from my smartphone.

I don’t store anything in this stuff, so the 8 gigabyte is mostly to download more applications and watch faces and tizen version. Tizen version is the best software on any smartwatch like it’s, really good, much better. On my opinion, it’s much better than the watch overs from apple and much better than the the watch or the google watch os. So this tizen version is really good. It makes navigating this watch so easy and also thanks to the rotating bezel. Everything just feels so good, so incredible like and i mean you can navigate this watch all day without even touching the screen like, for example. If i stop right here, let’s see, if let me go to the settings and i stop right there for two seconds automatically open, i don’t even have to touch on the screen and everything is just easily layout right here. Even the settings is easy layout, easy to access everything, so tizen version is really good. The performance is incredible on this watch and that’s all about this video guys my thoughts about the galaxy wars 3 after six months. As you all see, you guys can see right here, it still look good. I still don’t have any scratches on my bezel. It still looks new. The watch band, which is leather, still looks great. I like i love this watch man, the build quality. The design is just incredible, but the few things that i mentioned are the things i dislike about it, but it doesn’t stop me from using it mostly.

I mean like almost every day. I love this watchman and if you guys are looking for a great smartwatch, there is nothing better than the galaxy wars 3. But if you want more battery life, then you have to go with the older galaxy watch. Oh, i don’t know what you guys are looking for in the smartwatch, but this is a complete package, even though the battery life doesn’t go as much as the previous galaxy watch, but to this it’s all right, it’s much better than my apple watch. My apple watch is one day, so thank you all for watching this video. If you like it, please give it a thumbs up.