. This smartwatch feels familiar yet different and i mean that in the best way possible it looks like a galaxy watch, but this iteration is sharper and more sophisticated. The software works like tizen, but the new google wear os platform is pragmatic and precise. Did i mention its also more affordable than last years version? The galaxy watch 4 starts at just 249.99 samsung ditched the active branding for its latest lineup. Instead, pitching a sporty looking galaxy watch 4 as the companys flagship in a classic version that looks more like a traditional watch and carries on the luxurious characteristics of last years: galaxy watch 3.. Yes, that includes the rotating bezel and a stainless steel case, though youll pay a hundred dollars more for whats. Essentially, a functional fidget spinner lets talk more important, stuff galaxy watch models; pack, a new three in one health sensor for measuring heart rate, taking ecgs and reading body composition; its the first major smart watch to offer bioelectrical impedance analysis or bia similar to what youll find On many smart scales, bia sends a weak electric current through your body to analyze, body, fat percent body, mass index, muscle mass bone, mass body, water percentage and more sounds cool right, well, yeah. But there are a couple caveats for one: its not recommended that people with pacemakers or people who are pregnant use bia if youre going to use bia regularly. Consider consulting your doctor more on the side of everyday health tracking.

I worked out plenty with the galaxy watch for overall theres, a steady list of workout types plus the gps readings matched. What i know about my regular bike and walk routes. Speaking of walking the galaxy watch, 4s automatic, workout tracking works like a charm juggling my 90 pound, lab phones, keys and sometimes a coffee. I often forget to launch my walk workouts, a buzz on my wrist. Let me know when the galaxy watch forward detects my walk and picks up tracking from when i left my apartment. It also has a useful, auto pause function, so my dogs need to say hi to every passerby. Doesnt result in me recording an embarrassingly slow 35 minute mile in terms of recovery, samsung improved sleep tracking metrics for its latest smartwatch blood oxygen is measured once a minute overnight on the galaxy watch 4 compared to once every 30 minutes on the galaxy watch, 3.. More sbo2 readings could be more insight on rest quality, especially for those with conditions like sleep apnea. When you sleep next to a compatible smartphone. The sounds of your snores get tracked too another recovery tool. The galaxy watch 4s stress app, shows you your stress levels. I stayed in the green, which means im not too stressed, but the smartwatch still gave me the option to launch a breathing session after each time. I measured my stress levels. Some of fitbit smart watches, take a more convincing approach to stress, monitoring and management, though its encouraging to see samsungs watch catching up less catching up and more of a reintroduction.

This watchs software provides the best experience ive ever had using wear os period, although smart watches with the old wear os have fooled me before the galaxy watch. 4 does not falter. I will say the software still feels very tizen esque, but thats a good thing. Finding. My rhythm didnt take any time it felt like. I knew this watch before, even though switching between apps and menus and setting pages were more seamless than they might be on previous wear os watches, and you get a few of googles platforms with others coming in later. Updates so perhaps my favorite one now and the one i think most first day users will appreciate, is google maps having it on my wrist helped me get around easily whether im walking in the city or driving in the suburbs. I wish apple watch had better google map functionality, especially after seeing it work so well on the galaxy watch 4.. As for other apps, its much easier to download apps, you have on your smartphone to your smartwatch than it was with both samsungs tizen watches and wear os watches in the past. This is in part due to samsungs one ui skin, for the galaxy watch for which helps the watch play nice with the companys other devices. On one hand, this is great and completely convenient for samsung users, but on the other it sort of isolates android users outside of samsung. Luckily, there are ticwatch and fossa watches running, wear os rumored for either later this year or early next, plus future fitbit.

Smart watches that should see a version of its parent companys software eventually, and i hope those smart watches, get a better battery life im, hesitant to call the galaxy watch 4s battery life. A letdown since ive pretty much resigned to charging my other devices almost daily. But with gps activity tracking and the always on display enabled i needed to charge my galaxy watch for at least every 24 hours, and sometimes even when i use the same features every day, the battery life drained faster on some days than others, but again daily. Charging is just the norm so as long as youre not disappearing into the woods for a night, you should be just fine. There is no question. The galaxy watch 4 is the best smart watch for samsung users ever with design updates, refresh software and that breakout bia system. The samsung galaxy watch 4 is by no means an incremental upgrade and all at a lower price. I might add, but sometimes when you make a lot of changes at once, theres more chances for individual changes to fall short. For example, the battery life could be more consistent and i still question the benefits of wrist based body composition, analysis for the number of people the future might be unsafe, for instead the samsung galaxy watch 4s. Success comes down to integrating as obnoxiously well with the galaxy device ecosystem, as the apple watch does, with the greater apple ecosystem. I will say it masters: a convenience thats been absent for samsung users, letting all the other chips fall into place.

What do you think of samsungs new galaxy watch lineup again its two watches the galaxy watch 4, which starts at 249.99 and the galaxy watch 4 classic, which starts at 349.