Thats thats not the whole review, though i know a lot of you tend to bugger off at the five second mark, but yeah. Please stick around theres plenty more words coming right up about that galaxy watch for some really good ones too. I think it even managed to get schmorgers board in there somewhere. The samsung galaxy watch 4 is available now in the uk, and it starts at just 259 quid which make it a very respectably priced premium smartwatch and a strong rival to that apple watch as well. If it actually played nice with those damn dirty iphones, however much like myself its not really a massive fan of those apple blowers, so its android or nothing baby, so heres. My full final review of the samsung galaxy watch for one month later and for more on the latest and greatest tech. Please do box subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers now. First up, you can snaffle this version of the galaxy watch for in two different sizes, 40 or 44 mil. This is the more compact 40 mil version rocking a 20 mil strap and, as you can see there, its perfectly suited to skinny with like wrists such as my own. This has to be one of the most slender premium smartwatches out there, especially considering its got that lovely, rounded finish. That aluminium case is as light as it is. Slim and samsung has kept the design neat and simple sure the bezels could perhaps be a bit skinnier, but that fat circle surrounding the screen does actually serve a purpose, as i will touch on later, and otherwise i really love the look of this thing.

Samsung is also offering a wide variety of colored bands to choose between. You can always grab a few and sort of mix and match, depending on your mood, but to be honest, i quite like this perfectly simple, straightforward black effort. The galaxy watch 4 is very well suited to an active lifestyle from this sweatproof band here to the durable casing, which is water resistant to a depth of five meters, with, of course, the usual boron caveats of dont, wear it in sea, water, etc, etc. And i made sure to rock the samsung galaxy watch for my wrist as often as possible, so i wore it at night a couple of times and i kept it on during several very intensive sweaty workout sessions. Although lets face it, i get a bit sweaty, just walking up the stairs to the lobby these days, and i found that that silicon has been perfectly skin friendly ive had no issues with dryness rashes, oozing of any description oozing. Now there is a fantastic word that 1.2 inch super amoled screen is every bit the eye candy, you would expect from samsung the ‘6 by ‘6 pixel resolution means visuals are beautifully sharp with deep blacks and punchy colors, both of which the galaxy watch 4s menus. Take full advantage of and ive got to say the auto brightness works absolutely perfectly here on the galaxy watch 4 as well. Not once did i have to touch that manual brightness slider, because i could just perfectly see what i was trying to do in a bright sun, shiny outdoor situation or lasting at night before i was getting all tucked up with teddy.

In fact, this thing gets bright enough that you can actually use it as a torch if you need to, if youre skulking about in the dark. For whatever reason now, youve got a huge variety of watch faces to choose from in the galaxy wearables app and on that play store as well theres, something here to suit absolutely everyone, even those on popular class ear drugs and the amoled screen means that you can Knock on an always on display option, if you dont want to rely on the raze to wake feature and to be fair, the reason to wake feature isnt the best around you generally have to do the usual exaggerated gesture, just the subtle little thing isnt enough. Now the galaxy watch 4 is powered by samsungs fresh new 5 nanometer exodus, w920 chipset, designed specifically for smart watches paired with one and a half gigs of ram, quite a considerable amount of memory for a smartwatch and down the hall that does make for pretty smooth Performance, even with all of the smartwatchs features turned on, although i definitely saw the occasional little jizzer here and there, its not perfectly silky smooth all of the time and also the screen responsiveness could be a bit better too often, when i try swiping on that main Watch face to bring up the apps menu or get the quick panel pulled down. I have to swipe a couple of times to get it to work which can get kind of annoying, and i got ta say i really do miss the physical rotating crown that you get on the samsung galaxy watch for classic.

You dont have a virtual crown here and it works pretty well, but its not quite perfect. Basically, just run your finger around that big fat bezel i was talking about before, and it does pretty much the same thing, its not as cool, and i did occasionally find that my swipes werent registered and had to try a couple of times to get it to Work and definitely dont even try with moist fingers. I found that certainly uh either after i just washed my hands, which i tend to do quite a bit in these plaguey times or when i was in the middle of a workout session, then that rotating thing just yeah just dont, even bother. Now the galaxy watch 4 is the first to sport, a very unique bit of software, its basically built as wear os powered by samsung, and what this essentially boils down to is a tie. Zenified version of googles wear os with a smorgasbord of samsung tweaks, for instance. This thing comes pre loaded with samsung services like samsung pay and samsung health, but you can jump onto the play, store and download alternatives. Like google pay, if you prefer, that said, you can bring up samsung pay quickly and conveniently at any time, just by long pressing that bottom button and somewhat annoyingly that cant be remapped to google peer or any other app in the settings menu. The best you can manage is to map google appear to a double tap that top button in order to also bring it up quickly without them to fiddle about in the apps menu.

Well great mate bixby can be called upon by holding down the home button or by saying if youve enabled voice control and the galaxy watch 4s mike does a great job understanding. What im babbling about even after ive, had a proper skinful and if you prefer, the google assistant well youll once again be a bit miffed to learn that you cant replace samsungs bixby assistant with the google assistant just yet, although apparently that is a feature thats going To be coming in a future update, whoopee, dee, doo and yeah full access to the google play store here on the samsung galaxy watch 4, which is just as well stocked as samsungs previous app store and youve got 16 gigs of storage to fill with your various Apps and other media and such forth on here, though, a good chunk of that was already filled, uh with the os and various other bits that come pre installed. I got ta say, though, the voice search on the google play store on this thing was less than stellar, so they didnt appreciate my accent one little bit, so i did often resort to the tiny little on screen keyboard instead, which actually works. Fine considering the screens just over a bloody inch in size, its definitely not a problem with the mic because, as i said, the bixby assistant understood perfectly well. What i was banging on about at any given moment and also when taking calls on this thing in moments of desperate need, uh.

It works absolutely fine as well and got ta, say the speakers pretty damn decent as well uh. Considering again, this thing is proper dinky. Now the galaxy wearable app on your smartphone is well worth piddling about with. You can use this to manage your watch apps as well as swap around and reorder all of those watch tiles, which are basically widgets for any apps that you have installed on the watch. You can even mess around with the icon arrangement on your quick panel, so the ones that you use the most can appear on that first page. You could also change up the watches settings via this app. You can browse that huge catalog of watch faces and theres. Also, a very handy find my watch feature if youre prone to leaving it about the place. Oh and if you are using a samsung smartphone as well, instead of just any other random android blower, then you will find that your watch and your phone do communicate more effectively with proper syncing of stuff. Like your do not disturb, i started using a samsung smartphone uh, with this watch ive swapped to a couple of other different androids. In the meantime, i found that they still work absolutely fine together as long as you download things like samsung health and all of your fitness tracking is synced up perfectly, for instance, and as usual, youve got over a hundred different exercise types to choose from covering pretty Much any form of runny jumpy stretchy shoes that people do to firm up seriously.

The hang gliding, the hula hooping orienteering, i mean – is orienteering, actually still a thing. People still punch about in a forest with a map looking for little flags in an age of netflix and playstation, gps tracking seems to be respectable enough as long as you arent under cover and its very handy for your finished shenanigans as well as google maps and The auto exercise tracking works really well here on the samsung galaxy watch. For so basically, if you start, you know walking or jogging about 10 minutes later youll get a little notification on your watch. Saying, okay were tracking this now and it will have started tracking it back at the beginning of the exercise session, you can beam downloaded music tracks from your smartphone to your watch, using the wearables app its a very quick and easy procedure, and then you can listen To them, via your watch, using a bluetooth headset, this all works exactly as you would hope and expect, with full media controls right there on your wrist. You can even select individual tracks to play. You can shuffle uh your playlist, whatever you want to do, thanks to a hot bit of sensor action here on the samsung, you can do all the usual uh stuff that you can do on a smartwatch like track your heart rate, 24. 7.. The only thing is that the ecg feature will only work if youve got a samsung smartphone, because you need to actually download that app via samsungs app store and one of the hot new features here on the galaxy watch for as well was the body composition tool Which is certainly interesting, if not exactly a game changer.

The watchs bioactive sensor takes around 10 to 15 seconds, to judge you taking into consideration stuff, like your current weight and height before finally spaffing out a load of measurements, including your skeletal muscle, your fat mass, your body, water, bmi and bmr, which is your basal metabolic Rate for those who prefer chipped butties to track and stats is any of it actually accurate, well buggered, if i know, but you do get a visual readout showing if your stats are good or bad, including how they compare to your previous measurements to see if youre, Making progress – and there are some other fitness features packed onto this thing as well, including the ability to beam workout videos to another samsung enabled display im, not really sure what the point of that is, though, when youve got likes of youtube and stuff, but certainly more Than enough fitness, tracking, smarts and stats, and all that kind of stuff packed into this thing to suit most everyday users down to the ground, but sadly like most premium small watches, the galaxy watch 4 does stumble at that final hurdle, that final hurdle being the battery Life because, to put it bluntly, the battery life is rather gash with features like always on display and nfc active. You will be charging this thing every bloody night. The only way to stretch two days out of it as far as ive found anyway, is to knock the brightness right down. Turn off features like the always on display and just not use any of the apps or anything at which point you might as well.

Just strap a hedgehog to your arm for all the good its doing you a hedgehog that can tell the time, of course, which actually would be pretty freaking awesome, and if you want to fully recharge the samsung galaxy watch for in an emergency type situation. Well, it takes about two hours for a full recharge, so its not like you can even just stick it on for 10 minutes get you know a half charge to get you through most of the day. That said, maybe the bigger samsung smartwatch models will fare better. In the battery life, stakes ill certainly be testing out. The samsung galaxy watch 4 classic edition next so ill report back on that and as a result of the crappy battery life, i rarely got a chance to test out the sleep tracking which now comes with full snow detection, abilities a couple of nights where i did Actually get around to wearing the samsung galaxy watch for two beds. I did find it was fairly comfortable to wear these helped along by the fact that its quite a compact, uh design and everything and the sleep tracking was reasonably accurate as well. I know i definitely do not snore. So, overall, after a month of rock and the samsung galaxy watch for got ta say i do really like it from the colorful and customizable ui to the compact design, but its definitely samsung fans who rock a samsung galaxy smartphone and who use samsung services like the Samsung peer who are going to get the most out of the samsung galaxy watch for, and can i say, samsung anymore in this sentence, i got ta say personally, i do really miss the strong battery life from likes.

The huawei watch gt2 pro when im rocking this thing as well, but you know did really very much enjoy it all the same. So what do you reckon of the samsung galaxy watch for? Are you more tempted by that classic model? I will be reviewing that in full as well, so stay tuned for that and for more the latest and greatest tech.